Unlimited SMS Packages in Pakistan | Another Price War Front

Almost all cellular companies operating in Pakistan offer SMS bundles to their subscribers. These SMS bundle packages offer low priced SMS for those who prefer text messaging instead of voice calls, to save time and money too. These SMS packages were started by Warid Telecom with an offer named as ZOOM; however, this package was taken back after only couple of months. With Zoom, users had the liberty of sending unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan for nominal Rs. 5.75 per day. It was very catchy package, considering it was way back, in 2006. Warid’s this offer had two variants; one was Zoom, while the other was Zoom Unlimited.

So this was little history of SMS Bundle packages in Pakistan. Now, at this point, all cellular companies claim that they offer unlimited SMS for a set amount of money. We will review all packages offered by all cellular companies, so you may reach to a conclusion about the best package with maximum benefits.

Jazz SMS Fever

Mobilink offers its SMS bundle named as ‘Jazz SMS Fever’ which claims that they offer unlimited number of SMS in one month’s duration. Jazz SMS Fever is available in three variants; details and pricings are as following

How to Subscribe

For Activation, all Mobilink Jazz members can subscribe to this package by simply sending an SMS ‘FEVER’ to 222 (You will be charged Rs. 2.30 for this SMS).

Afterwards, you will receive a reply: Catch the Jazz SMS Fever by replying with “1” for 100 weekly SMS at Rs.15, “2” for 500 fortnightly SMS at Rs.50 and “3” for unlimited monthly SMS at Rs.100!

You will have to reply back this message, with your desired package; on which you be charged for the service.
Make sure that you have enough balance required for any package before subscribing to it. You will get another text message “To activate Jazz SMS Fever please call 123 and enter 123456789012334”
Thanks God, you’re done now, and you can start using your SMS from the bundle now.

Check Points

  • All Rates are exclusive of Taxes…
  • Unlimited Messages are not really unlimited; these are in fact 10,000 messages, and you will have to subscribe again once you finish your 10,000 messages quota You can subscribe for maximum of three times in a month for a single number.
  • Messages are FREE for only on-net SMS, that is Mobilink to Mobilink
  • Exceeding either, given number of Message Quota or Date deadline will expire your package…and you will be charged at normal pricings afterwards.
  • Subscribing to package involves a good healthy work, that may confuse users

Ufone SMS Bundle Offer

Ufone offers its bundle packages in 4 different variable packages. Ufone is the one, who actually successfully started offering SMS bundles with Limited Number of SMS, and that too valid for any network.

How to Subscribe

Send an SMS “Sub” and Send send it to respective code of the required subscription plan
For Example, for Package 1, Write “Sub” and send it to 601
For Package 4, write “Sub” and send it to 604

Check points

  • All rates are exclusive of any taxes
  • You can send of-net SMS (SMS to any network in Pakistan)
  • Unlimited messages are again not unlimited. Ufone offers 5,000 SMS quota for Package 4, which read as unlimited messages.

Warid SMS Craze

Well, Warid Offers only variant, but it offers good value. in only Rs. 150, you can send upto 2,000 SMS or MMS (yea MMS are included here too, an upper hand on all other cellular companies) in 30 days. Along with, you get 10MB of Mobile Internet for a monthly subscription of Rs.150 inclusive of all taxes.

How to Subscriber

Call 100 and select SMS Craze, simple

Check points

  • You will be charged Rs. 11.5 for subscribing to this package. So make sure that you have this much balance in your account before subscribing
  • Send up to 2,000 SMS or MMS to any number in Pakistan
  • You will be charged Rs. 150, and that includes all taxes, yes!
  • Like all other cellular SMS bundles, SMS Craze is available for only prepaid users…Post Paid ones, I am sorry but you better switch over to prepaid now.

ZONG Unlimited SMS

Zong has recently come up with a powerful and attractive SMS Bundle package…which is

Rs. 3 per Day | Free Unlimited SMS to Any Network in Pakistan…..Simple

How To Subscribe

To subscribe SMS “sub” to 700 and to unsubscribe SMS “unsubscribe” to 700. Terms and conditions and taxes apply

Djuice SMS Bundle

Djuice offers a very simple and straight forward offer…

Rs. 70 | Unlimited SMS | 15 days….that’s it

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