Ufone News Video Service for Rs. 50 Per Month

Cellular companies are coming up with innovative value added services in order to acquire new and retain their existing customers. Maybe, it’s nothing new to get video news on your mobile phones for a developed country’s cellular subscriber, but this is happening for the first time in Pakistan.

Ufone offers Video News service to be delivered on your mobile phone. It is a matter of fact that the geopolitical situation and the current national scenarios have diverted people’s attractions from drama serials to News channels. The demand was sensed by Ufone and now they have come up with a service that is very inexpensive, and it can keep people updated with latest happenings while they are on the go.

The good thing is that you won’t be charged for any MMS or GPRS as Telenor or Mobilink’s TV, instead you will be charged Rs. 61 (including Taxes) for a month long Video News on your ufone number.

How to subscribe to Ufone Video News Service?

Subscribing to Video News service is very simple…

Just send write an SMS->NEWS->and sent it to 2478

After sending this message, you will receive a confirmation and that all…you will start receiving News Videos on your Ufone number.

Note: You must be subscribed to MMS, in order to get video clips. So in case MMS is not activated on your Ufone number, just call 333 and ask them to activate your GRPS and MMS or send your mobile model, e.g. Nokia 6300, to ‘222’. You will receive your GPRS and MMS Settings in the form of an SMS. Simply save it and your done.

To view step by step method for activating GPRS on Ufone click here

Service Charges

Service Charges are Rs. 61 per month (Including Taxes)

That’s all; you won’t be charged anything else. Receiving MMS is free for this service.

How Many News Videos you will get?

  • Subscribed users are likely to receive news clips through MMS thrice a day between 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.
  • Additionally, users will also receive clips of breaking news in the same time slot.

How to unsubscribe

So if you think that Ufone News Video service is of no use for you then unsubscribe it by sending an SMS

Type ‘UNSUB’ and send it to 2479

Please note that your subscription fee of Rs. 61 that you paid for service will not be refunded on subscription.

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  • I want to unsubscribe from u info. service. Can u tell me how to unsubscribe or at which no. do i need to send request?

    • @Jalpari, okay you will stop receiving emails.


  • This post is about u video service, and i am talking about u info. service.

    • @Jalpari, ohh i thought, you are talking abour ProPakistani emails, and want to un-subscribe from these emails.

      Well, for u info, login with user name and password (user name will be same as your cell number, and if you have forgotten your password, you can get password on your cell number by clicking “Forgot Password”)

      Once, logged in, click on info service button, and then uncheck all services – save settings…

      you are done.

    • @Jalpari, or you can also call 333 and ask them to unsubscribe you from info services… they will do it for you