Download Holy Quran (Available on a Single File)

A friend of mine called me yesterday evening. After exchanging Ramadan Greetings, he advised me to recite Surah Fateh three times, as it keeps one away from wrong doings and definitely a very blessed thing to do. As i was in my office then, so i had to recite Surah Fateh from internet.

While searching online resources for Holy Quran, i thought of downloading the whole Quran to my desktop so that I may recite it whenever i get time. Fortunately  very same time i got an email from my friend who forwarded me this PDF File (only 4 MB in Size) that has complete Holy Quran, with index. And i was really impressed by the font and style used in this version of Holy Quran.

So Please download this file and Recite it as much as you can

Download Here (Right Click and Select “Save Target As” – 4 MB PDF File – Opens in Acrobat Reader)


Now you can download 16 line Quran from Taj company in a single file.

 Taj company’s 16 line Quran:


9 Line – Gaba [41 MB]

10 Line – Pak [33 MB]

11 Line – Qudratullah [38 MB]

13 Line – Qudratullah [17 MB]

13 Line – Pak [24 MB]

14 Line – Pak [24 MB]

15 Line – Qudratullah [41 MB]

15 Line – Qudratullah [14 MB]

15 Line – Saudi Print [41 MB]

15 Line – Saudi Colour Print [107 MB]

15 Line – Ma Mutashabihaat – Al Hafiz [17 MB]

16 Line – Taj [16 MB]

17 Line – Taj [13 MB]

18 Line – Taj [19 MB]

21 Line – Gaba [13 MB]


13 Line – Tajweedi – M Ashiqeen [229 MB]

15 Line – Tajweedi – Qudratullah [170 MB]

16 Line – Tajweedi – Hammad [120]

And in case you want to read Holy Quran on Mobile, check my this post

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  • Wasim Ahmed

    Mashallah, very beautiful Quran…Thanks for sharing


      thank you jazzak ALLAH

  • Salim

    Note that the version does not have any Auqaaf-e-Ramooz-e-Quraan, or indications where the reader needs to pause, link words, etc. This version is more suited to readers to know Arabic, and so know where to pause, etc.

  • Waqas Baig

    Great job guys, keep it up.
    You made it available to download the Holy Quraan in a single file.
    May ALLAH bless all of us



    • Rashid

      bhai aapne bahut achcha kya jo jo mukhtalif lines ke Quraan Majeed ki single file banadi Me india up se hun aur is waqt Saudi Arabia ke Riyadh city me hun dat asal mene 16 line ke format ke Quraan me hifz kya hai aur mene yeh file load karli aur ab me asaani se apna dor nikal sakta hun shukriyah brother Ja
      zak Allah.

      • irfan

        yar ye to download nane ho rahi plz help me to download 16 lines quran.

  • Riz

    Thanks for sharing Aamir. You can also read Quran online with Urdu Translation at

    • Babar Nazir

      thanks for the link. Do u know any site where there is copy of quran pdf download as we have in Pakistan’s Taj company with urdu translation. Actually i am in malaysia i want a copy of quran with guide lines like “haraf-e-lazim” others guide lines. Thanks

  • Muhammad Naeem

    I was sure that I will find such copy of Quran in my first download attempt. Thanks a lot. May God bless you for this Sadqa-e-Jaria. Your Muslim Brother. Muhammad Naeem, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Zain Bin Mazhar

    May God Bless you, your Family & Company members those who make Quran in one file.



  • Babar Nazir

    I am looking for exactly same thing. One PDF file containing whole Quran Majeed. I appreciate the one who upload this copy. And thanks him on my behalf myself and all other who had already used it. May Allah SWT give Jaza-e-Khair to u for this noble casue. Allah Hafiz

  • Badshah din afridi

    i found this website very good for muslim

  • Mobin Bhatti

    From where I have to download the Quran in one file?

  • Mobin Bhatti

    Thanks Wasim Saheb.

  • Mobin Bhatti

    Thanks Waseem Saheb

  • Abdullah

    Here you can find a wide range of Holy Quran in PDF, WORD format with Tafseer and Translation written in completely sub continent style.

  • safina naz

    My dear All muslims friends i want to download Reciting of Srah Rahman by Qari Sadaqat but unfortunatilly i h’vt found from any network plz help me and send me via mail

    i will be thanks full to you for act

    May Allah keep Always ISLAM and Always Momin


  • Yousuf

    Dear All, I m Hafiz-e-Quran and read this Quran availble above. I found many mistakes in it. So i request you to the management of the site to correct the mistakes and then upload a fresh copy having no mistake. Because if we do any mistake while reciting the Holy Quran, we can be out of circle of Islam. So be careful while reciting.
    Here I cant mention mistakes in this short place. the management can correct mistake with the help of any Hafiz-e-Quran.


