Hourly Internet Package on Mobile Phone by ZONG

Zong Internet Per Hour ADWe have seen a real fight amongst cellular companies in Pakistan, specifically after the emergence of Zong (CMPak), with so many new packages and innovations that are actually benefiting the end users.

Zong, as expected has started doing the wonders, first they introduced unlimited GPRS in only PKR 400 per month, and now this Zong hourly internet Package is going to redesign the industry the way we use internet on our Mobile Phones through GPRS.


Zong Internet Packages

So, now 15 Rs per MB internet thing is gone, as Zong has come up with another mind blowing offer with what you can use internet for one hour for only Rs. 15 without worrying of the download/upload limit.

And the good thing is that you will be charged on per minute basis, and the rate is Rs. 0.25 per minute (Excluding taxes); that is, if you use internet for 10 minutes, you will be charged Rs. 2.50 (excluding taxes) Incredible.

How to Subscribe

For activating the package, just dial 905 from your ZONG connection and get connected!

Rs. 15/hour+tax

Charging Unit
Rs. 0.25/min+tax

I am not sure about the quality, but I have heard its good enough. So now start enjoying your wireless internet means and that too at very inexpensive rates.

Challenge for other telcos…let’s see what they have in their minds?

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  • hello all dears guys u do not use this setting for zong internet.
    zong internet is very costly very costly u conect the net and use the RS/20 rupesse is finished i know all dear the zong free gprs setting and free use net

  • This is like dial-up, and this offer is a start of new era as i see more users using internet on mobile phone. A step forward towards 3G. Yes service should be good, otherwise sounds good

    • dear m using hourly net package but you tube video is playing litbit slow give me solution can i use unlimited net package

  • Rao Margreat but this is the new package that allows one hour for 15 Rs, this is not data based internet but time based charging. Let us know the setting for free GPRS, so others may enjoy too ;)

  • Usman, you are right, zong managed to capture more customers than any other operator in May 2008, they got 5 lakh customers…a big risk for other operators…

    but i dont see them coming at number 1 or 2 with in next couple of years, but yes they are going to make the difference

  • ZONG is the true nightmare for all other mobile networks. They are rapidly loosing customers. Just remember this kind of ads from WARID, MOBILINK, UFONE, TELENOR which says: “Agar aap ne iss date k baad apna balance use nahin kiya, to abhi itna balance load karain aor kuch inaam / free balance jeetain”.
    I hope that ZONG will be the number one cellular company of pakistan very soon!

  • i tried on zong hourly internet but it’s speed too slow then vptcl. and it’s very expensive then vptcl. if any one know about ufone unlimited gprs package please email me i am waiting for your mails.
    bye love u all

  • How can we connect to zong internet? well I have suscribed to hourly package by dialing 905. I have a blue tooth connection with K790 as modem. Now when I dial the blue tooth networking, I get PPP protocol error. I have left user and password blank and in dialup numbe r, I write *99***1#. Is this setting correct. Please help

  • @ Khalid

    Okay you are subscribed to Zong’s Hourly internet package, that means you will be charged on per hour basis.

    How to use: You can use Zong internet on your phone. Please configure your phone in order to use GPRS on it. Call your helpline, and ask them to send you GPRS setting for your zong number.

    You will receive an SMS (that will have GPRS Setting) simply save it.

    Now your phone is configured to use GPRS. Simple go into browser on your K790 and start using internet.

    You can use this internet on PC by connecting your phone with computer too. let me know if you need help in that too..!


      • Asif bro, If this is your argument, then please use Pakistani national language “URDU” in all your internet posts/ emails IF u love Pakistan!


