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We have been trying to get out PTCL number 042-6371795 fixed for the last six weeks, but without any success!

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  • Nice try but they dont bother….. I have been suffered by this attitude of PTCL for a few weeks as well……… They say… do whatever you can.. ….

  • I suffered in same situation. Without Bakhshish tea water expense they don’t work. Even they have worst Customer Complaint Monitoring System ( i have lost so much precious time in same situation )

    • dr sir mara dsl conection 2 mbps hai but mara conection ki speed boht kam hai three month sy complaint kar wa raha hon but pori speed nahi a rahi hai downloading speed 130mbps uploading speed 28mbps hai jab 1mbps tha to uploding 28mbps thi ab 2mbps hoa hai phir bhi uploading yahi hai plz chek kar kay hamri speed barha dain warna majbori hamain conection off kar wana pary ga mutalka tarlai acchange hai jo kuch nai kar rahi hai jin ka number ya hai 051 2244000 hai or mara ptcl num ya hai 051 2616039 hai jis py dsl 2 mbps on hai na is ki download speed pori hai na uploading speed plz my help thx [{connect num}] 03455504751 thx…………………….

  • If only PTCL took charge of their customer’s problems! :) I have experienced this indifference with PTCL broadband customer service as well so I switched to LINKdotNET…much better and the blood pressure is in check too lol!

  • pl note that datta khel exchange in north waziristan agency has no lineman and the previous one was terminated.the exchange is running on Allah mercy and 30 nos has gone out of order but there is no official to listen.hundred of complain has submitted to GM DIK region SDO miranshah etc.area code is with Bannu 0928-320.No official is listening .previously for installation of one media and solar pennels the Bannu personnel has charged the local customer of 25000 rupees .So u r requested to hear our voice and enquire about that what is going on
    thanks for quick resp.

  • hehehe i am facing rude and cool attitude of exchange staff as well as 1218 staff but they are really suck.

    I think i will call SLE on 2th may and if problem will not solve i will close DSL / fone service.

    My prob was just abt dsl line but now they give me fone line which has all things poor and can not go back to dialup even.

    They have all excuses.

  • TO, DATED-20-05-2009 dated
    BOSAN ROAD MULTAN TEL.# 0616512630
    e mail. [email protected]

  • today the ptcl service agent install my DSL and not give us more time he just only give us 15 minutes and he disconneted my all home telephone connections and he only install the DSL connection and now my all telephones are disconnected. your agent name was fawad who install my DSL connection. According to me your DSL packages are very good but your service is very poor your staff attitude is very bad and i am very disappointed from your service. you have to give training to your staff and give value to your customers.

  • ptcl complaint center response is very poor.People of cocerning department like internet service provider,lineman working very dishonestly.I am writing these lines because i have personal experience of such troubles.If ptcl desire to change general public opinion so resolve our problems.

  • I’m Using PTCL Broadband. It has good speed and stable most of the time but when problem occurs it take only few hours because of honest lineman. I have to give him 100rs only :D

    And When you dial Help line for complains first junior callers will attend then after some talk he trasfer to Senior Officer. (which takes some times 15 to 30 min Waiting)

    Pakistan Largest Broadband service and Their Customer care is 0.

  • I have already lodged a complaint about my telephone No. 0642522252 Village basti buzdar, Tehsile taunsa sharif which remains continuously out of order. No proper action is being taken. Please help me in this regard

  • donot try to cheat their clients. these good messages for those who not usiny ptcl broadband.

  • Worst ever experience of my life with any company, Applied for DSL in Local Exchange, within 1 Week Got DSL installed by PTCL agent, HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL agent FORGOT to tell/write ID and password to us, after some day (about a week), Suddenly DSL light on CHEAP ZTE modem disappeared, tried to reset moden then it took me a day to Retrieve my ID and got reset password, from that day for about 30 days, i managed to get only 12 days of working net (total)

    Complains on 1218, 0800 number, exchange. no results, they promised me to send lineman (VVIP) but i newer seen him

    A man from exchange arrived 2 times, just checked DSL wiring and Internet Setting, nothing happened On second visit he came with spare modem, Same problem on that Modem, and in the presence of him suddenly DSL starts working

    LARGEST excuse by exchange peoples is that I have no TELEPHONE SET on that number – 6639260

    According to Rule they must verify Line Condition prior to Deploy/install DSL

    I hardly managed to get DSL light on my modem, then i can surf net, in 30 days i Hardly got (total) 12 Days of working internet

    (I have Student Package 1Mb)

  • My phone No. 0514531646 is out of order from Jan, 09 too many times I complaint againt it but no body can take it serious due to the negligenncy of balack sheeps of ptcl deparmment my phone number is still out of order up till now………..

    unfortunately i regularly paid bill up till now I fed up with the service of said PTCL & hate them plz reimburse the amount to me as soon as which you get it for nothing….. if you are unable to provide me this facility why u claimed that amount in future I will not pay any more peny to your deptt…

    plz disconnect my this number & confirm which is very expensive for me for ur negligence & too much efficency,

    Regards & compliments

    Head of PTCL Deptt.