  • Nouman

    I am hafiz and i have found mistakes in software like this and i request to the authorities to take action.

  • shabbir

    salam olikom
    aap ki mehrbani hu gi k aap muji
    16 line quran tajcompny
    ki file send kari ya muji website de

    • Kamran Hussain
      • Muhammad umair

        only first 6 and last 10 links are working. how can i cant the remaing part of the quran. i really need it. its really helpful.

        • Akhtar Hussain

          First of all ASSLAMO_ALIKUM to all. This link is very helpfull for me i download some files and consider that it same format as a HAFIZ-E-QURAN required.Thanks brother May ALLAH bless you.

      • Wahaib

        Thanks kamran Dear God Bless You…….

        • Wahaib

          Dear Mohammad umair is right… plzz Do the Need full …

      • Wahaib

        Assalam o alaikum kamran …..
        Dear ye jo link hai ismai kuch Siparay Download nahi ho pa rahe … plz isay chek kar len .. ys is ki replacemnet main koi link day dain… 16 lines Qur’an ka … plz plz plz ……

        • Mansoor


          All the links are working. I downloaded all the paras. If someone need them email plzz. This is really great. JazakAllah Khair

          • Altaf ur Rehman

            Dear Sir,
            Pls send me either links or attachments for Para 7 upto 20. I shall be really thankful to you.


          • Zee$han Ahmed

            MR mansoor not say salam o alikum .. say ASSALAMOALIKUM. tnx

      • erfan

        I am able to download para 1 to 6 and 20 to 30 only
        rest from 7 to 19 is unable to download..

        can any one update or create torrent file for all.

        ma salam

  • amjad


  • hello aslam o alaikum sir app ka buht buht buht shukria k app ne mujhe 16 lines quran paak ki link send thanks allah tala app ko hameshaaa khush rekhe aaminnnnnnn

    • Afzal

      Aslam-o-alikum. I, m new in this site . I live in
      England . I need a web address where from I can
      download the holly Quran by taj compnay 16 line. Pakistan.
      My e- mail is [email protected]. I,ll be thank full to you

    • Altaf ur Rehman

      Dear Hafiz sb
      pls send link to me too. I shall be thank ful to you.

      [email protected]

  • thans thans allah app sub ko kush rekhe jino ne quran paak link send ki aammmiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn summaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaammmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas


  • Hafiz Muhammad SAqib

    Thanks alot. God Blessed U. May U live long.
    Your all wishes come true. Inshallah.

  • Gulzar Ahmed

    plz send me 16 line (Quran taj comp) on my e mail.
    i want to save it in my mobile to learn
    my email is [email protected]

  • Mansoor

    Here is another link that we muslim brothers/sisters can use. Each para is a file in pdf version, althought not 16 lines. Hope people will find this helpful

  • sabir khan

    salam plz says me any websit that i download free quran_e_pak of 16 line

  • Naeem Saeed

    Hafiz Muhammad Naeem Saeed says:

    plz send me 16 line (Quran taj comp) on my e mail.
    i want to save it in my computer to learn
    my email is

  • Altaf ur Rehman

    Dear All
    Complete Quran Majeed in 16 lines in pdf is available at the following link.

    Pls download and remember in prays.

    [email protected]

    • Akhtar Hussain

      Thanks altaf its a good link. most amazing thing is that its a single pdf file. Thanks…

    • Muhammad umair

      Kindly PAY ATTENTION. be careful while reading the para number 14. there is an error. the arrangement of the pages is not correct. Kindly check the page number while moving to the next page.

      • Rashid

        Thanks yar.

  • Dr akram

    i need 16 line and 12 line quran here

  • Dr akram

    i need 16 line and 12 line quran here on my email

  • Attiq

    sir please send me 16 line quran majeed in pdf file, the code for the quraan is 24/2..

  • erfan

    Nice work by many….

  • Shakeel Ahmed

    Salam i am in need of 16 lines Quran of Taj company to recite on my pc, i will be very thanks if any one can help me, or send to me in my ID. Taj Company with Pages 549 and lines 16
    Shakeel Ahmed
    [email protected]

  • umar

    Thanks for 16 line quran

  • faiz


  • Zulfiqar

    Dear Brothers,

    Could anyone of you please send me the link for 16 lines per page Quran. I have tried the link below but that seems not to be working. My email address is [email protected]


  • Zulfiqar

    Dear Kamran Hussain,

    May Allah reward you for the good work of uploading the holy Quran. I’ve managed to download the 16 lines per page Quran.


  • almalki

    Dear brothers


    I need a 17 lines taj company holy quran in pdf .

    I searshed the net allover and more but ..

    I hope some of you brothers will help .

    may Allah pless him .

