Pakistani Boys and Girls At Night!

Guest Post by Nayni

Pakistani politics revolves around three personalities Musharraf , Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Likewise business in Pakistan revolves around Cellular companies, print media and electronic media. 50 % space on newspaper is occupied by ads from different cellular companies and after every five minutes you are to watch ads of same cellular companies on electronic media. In addition these cellular companies claim 60% precious time of 70% people of Pakistan.

A race is going on among cellular companies to “facilitate” their customers. And the funniest part of this race is that these companies love to do race at “night” time. Most of the attractive packages by all these companies can be enjoyed at night and night only. Free calls at night have made our public “free” from many things. They are now “free” from all social responsibilities. They talk “saari raat” and sleep “saara din”.

Thanks to these cellular companies, now these very energetic youngsters don’t need to worry about telephone bills and details of their calls. Gone are the days when they used to get telephone bills from PTCL exchanges and pay it before dad comes to know about call details.

These night packages have even tempted and spoiled those people who otherwise would have never thought to spend their money on fazool talks. The whole day mother will keep on saying beta exams are near, do preparation for your exams and beta will reply oho let me sleep. I’ll study at night because at day time, I’m not able to concentrate well. And at night he makes notes on phone. And those notes are mostly about appreciation of beauty and planning of marriage. Sensational talks without spending any money, who can resist this offer?? .

These night packages have made people lazy. As they don’t enjoy sound sleep at night and of course they have to do a lot of work at day as well so it is making them both physically and mentally sick. Eating disorder is common among these people. They don’t go to anyone’s home as they can’t afford to waste any “free” night. Wherever they go, they demand “ Ammi jaldi karain naa , halat buhut kharab hain raat 11:00 se pehlay ghar pohunchna hae “. And these youngsters are the most sophisticated people on earth from 11:00 – 7:00.

They talk like this .

  • “I’m very realistic boy/ girl“
  • “I wish this night never ends“
  • “I’m studying hard to get you darling (during days he/she sleeps the whole day long)
  • “Don’t be shy. I’m yours naa. Give me a kiss.” (And you know this kiss may lead to….)
  • “Don’t worry. I’ll make a beautiful house for you and only you “
  • “I don’t get angry easily dear“(and the whole day these type of people fight with their family members)
  • “I hope your parents are sleeping. Now we can talk easily“ (And they themselves check their own sisters/brothers whether they are sleeping or talking to some one)
  • “I can awake for whole life for you but now its 7:00. I’ve to go to dad’s office. “(Actually free time is going to end).

AND very first thing that these “free night “addicted ask from friend is “O yar koi new night plus afternoon package aaia?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I totally agree wid you and this has created several problems , this should be stopped asap.

  • Every word written above is true.These mobile phones has really destroyed our youth and especially these nite packages have locked them in a dungeon.
    Talking all the night + Sleeping all the day = 0% Productivity.

  • Actually I hav seen this type of behavior very closely and believe me some of them really need psychological help and some are getting professional help where there is awarness and this has made some of addicts patient of bipolar personality disorder.
    And as far as stopping is concerned this has to be done at a large level, companies should be banned at government level and if all the companies stop night packages then there will be no choice and customers would also be retained. This is a spreading social disease and increases psychological problems

  • @Mutant

    We all accept the fact that these night packages and mobile phones have eased the way for youth to get deviated. At this point we should come up with some solution to this tragedy.

    any suggestions?

  • Well You have picturized the whole seen beautifully and correctly. I 100% agreed. I will write anther prospact of the same case Every thing has a good aspect to it as well. Will these night pakages are distroying the youth I agree. But it had also impact on Family Life. Think for families which are not together.

    My many colleges are hostle mates, almost every one talks to there families back home easily.

    When my father use to go outstation he calls us we have great time and didn’t feel his absence

    So in my view thinking positivily these pakages are also helping in uniting families. Reducing distances among families and making them virtually together.

  • @ Zeeshan,

    Thanks for your feedback, yea we welcome your ideas and want to see the picture from both sides.

    Waiting for your further input. Please try to highlight if there is any good way to lessen these wrong doings?


