Rumor: Telenor to Launch WiMAX Operations in Pakistan?

There is this rumor that Telenor Pakistan is going to launch its WiMAX operations in Pakistan, or they are at least, very keenly studying the WiMAX market.

Thetechturtle has come up with this news citing an insider that Telenor’s WiMAX launch is expected first quarter next year.

I know one thing for sure that Telenor has spent a huge amount of time working on the R&D for this project. The first I came to know about Telenor coming up with WiMAX was in December 2006, when Wateen was preparing to give out user trials in Lahore. The word at the time was that there were 5 people working on the project and it was so hush that the employees who were working on the project research had to sign an oath declaring that if they spoke a word of it to anyone, they will be promptly fired.

However, Telenor Pakistan’s spokesman firmly denied any such launch, and said “Telenor Pakistan currently has no plans to launch WiMAX Operations in Pakistan.”

I am not sure if WiMAX business is Pakistan’s next catch, instead of faster mobile internet. But keeping in view, many unsatisfied customers from Wateen and Mobilink yet to make an impression… investment Giant like Telenor can play some good game.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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