  • I also complaint for 0514531646 for ur kind consideration but un fruitfull like ur other deff staff plz do the needful & take action against concerned my V phone No. 0519240765 is working properly but land line is a worse tragedy & problem 4me at my residence. It is for ur kind inf that I am performing VIP & VVIPs duties & need co-ordination & advice time to time from VVIPs as we r working on behalf of President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    Kindly take serious action on priority,


    Head of PTCL Deptt.

    plz confirm if u may consider it truth.


  • it really suffer that moment when i brought your dsl service , and never use again a ptcl service again in whole life, it a real lasson for me, shame to be pakistani and shame less moment for ptcl staff, they only now how to collect the money and bill and in return they provide nothing, sorry to say that make this orgnization pvt beacuse they will never more for faclitate for the government funds,
    i complain after 3 days about my phone and dsl service but for a moment it work and the next day i suffer the same satuation , what to do and how to solve this thing , did you have any answer for it,

  • It is very soorry to say that after the privatization of ptcl department the ptcl,staff performances still same ie very poor.because the telephone line of any subscriber remain faulty more than tow or three days in every month.just like my telephone number larkana 4044482 is faulty since last tow days in this connection my self made the complaint at CFMS BUT NO RESPONES.

  • Dear Sir,
    A number of times i have raised complaint through various resources that there is too much noise in my PTCL phone line. But still no corrective action taken regarding this. Due to this noise my DSL connection does not work properly due to again and again re connecting. It does not serve the purpose which i have got DSL connection. I humbly request to kindly take corrective action on top urgent basis.

    Shafqat Rasool
    Phone.# 0414360482

  • Assalam o alaikum

    Respected sir

    My telephone no is 34589558. I am using double play DSL and telephone
    My telephone is very noisy and my DSL is not working properly .I am facing lots of problem since one month lots of complaint in 1218 and telephone exchange but there is no response so please solve my problem as soon as possible I shall be very thank full to you

    Thanking you

    Your faithfully
    House# 5/1537 shah faisal colony
    No 5 Karachi

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum.

    bhai jab main ney first time PTCL new connection broadband key liey apply kia to HELP line waloon ne kaha hold kro
    hum app key number ko chak kar key btatey hein key
    kia app key number par ye sahoolat hai ya nahi chak krney key baad HELP line waley boley app key number par ye saholat mojod hai, app ko koon saa package bok krna hai main ney 2MB package bok kra dia wo boley 7 din tak broadband
    waloon ka technition app sey rabta krey gaa,aaj 3 month hogey technition nahi aia, aur isi trah mujhe 3 month hogai hein bar bar oder bok krte krte lekin ab pata chla k app k jitne bhi oders they wo mere city ki mother Exchange sey cancel horahey hein,ab ye kia problum hai pata nahi ya phir PTCL waley nahi chahtey key broadband chaley ya kamiyab ho..? warna HELP LINE waley bok hi na kartey..? agar kisi bhai ko help krsakta ho to plz,

    im waiting your best responce THANKS,

  • It is sorrowfully stated that PTCL has started false and fabricated propaganda that is beyond of facts (as the four computers are running from the first day in my premises) in result of my continuous complaints with complaint No: 91132 dated 10-11-2009, complaint No. 90988 dated 12 Nov.2009 that were forwarded by PTA to officer of PTCL for redressing. They are unable to provide me proper, accurate and quick service. As such they want to protect themselves and want to finish my DSL net service by making false and fabricated propaganda of subletting net service while actually there are my two houses (the address of one house is mentioned on the CNIC of my elder brother Asadullah, the owner this phone No. and other address that is mentioned on bill and on my CNIC) and one in Bathak (which PTA knows about it as its representatives have visited this bathak when I complained against Zong internet for slow speed of their net and their teams with zong teams visited and checked speed on my computer in my bathak that is near to my two houses) and I am using this service from the first day in these three my homes on four computers as I requested the person of PTCL DSL Broad band who phoned me to come for installing the modem and I requested him to bring modem with four out put plugs but he asked me to bring a device namely switch and install it after modem to use the four computers if they are in my own premises That are together with attached walls and there is our joint family of seven brothers. As per clause 7-ix that is not applicable upon me because I am not subletting the net service but using for personal use in my own premises that can be verified by you by sending any Government officials who can ask from the residents of this Goth and my neighbors or you may check The Address given on the CNIC # 424016898098-9 of my elder brother Mr. Asadullah, the owner of this phone # 021-36351408 and can be verified from NADRA record or from the copy of CNIC submitted in PTCL Office for this phone.