  • mukhtar ahmad

    Mashallah! boht zbrdast cheez aj pehli br net pe mili hai.plz plz keep it up. ap ki uaon ke tlbgar rahin gy

  • sarfraz

    salam o alikom
    aap muje
    16 line quran taj compny
    ki file send kar den ya agar khin avaialable hey to pls muje wo website bta dein thanks.

  • Muhammad umair
  • Zaigham Sarfaraz

    Salam Guys

    I am in office and i Can’t open up those links for Taj Company 16 liner Quran Pak. Can some one please send me the PDF for Taj Company 16 Liner Quran on [email protected]
    I will be very thankful for that!
    Zaigham Sarfaraz

  • Zaigham Sarfaraz

    Guys Can you send me 16 liner Taj Company Quran? I couldn’t find this anywhere on the web and i cannot download anything in our office because of firewall settings. Only email attachments we can download. so can you send me the pdf of Taj COmpany 16 Liner Quran on [email protected]. I would really appreciate that

  • Hameed Rhman

    Dearest all
    can any body please help me to guide me for the website to eanble me to download the 18 lines per page pdf holy quran by taj company ltd.
    as i memeorized the holy quran in that particular one.
    please please help me.

  • Majid Hashmi

    Masha Allah,

  • baber

    Please send me 16 lines Quran Majeed of taj company in my mailing adress. I am unable to find from any side.

  • baber

    please send me 16 line Quran Majeed of Taj Company on my mailing adress

    [email protected]

  • abdul wadood

    Please send me 18 lines Quran Majeed of taj company in my email adress([email protected]) I am unable to find from any side
    as i memeorized the holy quran in that particular one.i will be very thankfull to you

  • abdul wadood

    dear my brother hameed rahman assalamu alaikom…..
    please if you find the 18 liner holy quran taj
    company send me i will be very thankfull to you
    my email add ([email protected])

  • Muhammad Faisal

    Assalam o alaikom to all of you my brothers.

    There is a mistake in arrangement of pages of para # 14 of 16 line Quran Paak, which is mentioned above by some Honorable Hufaaz.

    I have rearranged the pages of Quran-e-Karem (16-lines), and uploaded it, with New Link

    Kindly pray for me that “ALLAH Solve my Problems”

    ALLAH Hafiz

    • Muhammad umair

      JizaakALLAH brother

  • Muhammad Imran

    Please send me the holy Quran with 16 line my email address ( [email protected])
    Allah App ko is ka ajjer day ga


    I want to request you to provide me a 16 line Quraan Majeed which iz mostly use by HUFFAZ KARAM,,


  • Zehra

    Asak. Need Quran in PDF format- 12 lines per page. Can someone please provide it. Jazakallah

  • Mohammad Zahid Rahim

    Masha Allah Great upload thank you so much.



    Mashallah i am very happy to see this. Is it possible to send me Quran SHarif in 18 lines by Taj Company on [email protected]. The reason i have learn by heart on 18 lines and i am finding it difficult to memorize in this country away from home.


  • Tariq Mansoor

    plz send me 16 line (Quran taj comp) on my e mail.
    i want to save it in my mobile to learn
    my email [email protected]

  • Najam us saqib

    please send me 16 line Quran Majeed of Taj Company on my mailing adress ( [email protected] ).

  • Najam us saqib

    Mujay 16 line ka taj company ka PDF main quran chahiyai ,,,, please koi mujay yeh baij dai,, khuda usay is ka ajar zaroor dai ga..

    [email protected]

  • Hafiz Muhammad Tahir



    STYLE NO.155-L ( HAFIZ )
    LINE 18

  • Azmat Tahir

    Subhan Allah, Jazzak Allah Khair

  • M abbas

    if any one have 16 line quran plz send me at email id [email protected]

  • muhammad saeed

    please send me quran-e-pak in 13 line taj commpany thank you

  • Zee$han Ahmed

    AOA.. MASHAALLAH v v v nyc job.. when i hv c this site and reading people comments .. feel so proud to MUSLIMS.. i also download QURAN pak (16) line am saying to MR fasil ..THNX YOU brother for link… and i am highly obliged and grade thanks TO all those people who work this line.

  • Qaiser

    Dear All:

    I am learning Quran by heart so i have done some parts of it already. In this regarding I m searching Quran in 17 lines either in PDF or in Flash. Any body can help me to find this out….!!!
    my Email is [email protected]

  • Asalam Alaiku Waramotulay Wabarakatu pls i need quran on phone so that i will be read it if am in office every day,and i need complet quran like 20 ps

  • Imran

    Assalam u Alaikum!
    i have never saw the Fantastic PDF for Quran Majeed
    Thanx alote to share it

  • Saud

    Salam-o-alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

    If any of you has managed to find an online flash viewable or downloadable PDF version of the “17 LINE” Quran, I kindly request any of you to please forward the source to me. my email is “[email protected]” <— exactly how it's written there.