  • This the most expansive pakage to use internet, where as all other companies are providing such facility with Rs.400/month 24hrs a day,

    • Just use some commonsense before choosing any package. If you want to use internet 24 hours a day, then use ZoNG unlimited GPRS package (484 rupees per month inclusive taxes). But if your internet usage is just 1–2 hours per day, then ZoNG hourly package is the most economical package from any network (just 30 paisa/ minute inclusive taxes).
      Today I have checked YouTube videos streaming via Opera Mini 4.2 browser on my friend’s SE K850i mobile and videos were played seamlessly without any single second delay. Amazing speed!

  • i put 100/- RS card in my mobile with zong service and it finished in half hour as i was knew it will charge more as much as i use i didn’t open any website just keep it connected i was waiting for one friend when my friend come online on yahoo messenger we talked 1 minute total connected time was 29 minutes and my 100/- card finished without chatting without opening any website , thats the zong service, hahahahahah

    • @Adnan Sami, Yaar, your case is very strange! I am using ZoNG unlimited package but few months ago, I had checked this hourly based ZoNG internet and after 60 minutes usage, only less than 19 rupees was charged (including all taxes).

  • hmm..ZOng seems nice but there’s a catch..almost all Zong network is GPRS based so the speed u get is 4 times less than what u get from Telenor dat has an all EDGE network…
    so if u need quality go for Telenor. I have used Mobilink, Warid & Telenor internet but found Telenor the best…:)

    • @Malik, Think again brother. ZoNG has EDGE network in all major cities although not covered completely! I am getting 17–25 kilobytes/sec download speed and 6–8 kilobytes/sec upload speed on PC (without using any download manager software). I am from Karachi.

    • @Malik, I am a ZoNG subscriber (not employee) and this is my personal experience with ZoNG EDGE connection that I am using since few months. By the way, are you a Telenor employee? because you didn’t use ZoNG service and you have announced that Telenor is the best. Please stop this useless debate that who is the best. Please post your “Telenor’s evidence” as screenshots about download/ upload speeds of Telenor EDGE internet in this forum. Then I will post ZoNG screenshots here!

  • Plz tell me why are log me sim me number is 03132225639 like very much your severic plz acctive me plz reply me mail.

  • I have activated the unlimited package on Zong. Its speed is 4 kilobytes/ sec. How can I get 10 – 20 Kilobytes/sec speed ?
    Is it necessary for the booster signal to be strong?
    Or tell me what else may be the reason?

  • let me know how to activate and for using it for once.. do we have to activate it again or not??

  • Yar zong ka ye package best hy 1min k 30paisay charge hotay hein but ab hourly package active krnay k 10rupay charge hotay hein.jb ye pta chala may tb se zong ka number band kr dea hy.han ab unlimted walay package to limted kr dea 2gb limt us k bad 15rupay per mb .es acha warid ka postpaid laylo wo best hy 500may 2gb free us k bad 12paisay per mb.or zong ka edge kahein b nhi chalta aik sal se compt kr rha hun okara edge nhi chalta but abi tak nhi chala kehtay hein boht jald krein gay aik sal may kea nhi.yar zong bkwas hy.bs t.v aa kr jhut boltay hein.okara jaisay city may edge nhi or speed sirf 1kbps ke ati hy.dnt use zong.


    i have a china phone and it was nearly impossible to activate the mms and internet pakages on the phone even with zong, a few months ago but now i am able to get internet+mms etc.. from zong all installed on my phone without even going to their help center… i accessed the section in the mobile with the Entertainment,horoscope,news stuff and from there i called upon zong to send me the packages and it was all done in a few minutes!!

  • dear this time i am using ufone net work,i have recently bought ifone so want to use net for one or two hours,,,,,,,,so what i have planed to convert my ufone sim into zong network because i have come to know dat net packages in zong net work r comparatively better ,,,,,,,,,,,,,so u plz guys suggest me if i am wrong

  • zong gprs has lowest data rate compared to all other gprs available by now. even if it is sold for nothing i will be thinking of other networks cuz customer service is so poor

  • zong internet bhot high speed ha main ain as se sertifaed hun my mobile num 0060166800926

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