    Two persons came from PTCL for checking speed of DSL Net as they mentioned in their attached notice but there was no one of my brothers at the house as I & my brothers were in our offices. PTCL has not informed about their visit. So those two persons were not allowed by the ladies to come in the house. They have been already given my cell numbers but they did contact me because it was only pretension to protect PTCL and not to redress the grievances of a customer and only to fit the hang rope in the neck of a customer by misrepresenting rules as the speed images plus SNR Margin have been sent for consideration before.

    Two Senior officers of Local PTCL exchange Mr. Faisal Ghani & Mr. Attique Saeed both have already threatened me to disconnect my DSL net service because I am complaining against them to higher Authorities from time to time against their irresponsibility and not maintaining service in proper way. They have done a great loss of me and blocked my DSL net service on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 at 11:30 am without any inquiry from me & create prevention in the study of our children and I have been fed up from their behavior and bad service as such if I am not relax I will write to Chief Justice of Pakistan and after obtaining his orders will file a suite in local court of Karachi but prior to it, I request Honorable President of Pakistan, Honorable prime Minister of Pakistan and all Higher authorities along with Telcom Minister and PTA to redress my repeated complaints and stop malpractice of the officers of PTCL.

    I have been given a notice by Mr. Mukhtar Mehfooz SM MM&BB Karachi/PTCL saying that I am subletting their services by using distributions switches that is wrong I am not subletting but using for myself in my own premises. When I got the DSL connection, I requested the man who came to install Modem to bring a modem with 4 plugs for output so that I can run my four computers, He asked me to buy a switch from the market and install it right after the modem. Then I asked him whether is it legal or not. He replied me it is legal as I have been informed him by you and as I am using it for personal use, it is not illegal according to him and if I would like to use it on commercial basis then it need written permission from PTCL.

    This is no case of trade connectivity or subletting broad band net services but Mr.Mukhtar Mehfooz SM MM&BB Karachi PTCL, Mr. Faisal Ghani & Mr. Attique Saeed the senior Managers of Gulshan-e-Maymar Exchange want to run their own kingdom and want to start rules and regulations of pharaoh’s kingdom and has disconnected our broad band DSL net service on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 at 11:30 am without any inquiry from me to stop study of our children and it a great loss of me.

    Would our auspicious Government, higher authorities and officials extend a helping hand and orders to restore my broad band DSL internet Connectivity and also orders to take a drastic actions against the responsible persons deputing official person to hold inquiry that there is no case subletting and reselling their broad band DSL Net service to any other network or telecom company.
    Yours faithfully,
    Abdur Rehman Hijazi

    Dsl Number 02136351408
    Cell Number 03333918940,03132061511, 03002301403

    The Complaint already has been dispatched to PTA against Poor service of PTCL and wrong propaganda of PTCL.

    Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 09:54:29 +0500
    From: Complaint

    To: [email protected], [email protected]

    Cc: [email protected]

    Subject: Quality of service with complaint no.90988
    Attachments: Mymap & SNR margin rate.rar (629 KB),

    Change Alignment

    Complaint No: 90988

    1. Kindly redress the quality of service issue of the service to the complainant please and forward compliance report on this matter shall be forwarded to this office by 19 November 2009.
    2. Copy of all correspondence/ status reports related to the enclosed complaint shall be communicated simultaneously to the complainant and this office by the stipulated date.
    An expeditious and logical redressal of the consumer grievance at your end shall be appreciated


    Nabiha Mehmood
    Director (CPD)

    Consumer Protection Directorate
    PTA Headquarters
    Sector F-5/1, Islamabad.
    Ph No. 051-9225325
    Fax No. 051-2878127
    email: [email protected]
    —– Forwarded by Complaint/Consumer Protection/Services/PTA/PK on 11/12/2009 09:57 AM —–
    11/06/2009 09:37 AM
    To Super Complaints/Consumer Protection/Services/PTA/[email protected]
    Subject Fw: Complaint for Slow speed of internet and noise in phone line with evidence of images.

