Send Messages to a group of friends with “Ufone SMS Buddies”

Ufone has partnered with Mango, a Mobile Social network system that allows you to send message to a group of friends with a single message (and cost of one SMS) – somewhat like twitter. In this partnership, Ufone will serve as SMS service provider, while Mango will manage the application part.

This service was actually pioneered by, and there is a good chance that other cellular companies partner with them to come up with similar or even better service.

What Ufone SMS Buddies is?

Ufone SMS Buddies is an SMS-based social network that lets you easily update a group of friends by a single message. This single message is then broadcasted over the whole group – meaning that it will cost you one SMS to send this message to a group of friends.

That’s not all; in fact you can also update your Facebook Status and let your friends know what you are up to, at any time, through a single SMS!

How do I register to Ufone SMS Buddies?

You can register to this service through SMS or Ufone SMS Buddies Facebook application.

To register through SMS: Simply type Register <Your Nickname/ Your Name> and send it to 9393.
For example, Register Sana87 Or Register Alikhan Or Register Devil45

You can also register online through this link:

I am registered, how to Create the Group now?

Build an SMS community of your friends through the following commands:

  • Once you are registered, you can add friends into your network. To add friends, type Add <Friend’s Number> and send it to 9393. Example: type “Add 033324XXXXX” and send it to 9393
  • In case if he is also registered and has a username, you can also add a him/her by nick e.g. Add <Nickname>

How to accept invitation

To accept a friend’s request, type Accept and send it to 9393

How to Send Message to a group

  • To shout a message to all friends in your Ufone SMS Buddies network, Simply type “Shout <Message>” and send it to 9393
  • Example: Type “Shout Rain in Islamabad!!” and send it to 9393 – The message will be sent to all friends added in Ufone SMS Buddies Network

Want to remove someone from your group?

To remove a friend from your list, type Remove <Nickname> or Remove <Number> and send it to 9393

Want to know who is in your group?

To get a list of all your friends on Ufone SMS Buddies, type List Friends and send it to 9393

How do I communicate in Groups?

Through Ufone SMS Buddies, you can create groups and connect with people sharing similar interests, activities and hobbies. You can create/join a group, send group messages, view members of a group and add them as your friend!

  • To create a group, type Create <Groupname> and send it to 9393
  • To invite friends to join a group, type Invite <Groupname> <Number> and send it to 9393. To
  • invite multiple friends to a group, type invite <Groupname> <Number1> <Number2> or Invite <Groupname> <Nick1> <Nick2> and send it to 9393
  • To send message to a group, type SMS <Groupname> <Message> and send it to 9393 e.g. type: SMS Islamabad Can anybody suggest a good Chinese Restaurant in Islamabad? This message will be sent to all members of the group “Islamabad”
  • To join an existing group, simply type Join <Groupname> and send it to 9393. Once you join a group, you will receive all messages that are being sent to that particular group
  • To leave a group, type Leave <Groupname> and send it to 9393
  • To kick a member from your group, type Kick <Groupname> <Number> or Kick <Groupname> <Nick> and send it to 9393
  • To list members of a specific group, type List <Groupname> and send it to 9393

How do I update my Facebook Status?

To update your status though Ufone SMS Buddies, you need to install the Facebook Application from this link

To update your Facebook status, simply type Status <message> and send it to 9393. Your Facebook status will automatically be updated.

Noise Control

Ufone SMS Buddies has the following options to avoid noise. You will not receive messages through SMS when the noise control options are active, but the messages will be saved on the Facebook Application and you can view them later at any time.

To stop receiving message from a specific group or specific member in the network, type Mute <Username> or Mute <Groupname> and send it to 9393. You will not receive messages from the user until you un-mute them using this command, Unmute <Username> or Unmute <Groupname> .
To temporarily stop receiving messages from Ufone SMS Buddies Network, type DND and send it to 9393. To disable the command, type DND Off and send it to 9393.


All SMS sent to 9393 will be charged at Re.1/- + tax (Exclusive of taxes)


  • This service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpay)
  • The service is accessible on all kinds of hand sets
  • Maximum number of friends that can be added to this network are 50
  • Maximum number of people that can be added in a group are 20
  • Only Ufone subscribers can send messages to the Ufone SMS Buddies Network

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  • i had been a member of mango, and had used it alot .. it was a great service as long as ufone hadnot acquired it. and it was much better than chopaal(i was using chopaal too at the same tym) the good things about mango was
    1- instant sms delivery with no lag tym in between
    2- no balance deduction .. sending msg to mango was counted as a single sms just like sending sms to ne other number…and just one sms from your packaage was deducted

    after ufone acquired it, they started charging for the service that it 1rs + tax … and frankly the service lost its charm after that…

  • if u desire to blossom like a rose in the garden
    then u must learn the art of adjusting with the thorns….

  • sallam all… but there is some sim available in market which provide free messages to ufonesmsbuddies… i mean they have changer thier msg service center number after which there sim’s were able to send free of cost messages to any network in pakistan.

  • i must say is waqt chat room ka mahol bohot kharab ho chuka hai.or glz ko to wahan jana bhi ab nahi chahye plz ufone wallo aisy logon p ban lagao take sms buddy aik acha chat nice chat world ban jay jese sub log goin to ker sakain.

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