How many Paper Eid Cards are you expecting This Eid?

A general feedback would be that not many of would be expecting a single Paper Eid card this Eid…! By the way I am one of them; thanks to Electronic Cards and SMS luxury that we are having in our lives.

Estimates say that 75 percent people now opt for e-cards instead of Paper cards. E-Cards or SMS messages are pure example of innovative services replacing the conventional ones, due to various reason that include

  • Fast delivery – just in seconds compared to days or weeks
  • Economical –You don’t need to spend anything on e-cards given that internet is available, and SMS are considered almost free (Thanks to SMS Packages)
  • Plenty of variety available
  • You don’t need to rush to markets and spend your head in traffic jams and crowd

I would like to know if you guys still send/receive paper cards? If yes then why?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Chunni Babu

    Paper eid cards? kon say zamany ki baat hay yeh?

  • Bites85

    Well im expecting a few from my college frnds..its a tradition..we always give each other..

  • Bites, i am impressed with this… so how do you send them? via post?

  • Bites85

    Actually they live in islamabad,so when go to visit them.Then give them.Paper card has its own uniqueness, i think! makes the other person very happy.

  • zaheer

    i have already received two paper eid cards.

    one from the president of executive association in Sui Northern and the second from Moody International who are trying to win a contract of doing an ISO audit of my place.

  • paper cards have their own importance. the feeling you get through the paper cards can’t be replaced by SMS’ or ecards…
    my Q, if two ppl send you cards on eid, one is ecards and other by post, will there be a difference among reception of these two cards?
    i love to send/receive cards by post.

  • Vinod Motiani

    nothing like a greeting that comes having traveled thousands of miles away…

  • yasir

    very nice

  • javria butt

    eId mUbArAk 2 aLl mY fRiEnDs :)

  • hassnain sssomro

    a eid is not a day but he espesial day so you must be take responce to adlds . this day was great because human was go to perfom namaz and pray for anyother