If PTCL is Changing its Mood? to Retain Customers

A Press Release posted by APP claims that PTCL has revised it local call timing pulse of 2 minute to 3 minutes. Which means that the local call tariff on PTCL landline phones of PKR 2 for two minutes has been changed to PKR 2 for three minutes.This tariff will be in effect from July 1, 2008.

Press Release says that this improved package comes along with promotion that started on June 01, 2008 through which PTCL subscribers are already enjoying free local calls at night.

This move may relieve PTCL customers a bit, but they are not in good trends after getting tons of benefits from cellular companies.

The main discussion that i wanted to get into was if PTCL is now in a phase where it is worrying to acquire and retain its landline customers? The answer is, most probably yes they are! Well there is no doubt that all landline operators, globally, are facing tough competition from wireless communication providers. The scenario in Pakistan is not different, specially with the emergence of WiMAX broadband service providers coming into play, a landline number is not considered as a must have thing for high speed DSL.

After PTCL was acquired by Etisalat, the company failed to leave a positive impression through repetetive attacks on the consumers (Babar Bhatti has summed up the miseries of PTCL customers here). But we have been witnessing a change in company’s mood for last couple of months, as far as the consumers are concerned. This change reflects a thought that company is now trying to show/pretend a positive aptitude towards the customers.

PTCL management would also be eying their dropping revenues and increasing operating expenses. In such a situation, we may see couple of hefty moves from landline giant of Pakistan. Possible moves can be free landline call on a smooth but increased monthly rental.

In any case, they will have to carry their postitive business plans in future too, to relieve the customer and saving their revenues (without decieving custumers) at the same time as well.

[Graphs are carried from PTA‘s Quarterly Report for Jan-Mar 2008]

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  • its a very bad and silly move coz its mean we can use the mobile as compare to ptcl.

  • PTCL service is very famous throughout the Pakistan, They are charging PRS 174/ as line rent PRS 30/ as Calling Line Identification ( CLI )

    Let suppose if your PTCL land line phone become dead then you have to make a lot of complaints at 18 now ( 1218 ) and every time they will say your phone will be okay very soon but nothing will be done.

    The same problem is happens to my PTCL land line so that’s why i am planning to uninstall the PTCL land line

    As compare to the PTCL charges, I think the cellular phone is much better option than PTCL land line.

    I am very much disappointed with the service provided by PTCL.

    Hope to hear your comments.

  • I agree that if your phone is dead for months even then PTCL will send you bills regularly. I went to DE and SRO of my exchange and demanded the correction of bill for my dead phone (for a month )or I will sue them for sending the bills. I don’t know why someone went to the court for it, but they apologized and line rent was deducted from the bill as correction.

    But no doubt lower staff of PTCL hasn’t learned much, and same are few DEs who keep their phones intentionally busy just to avoid customers calls. But the day isn’t far when they will have to lift their asses n butts off their chairs to serve the customers.

    Problem with our nation is that we still go to offices of PTCL offices and request them like if they are a NGO and helping poor people of Pakistan. We don’t know yet that they are supposed to serve and we pay for it.

  • Ettislate company will destroy PTCL and make it hust like KESC I think only setvival is that Govt take controll of it.

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