  • I think PTA is responsible for it. PTA should put special taxes on night airtime. 2nd they should make law for uniform rates round the clock bcz this flood can’t be stopped by some individual unless some institution come to play its role. This is what Musharraf gave us development.
    In this post, a very concerning point is raised.

  • I personally think that for not so rich folks free calls are good thing. But these should be limited to one or two night hours. Lets say 9 to 11. these hours should be free. Otherwise if any company exceeds that limit then it should be banned by the government. As far as guys and girls talk. Well dating underground club dancing bear creating factories. All these things should be banned. Wrong things shown on Cable Tv should also be banned. It is a big problem for whole culture. Reforms should be made and implemented for all these things, not just mobile phone companies. Nothing is wrong it is we who make it right or wrong. I have a cell phone and I also use it in reading books and messaging with friends on various topics. Like the situation of our country. Education etc. So our attitude towards technology should change. We can use it easily to gain knowledge rather to misuse or abuse it.

  • I think Cell fone is best facility in Pakistan, But some people is very wrong use it. It’s not responsable for any kind of missuse it. I think it is very good facility in our Pakistan. So keep it running. I also says My Brother and Sister who use the cell fone please it is not for good Teen Girls and Teen Boys and whos going to School and colleges please can not use the cell phone, after you compelete our education then join it. Okay

  • Nice one bro… and I think everyone together should work on it, excluding the youth. Unko kya pata ke aage ja ke this time is NEVER gonna come back na..

  • soooooooooo true n its only v who will have to control ourselves otherwise v’ll b destroying ourselves only!

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  • YOu are absolutely right bro, in the meantime when whole of our country suffering from huge damages, and v youngsters rather keep struggling for our future or country v keep involving into rubbish things like talking whole night.. think about it, does it happen any where in the world, it’s just happened in Pakistan, v almost have been destroyed, don’t know how to respect our elders or to be affectionated… v must first thing about it, it’s a mattar of our previledge, there are so many rules and regulation that v don’t follow at all, talking on phone ins’t a bad thing, when YOu tried talking with YOur buddy regarding to YOur interest it’s good, but when YOur wife or sister ever come across YOu talking on phone YOu must put YOurself on her side and getting them wrong. This’s a first step towards dissolution the relations.. I advice my friends not to involve in thise foolish activities that don’t produce any good results, YOu must find a woman that only love YOu regardless of marriage on the phone. take care

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  • its a very interesting are 101% right but we all a part of this and we dont want to come out of this utopia that cellular companies have built for us…the real problem is that how can we get rid of that?????????

    • Even if poision is free, you will never try to buy it, would you?
      you can get rid of it, keep ur mobile phone out of reach.
      Be true realistic, have fun but don’t spoil yourself. Try to resist this addictiveness.

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  • its time to show what we got ,, lets get united that when one of us die he/she wont fall down, lets be WAHT WE ARE PAKISTANI ,CLEAN HANDS , PERFECT ,ABOVE ALL THE ONE WHO BELIEVE IN STUGLE!! , lets show the whole dam WORLD our GREAT father’s DREAMS are coming true ,”they gave us life, LETS PUT A SOUL IN THERE WORDS!!”,

  • brothers and sisters ,, i have only one thing for you all , BE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY THING GOSES AROUND YOU AND STRUGLE HARD TO OVER COME YOUR PROBLEMS.

  • m sorry i cudnt figure the right page for it thats y i wrote it here for ya all ,, peace ,, n to ignore the trouble u have to struggle ,,again peace on yall

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  • you are correct, this is whats going on, i must confess that I also use these packages for dirty talk :( but only for 1 hour, puri rat jagna sounds weird.

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  • very true man…just keep writing on…and for you ppl pls wake up guys kab tak aisi harkatey karte raho gey tum log…stop all this now…boht hogya..!!!

    • Ap na theek kaha hamari ko jagany ka liay phir kisi iqbal ko ana ho ga josh dilana ho ga or muslims par hony waly attacks ko rokna ho ga

      meri dharti ka nujawano hosh main ao………….

    • girls parde ka mukam or sharmo haya or gerat hoti ha beti sister bivi or maa hoti ha bkao mal ni hota apne ghar me nazar ho to kisi or ghar me jhankne ki harkat kbi na girls ezat or allah ki rahmat hoti in ko is tara pamal ni kro sharm kro musilmano

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