Prepaid VISA Debit Cards Introduced by UBL

Just yesterday, i discussed about how United Bank Limited (UBL) has been bringing ease and comfort to our lives; then i discussed about their service for using debit card for online shopping… and as a note, i mentioned that you can get a debit Visa card only by having an account with UBL.

But now that not necessary anymore. Yes, you can have UBL VISA Debit Card even without having an account with UBL. Amagazine! For the first time in Pakistan, UBL introduces prepaid VISA debit cards. Named as UBL WIX, this card is Pakistan’s first Prepaid VISA Debit Card that provides you all facility of shopping online, ATM withdrawalof and also you can use this card anywhere where VISA is accepted (such as shopping malls, stores etc).


  • A CNIC holder (almost everyone) can get maximum of 3 cards at a time including UBL Wiz Teen, UBL Wiz Travelers and UBL Wiz Ladies card.
  • You can call UBL toll free help line 0800-11825 whenever you want any sort of help
  • The card can be used on internet with session charges of Rs.100. One session can be maximally up to 24 hours.
  • You can receive e-statements on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis right at your email. Moreover, you can inquire balance and can get mini statement from any UBL ATM machine.

Card Limit


Travelers VISA (Rs.)

Ladies VISA




Maximum Balance








ATM withdrawal per day




POS usage per day




Internet usage per day







Card Issuance

Rs.100 + 10% FED

Reload Fee (Minimum Rs.50)

0.1% + 10% FED

Withdrawal from UBL ATM


Withdrawal from any other ATM


Internet Usage

Free activation with Rs.100 per session

Cancellation Charges

Rs.100 + 10% FED

So it is just like a calling card or net card that you purchase by paying some money and then you use it. So now you can enjoy the benifits of VISA without having an account with any bank. UBL says that card is available at selected branches in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Faisalabad.

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  • Abdussamad

    Interesting. I hope they have fixed the bugs in their system. For more information I refer you to the thread on wiredpakistan:

    To summarise :

    a) They don’t give a complete breakdown of the charges incurred in a transaction.

    b) You get charged Rs. 200 per session instead of Rs. 100 due to a bug in their system.

    c) To get the Rs. 100 refund you will have to file a complaint. They will give you a resolution date 2 weeks in the future.

    d) Your complaint will not be resolved in 2 weeks and you will have to write a letter to their CEO.

    e) Only then will they resolve your complaint and credit back the money.

    f) You will be told that they have no intention of fixing the bug. Instead you are advised to file a complaint after each online shopping session!

    • Asad

      I’ve used the card some days ago and my e-statement facility is enable. Everything is OK and they are not charging extra. I am satisfied.

  • Asad

    I have used this twice and I think I didn’t get charge 200 rupees per session.

  • Joker

    Asad; please divide the amount they cut from your account for the transaction you did through UBL Wallet online and divide that amount with the transaction amount in real i.e. the US$ you spent and you will know the real deal.

    It will show you the amount you were charged per Dollar by UBL. You can subtract 100 Rupees as their usual session fee before doing the above but you will notice that the Dollar rate will be charged quite high.

    It only comes down to that day’s Dollar rate when you actually subtract 200 Rupees from the total amount which was deducted from you. This has happened to me twice and has happened with my friend as well.

  • Asad

    But actually i have netbanking I can check my balance just after activating session and without buying anything. Anyways may be I didn’t notice. Next time I will try.

  • Wasim Ahmed

    I believe this service from UBL will make other banks to follow them, and soon we may see a sudden rise in e-commerce activities in Pakistan. And at the same time, i can sense more chances of online frauds and people suffering from scams

  • Waleed

    Sir i want to kay Yeh Teenage card main kase hasil ker sakta hoon Per month mari Pocket money 500 hai keya bun jaye ga mera Credit card

  • dr.usman

    hi,i am trying to use my debit visa on net after activating.but it is not working.can i use it aqs i use my credit card or there is some limitations b/w visa credit card and visa debit card.can anyone help me

  • Maqsood Ahmad

    nice service

  • Sania

    please tell me can we use UBL Wiz card for online shopping?

    • @Sania, yes you can… but you need to get the online access activated… call you helpline (0800-11825) and ask them to allow you doing so!

  • faheem

    hello .pal pal uska saath nibhaty hum,
    aik isharey pe duniya chore jate hum
    samandar k beech mein pohnch k fareb dia usne,
    wo kehti to kinary pe he doob jate hum.

    Na woh inkaar karti hai,
    Na woh ikraar karti hai,
    Kambakhat mere hi sapnon main aa kar,
    Mere dost se pyaar karti hai.

