Telenor Bluntly Adds 5 Percent Charges on all Services

Telenor has suddenly blown its customers by imposing 5 percent service charges on all scratch card loads and easy share loads. This decision came out of no where, and a new trick to hike prices for services related to Telecom. This means, if a customer loads Rs. 100 card then he will get Rs. 86 instead of what he used to get Rs. 91previously.

Pakspider, while citing a Telenor CSR, claims that these service charges are imposed to provide better services. I am forced to doubt here that other cellular companies may also follow the practice, as they will not remain behind in better services to their customers… (As previously seen, all companies started charging help line calls following Mobilink)

I doubt that PTA can do any favor to customers in this regards, as this is a service charge, and any company is free to impose service charges anytime they feel like (unless its not significant market player). This hike may also lead many analysts to conclude that the charm is fading away from Telecom services. However, the clear picture of ecnomical situtaion of cellular companies will come on surface in few days after PTA’s annual report will hit the surface.

The interesting point to note here is that Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan, Executive Vice President Telenor Pakistan, himself was not happy with added taxes on telecom service. He spoke about various price hikes only few days before Telenor announced this added service charges on their products.

so for Telenor Users, please note that you will have to pay Rs. 36 out of Rs. 100 for taxes and service charges…

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