Blogspot, once again, Blocked in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked access to several blasphemous web content/movies from Pakistan. In this regards, PTA has directed all Internet Service Providers of Pakistan to block the content of these websites. ISPs say that these websites would remain blocked till the further orders from PTA.

One of the blocked sites is hosted on Blogspot, which led to the blocking of all web blogs hosted on the site. The Pakistan bloggers found their blogs blocked, even though their blogs are not connected with these blasphemous activities.

Bloggers in Pakistan can edit, and update their blog entries, but they can not view or read them.

We have been awaiting response from PTA on this. While This below screen shot clearly says ISPs’ version…

Update: Blogspot is accessible now after only 2 hours it got blocked…

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • you can use any web proxy like etc for doing such thing. Just google for web proxy you will find lots of result even google have proxy thing ! ;)

  • Indians and Pakistanis have the same ancestry and share the same DNA sequence.

    Here’s what is happening in India:

    The two Ambani brothers can buy 100 percent of every company listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and would still be left with $30 billion to spare. The four richest Indians can buy up all goods and services produced over a year by 169 million Pakistanis and still be left with $60 billion to spare. The four richest Indians are now richer than the forty richest Chinese.

    In November, Bombay Stock Exchange’s benchmark Sensex flirted with 20,000 points. As a consequence, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries became a $100 billion company (the entire KSE is capitalized at $65 billion). Mukesh owns 48 percent of Reliance.

    In November, comes Neeta’s birthday. Neeta turned forty-four three weeks ago. Look what she got from her husband as her birthday present: A sixty-million dollar jet with a custom fitted master bedroom, bathroom with mood lighting, a sky bar, entertainment cabins, satellite television, wireless communication and a separate cabin with game consoles. Neeta is Mukesh Ambani’s wife, and Mukesh is not India’s richest but the second richest.

    Mukesh is now building his new home, Residence Antillia (after a mythical, phantom island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean). At a cost of $1 billion this would be the most expensive home on the face of the planet. At 173 meters tall Mukesh’s new family residence, for a family of six, will be the equivalent of a 60-storeyed building. The first six floors are reserved for parking. The seventh floor is for car servicing and maintenance. The eighth floor houses a mini-theatre. Then there’s a health club, a gym and a swimming pool. Two floors are reserved for Ambani family’s guests. Four floors above the guest floors are family floors all with a superb view of the Arabian Sea. On top of everything are three helipads. A staff of 600 is expected to care for the family and their family home.

    In 2004, India became the 3rd most attractive foreign direct investment destination. Pakistan wasn’t even in the top 25 countries. In 2004, the United Nations, the representative body of 192 sovereign member states, had requested the Election Commission of India to assist the UN in the holding elections in Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah and Dowlat-e Eslami-ye Afghanestan. Why the Election Commission of India and not the Election Commission of Pakistan? After all, Islamabad is closer to Kabul than is Delhi.

    Imagine, 12 percent of all American scientists are of Indian origin; 38 percent of doctors in America are Indian; 36 percent of NASA scientists are Indians; 34 percent of Microsoft employees are Indians; and 28 percent of IBM employees are Indians.

    For the record: Sabeer Bhatia created and founded Hotmail. Sun Microsystems was founded by Vinod Khosla. The Intel Pentium processor, that runs 90 percent of all computers, was fathered by Vinod Dham. Rajiv Gupta co-invented Hewlett Packard’s E-speak project. Four out of ten Silicon Valley start-ups are run by Indians. Bollywood produces 800 movies per year and six Indian ladies have won Miss Universe/Miss World titles over the past 10 years.

    For the record: Azim Premji, the richest Muslim entrepreneur on the face of the planet, was born in Bombay and now lives in Bangalore.India now has more than three dozen billionaires; Pakistan has none (not a single dollar billionaire) .

    The other amazing aspect is the rapid pace at which India is creating wealth. In 2002, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh and Anil Ambani’s father, left his two sons a fortune worth $2.8 billion. In 2007, their combined wealth stood at $94 billion. On 29 October 2007, as a result of the stock market rally and the appreciation of the Indian rupee, Mukesh became the richest person in the world, with net worth climbing to US$63.2 billion (Bill Gates, the richest American, stands at around $56 billion).

    Indians and Pakistanis have the same Y-chromosome haplogroup. We have the same genetic sequence and the same genetic marker (namely: M124). We have the same DNA molecule, the same DNA sequence. Our culture, our traditions and our cuisine are all the same. We watch the same movies and sing the same songs. What is it that Indians have and we don’t?

    Indians elect their leaders.

    ….The writer is an Islamabad-based freelance columnist. Email: [email protected] com

    • I’ve read your article, rhetorical at the best, just today (May 21, 2010) while reading the material regarding Facebook. You were somewhat wrong with the figures regarding wealth of the richest people at that time when you posted it.