  • Waseem

    Hello Guys!
    i am waseem from Islamabad. i am a relationship manager in UBL and i am also responsible for marketing this product i.e UBL Wiz card. i am happy to see this blog about UBL WIZ. if you guys want any informarion about the product you can simply email me at [email protected] . i’ll be grateful to provide any information about this. by the way its a very secure product to use on internet than any credit card. when u purchase WIZ card, we open a virtual account in a virtual branch (Branch code 1993)in the name of costumer.there is no minimum balance plenty. no monthly or annual charges.valid for 3 years. you have to pay one time 100 rupees for the card and 10 rupees FED (Federal excise duty) means 110 rupees. and u can have it. for anyother information plz feel free to email me at [email protected]

    • muneeb ahmad

      i want to know that i want to apply for UBL Wiz card for Teen.What is the min balance required to card.I am student i have no account and what document is required for card and how can i load money in my card.Please reply me.I hope to answer.

    • Yasir Ghouri

      Dear Waseem. Can you pls guide me whether i can deposit funds in my ubl wiz card through web banking of my another bank account ?

  • UBL retrenched officres are strugling for their reinstatement who wre forcibly given golden hansshake in 1997 from United Bank Limited.
    Plz link with the attached website to give us your moral support in our strugle.

  • shakeel

    i have no bank account but i want a visa card.what is the process of that.answer me briefly with all charges

  • umair

    i want to transfer a fund to america in dollars. can i transfer dollars through wiz card??

  • aoa

    can i pay my exam fee in dollars on an exam registration site ?

  • tahir shah

    i have a problam in account .i cash from my visa cARD BUT i cash 10000 but atm cut 2000rup.plase sole my problam

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  • Rehan

    How much does UBL Wallet/Wiz fee charge for Shopping on American WebSites which have currency in $ (US Dollars) or any other foreign currency??…

    for Example on Standard Chartered Debit Card is=

    “Currency conversion fee on foreign transactions (ATM/POS) : 2.5% or Rs.300 (whichever is higher)of the transaction amount of any foreign currency transaction made or charged to your account.”

  • Ali

    I had terrible experience, first i visited cant main branch Rawalpindi, i was referred to a lady, when i went to her it looked she is spellbinder and she is casting it to me…strange looking at me…. she said they are having IT issues and come after half hour then…at noon…i inquired to her whats the process, is it like credit card etc….at noon i came…she said they dont have the cards and its new product and it is just like credit card and it will come from karachi..i got confused, i went to other branch, man sitting there said yes they have cards and you can have it now, i said ok, i filled up the form and all, later he said IT is not working and he will call me after 1 or 2 days, after 2 weeks no call, i went to them again, no one there, guy took my number and still 2 weeks gone no call…poor service…

    • Naseer Haider

      You are not the only one :) ,I also have a terrible experience ,I have got Wiz card a few days back and still waiting for activation .UBL teams doesn’t look so professional ,each time I requested them for activation helpline asked me to visit branch as my balance was zero ,after visiting branch couple of times ,balance was transferred to my card but still no luck with transaction.On Contacting helpline I was informed that branch hasn’t submitted my Nadra verification yet,So go to branch and call us ,so we can let them know actual problem,I made two more visit but still waiting for activation :(

  • I agree with Naseer, their service is pathetic. It is more than 5 days and still Nadra verification is pending by branch. What a bunch of monkeys they are. thumbs down UBL.

  • usama

    i have no bank account but i want a visa card.what is the process of that.answer me briefly with all charges

  • Balaj

    please tell me can i use Visa debit card for withdrwal money $$ from online banking



    If you want to buy Wiz Card for internet transaction then please please please do not buy. It doesn’t work on internet. I have been trying a lot. The transaction is not being completed, but my amount is deducted every time. Now, I’m going to withdraw the deposited amount and trash this crap!!

    And by the way, their customer support sucks big time!! They’re worse!!

  • Assalam o alaikum

    you can help me i have alertpay 140$ dollars balance but no have bank account and cc plz help my 140$ cashout give me mothed what prepaid visa card Load My alertpay Balance

    • Ali

      For cash out alertpay ,

      Credit Card (Disabled)

      Last Option moneyexchanger.

  • Umer

    can I use this card to buy Online from websites,
    where credit card numbers needed to be enter?

  • muneeb ahmad

    i want to know that i want to apply for UBL Wiz card for Teen.What is the min balance required to card.I am student i have no account and what document is required for card and how can i load money in my card.Please reply me

  • mohammad zeb

    help me guys plz its urgent