    Thank – you


  • Monsuruddin Ahammed

    Asslamualikum for all my mushlim brothers and sisters.According to my avobe brothers advice i go to but i can not download there 16 line taj com. pdf. Quran.Please somebody send this Quran in my email id. My email id is [email protected]

  • Abdul Raziq

    Nice sharing brother, also I came up with this new and exciting application with attractive layout and with different tafasir, translations and reciters. Its names Quran Reference, just have a look at here also


  • Hafiz Masood Kashif


    Alhamdulillah I am Hafize Quran. I have always recite Quran in 13 Line Taj Print. Now I need it as PDF file.

    I request all My Brothers and Sisters to Please send me a Copy if anybody have it.


    Talibe Dua.

    Hafiz Masood Kashif

  • Mohammad Irfan
  • syed sakhawat shah

    dear friends i need to download holy quraan 18 lines per page of taj company & i search it too much ut i never found it only 16 lines available here. So plz any one can help me to tell me how to doenload or plz send the file direct to my email God bless u all. [email protected] is my email ad.

  • naveed shahzad awan

    asalamo alikum dear all
    nice to see your kind efforts.Allmighty Allah bless all of us

  • Pathan Akram

    I am looking for exactly same thing. One PDF file containing whole Quran Majeed. I appreciate the one who upload this copy. And thanks him on my behalf myself and all other who had already used it. May Allah SWT give Jaza-e-Khair to u for this noble casue. Allah Hafiz

  • plz snd 1to 30 quran paras on my id .

  • windows live

    24 pare ma issue hia , see 2nd and 3rd rakoo of sora momin

    • Hammad Raza Attari

      I have issues at mutilple places… it’s in 13th sapara as well. Sura Hijr is not there just first line is there n then jump to 14th sapara amazingly. Around 15-20 pages are missing.

  • Qaiser Ejaz

    As salaam o alaikum Brother. I really want to thank you for this great share. I was looking for 16 lines Taj’s Quraan-e-kareem and you made it available for us. May ALLAH Bless you.

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful link

  • Mohammad Siraj

    18 line Quran Taj Company 140 MB

  • Muhammad umair

    Assalamu Alaikum
    24 para main issue hai. check out the page no. 423. can anyone fix that error?

  • bilal

    Please send me 16 lines Quran Majeed of taj company in my mailing adress. I am unable to find from any side.

  • bilal

    Please send me 16 lines Quran Majeed of taj company in my mailing adress.

  • bilal

    mujy 16 line ka taj company ka quran chahye agr kisi k pass hai 2 wo mujy mail kardy email address ye hai [email protected]

  • Waqas Mahmood

    I have to inform you that the Quran in PDF file has some mistake after page 237, starting of 14th para Rubama .. kindly check and resolve the issue, else remove this file ..

  • Waqas Mahmood

    I have to inform you that the Quran in PDF file has some mistake after page 237, starting of 14th para Rubama .. kindly check and resolve the issue, else remove this file ..

    I have downoaded this file ..
    Kindly reomve it till proper file is uploaded ..

  • Ejaz

    Thank you very much indeed Bro. Nothing else could stand in comparison to this download. Jazakallah. AllahuAkbar.

  • faisal

    Assalam o alaikom to all of you my brothers.

    i am in china. i can not open any link about taj company HOLY QURAN with 16 lines..
    plz send me 16 lines Quran at
    ( [email protected] )
    May ALLAH bless all of you..

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    great job

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    ALLAH aap ko bohat sawab de

  • for any type of islamic data you all can contact with me, [email protected]
    Insha Allah, you will get Quran tafseer or any dua or islamic book from me,

    • Atif minhas

      plz send me complete quran pak for visual recitation

    • waheed 0333-6124460

      plz mujhy taj company ka 13 line wala quran majeed pdf format ka link snd kr dyn

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    salam dostoo yeah site bohat achi ha

    is site per bohat sare qari ki awaz main recitation ha app download kareen or suna apko bohat maza ai ga

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  • HAFIZ SYED wajahat ALI

    alot of prayers for the owner of this site and for the data provider from all of us. ALLAH HAFIZ wa S.A.W.W.

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    thanks for sharing quran qareem.

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    if any 1 have 15 line quran pak of taj company code 749 in pdf plz upload that i need it thanx



  • shiekh

    I want to buy it from lahore can someone name the address

  • mahmood ahmad

    very beautyfull QURAN PAK and thanks sharing i am serching a few month thanks a lot. JZAK ALLAH ….


    Thanks you very much for this Quran collection.

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    i want 15 lines per pages quran but didnt find

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    I feel very happy ,very very beautiful quran, Allah may favor you with his blessings

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    Thanks a lot. Allah give u the actual reward for service of Holy Quran.


    subhan Allah

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    thank you So much for such an amazing gift whole Quran in one document <3

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