FREE Local call and Free Dialup Internet by PTCL

Today, PTCL has offered its customers with two blessings, one is, free local call (only fixed line to fixed line) from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM and other is Free Dialup internet for its broadband customers.. Previously PTCL had also offered free late night calls, which didn’t go for long. PTCL, as an SMP, offers all packages as limited time offer but it seems this time the late night package will prolong for a good time.

‘The Post’, citing Dr. Sadik Al-Jadir, SEVP (Commercial), has reported that this offer of seven free hours is to add value to company consumers. This long awaited free local call package would be appreciated amongst the masses.

On other hands, an advert in ‘Daily Express’ and in other print media, revealed that PTCL is going to offer Free, round the clock, dialup internet facility for its PTCL broad band customers.

The question is, “Why a broadband user will go for dialup internet? Even if it’s free… Many may disagree with me, but this offer is not going to give a good impression. Many ISPs, for instance, Micronet Broadband Limited offers its customers with free dial-up as backup, but advertising thPTCL_free_dial_up_internetis free dialup feature through a quarter page advertisement didn’t make any sense to me. Thing that came in my mind, straight away, was that this free dialup internet is maybe due to ordinary quality of PTCL Broadband internet. I saw a news item in ‘The News’ published lately, that reported the rapid disconnections of PTCL Broadband users. Maybe, it is just an additional treat that could save some of their customers.

Another point that I focus is that PTCL is Significant Market Player (SMP), which is not supposed to offer packages without Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s approval. PTA has defined here the Regulations for revising the tariffs for LL, LDI and WLL operators.

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  • DON’T subscribe to ZONG monthly GPRS package if you wanna download something valuable.

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    Moreover, they are keep resetting their SERVERS frequently (usually, in every 6-8 hours).

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  • im also very angree from zong whole month free internet it just waist time n also money and thire speeed is to much slow im just want to say it is hedac nothing esls.dnt use it

  • ptcl broad band customer get dial up free.
    is its 100 % free or they charge for connection.
    how to connect to it.
    if you have broad band and your modem or lancard or modem adaptor gone out of work then you have to easily switch to dial up a good fasility free.
    until your modem got repaired.

  • Never Ever go for Zong pong ding dong net service, it literally sucks. They are upgrading (huh) their network and you will usually experience that their is no reception at all, if you complain alot they will simply ask you “have you lodged a complain before” Say “yes” and their very rude CROs will immediately hang up…

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  • Believe it when I say that Dial In Free ( is the real deal. I was a little skeptical at first, wondering what strings were attached. The only real “string” is that if you need technical support, there is a five dollar charge. However, the setup is so simple that unless you really don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll never encounter a charge. All you need to do is get your local number, create a dialer, and boom, free internet. The only drawback is, Dial in Free is only available in the 231, 616, and 269 area codes.

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