      According to Press Trust of India / Mumbai October 29, 2007:
      [[[[[[[[[[The five richest people in the world with their net worth
      1. Mukesh Ambani ($63.2 billion)
      2. Carlos Slim Helu ($62.2993 billion)
      3. William (Bill) Gates ($62.29 billion)
      4. Warren Buffett ($55.9 billion)
      5. Lakshmi Mittal ($50.9 billion)
      Warren Buffett, earlier the third richest in the world, also dropped one position with a net worth of about $56 billion.

      Ambani’s wealth of about Rs 2,49,000 crore includes about Rs 2,10,000 crore from RIL (50.98% stake), Rs 37,500 crore from RPL (37.5%) and Rs 2,100 crore from RIIL (46.23%).

      Slim’s wealth has been calculated on the basis of his stake in companies like America Movil (30%), Carso Global (82%), Grupo Carso (75%), Inbursa (67%), IDEAL (30%) and Saks Inc (10%).

      According to information available with the US and Mexican stock exchanges where these companies are listed, Slim currently holds shares worth a total of $62.2993 billion, with more than half coming from Latin American mobile major America Movil. Slim is closely followed by Gates with a net worth of $62.29 billion currently.]]]]]]]]]]]]

      Ambani managed to break the record of these two richest persons out of nothing. That was either his luck or the bad luck for the other two. Continuous dollar decline is the main reason to uplift the Indian Rupee. Since, the wealth of Ambani was calculated in Indian rupees and then converted into international currency which is declining; the result went in his favour, making him the richest one. If we calculate their wealths in terms of net products they give to their countries, Bill Gates would still be on the top. But, since the dollar has been declining for the last 6 years and would continue to decline in future for its backed by absolutely nothing but interest, Bill Gates would have to face more and more tough time unless he’d transfer all his wealth into Gold or Precious stones. Same applies to every billionaire who relies upon dollar.

      In future the richest would be the one who’d be owning gold, silver, diamond mines, and for sure the black gold that is oil, for the dollar would continue to decline to naught and soon after it would be replaced by electronic money in the form of electronic chips of rice grain size, injected into your body, which would entirely be controlled by Zionists banking system of interest pushing the rest of the world to be the ultimate slaves.


      No matter, whosoever would be the richest person today, he would not have any identity in future. This world doesn’t remember wealthy “individuals” who hold their wealth just for 70 to 80 years of their mortal lives and then ruined to their graves. See, what Islam teaches us; not to accumulate wealth. See, what happened to Qaroon’s treasure… I am not impressed by any of these richest people for they’re nothing but like a grain of sand, in this whole universe. The only thing in terms of wealth which is significant throughout the history is the Nation’s wealth; who’s the largest economy of its time; which nation has the least number of financially poor people. You said that only 4 rich Indian people have more wealth than the 40 Chinese… In my view those Chinese are far better than those 4 Indians because despite China’s economy is the second largest, going to be the largest one in 2015, those 40 people are sucking less blood of their people unlike those of India, huh… there is a perfect imbalance of “wealth sharing” in India whereas China has built herself through equality to everyone, following what exactly Islam teaches us… Just recall Hazrat Umar Farooq’s era, you would realize what real prosperity is…
      Now coming to Pakistanis’ situation; Pakistanis can’t have even an iota of leadership rationality unless they would manage to free their minds, souls, and even their physical beings, from those camouflaged enemies who’re indoctrinating our perceptual horizons… We depend on others in almost every aspect, say, technology, education, regulation, finance, food, everything…

      We must have to break our handcuffs in order to survive and prosper in future… Why PCs use 0s and 1s because we had been taught so… why DNA is called DNA because we had been taught so… we depend; we depend; we depend… There was a time when we Muslims developed Algebra and its called Algebra because we named it; because we owned it. I’ve met a Pakistani Scientist in Holiday Inn Islamabad; Dr. Haroon, came from America, who invented a nano-processor, in Hitachi Labs. When he gave the presentation about his nano-processor it just popped my eyes upon what Pakistanis can really do. That nano-processor broke the boundaries of 0s and 1s of machine language and worked on each electron revolving around the nucleus giving PCs such an ultimate power which you and me would see in future, but the credit would be taken by other big companies like Hitachi, AMD, or Intel… he also invented a memory where each bit can be stored on an electron giving the computers’ memory new definition and extremities. A whole Hitachi’s lab is under this scientist. Unfortunately Dr. Haroon has been living in America for almost 45 years and he told that he had almost forgotten Urdu. He has been there for such a long time because he feels insecurity in his motherland and because there are not adequate research facilities in Pakistan. What a shame on our biased politicians!
      The most expensive and most efficient national resource is not gold, silver, precious stones, or oil, but the Human Resource; skilled labour. Alhumdulillah we are rich in this resource and can compete with other international super powers if we push ourselves towards education, leadership, technology, and of course Justice, discipline, ethics, and social harmony through love and respect to everyone in our surroundings…

      We can lead; we can rise; we can be on the top; we don’t need external leadership; just be a leader in your own and the best among us will be raised to lead the leaders!!!

      You would remember me InshaAlah… just sit n watch… InshaAllah Allah would help us because we want to help ourselves. Pakistan Zindabad!!!

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