    —– Forwarded by Chairman PTA/CHAIRMAN SECT/PTA/PK on 11/06/2009 09:37 AM —–
    11/05/2009 11:28 PM
    Please respond to
    To , , , , , ,
    cc “Jamal Abdul Nasir/RGM-III Karachi/PTCL” , “Abdulla Yousef/SEVP Business South/PTCL” , “[email protected]” , “[email protected]” , “Shabana Ikram/SM Ops IP&MMBB Karachi/PTCL” , “[email protected]” , “[email protected]” , “Farah Qamar/Company Secretary/PTCL” , “Genral Manager PTCL” , , ,
    Subject Complaint for Slow speed of internet and noise in phone line with evidence of images.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is sorrowfully stated that a formal action has been taken by PTCL Gulshan-e- Maymar for upgrading my internet speed bandwith from 1mb to 2mb after having request from me but the action was only for showing and only have to pay the charges of 2mb as the speed of internet began to drop less from the usual speed of 1mb or like dailup speed and visuals of SNR margin are being attached with this complaint for you consideration and real action against PTCL to increase the speed of my internet speed bandwith from 1mb to 2mb but the speed droped down and started disconecting internet connection after every two minutes as the SNR Margin is droping down more than 20db and some times it is going to -10db.

    I came to know through PTCL G.M Mr. Mushir Khan that internet cannot be given at 3km distance on copper wire and it is imposible to continue internet at such distance for 2mb beacuse 1mb speed is also droping down beacuse copper wire cannot maintain the speed and the internet is comping to my house is on copper wire while there is fiber optic at 1.5km distance from my house and it is near the KIIT College Gulshan-e-Maymar at some distance from the cabinet of copper wire. The GM Mr.Mushir khan asked me if PTCL shift my phone line pairs on the fiber optic from the copper cabinet box of sector Y to Fiber Optic Point near the KIIT College burried in 2005 which is 320meters away from the copper cabinet box but the Mr. Faisal DSL officer Gulshan-e-Maymar PTCL Exchange asked if they shift my phone line pair on fiber optic my number will changed that will start 368 instead of 363. I have no objection about my number changing because I need good speed of internet & noiseless phone line for calls recieving.

    Would you please consider my application sympathetically and extend a helping hand ordering PTCL Gulshan-e-Maymar to shift my phone line pair from copper cabinet box to fiber optic point in order to give me proper speed of 2mb internet as I am paying the charges of 2mb but getting the service of 1mb or dailup and noiseless phone calls without stepmotherly treatment with me.

    Yours faithfully
    Abdur Rehman Hijazi
    Dsl Number 02136351408
    Cell Number 03333918940, 03002301403


    1. My Map
    2. SNR Margin images
    3. downloading speed status

    Recommendation of G.M. MM&BB Coord Karachi.

    On Sun, 1 Nov 2009 18:40:57 +0500, Muhammad Mushir Khan/GM AN Ops n Mtce-III Karachi/PTCL wrote:

    Jamal sahib,
    Kindly ask BM G/Maymar to off load this copper PSTN into OFAN if possible so that our respectable customer can avail 2mb DSL connectivity which is at present not possible due to the distance & QOS issues.

    Warm Regards
    M.Mushir khan
    General Manager MM&BB Coord Karachi
    http://web14.maktoob.com/mail2.newlogin/[email protected]
    From: arhijazi [[email protected]]
    Sent: 01 November 2009 17:51
    To: [email protected]; Jamal Abdul Nasir/RGM-III Karachi/PTCL; Muhammad Mushir Khan/GM AN Ops n Mtce-III Karachi/PTCL; Muhammad Azam Khan/SM MM&BB-I STR-II Karachi/PTCL; Shabana Ikram/SM Ops IP&MMBB Karachi/PTCL; [email protected]; Abdul Ghaffar Rao/SM Dev & Special Project-I Karachi/PTCL; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Subject: Complaint for Slow speed of internet and phone line with evidence.

    Currently a Notice was sent to me by PTCL in reaction of above mentioned complaint:

    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 11:18:07 +0500
    From: Mukhtar Mahfooz/SM MM&BB Karachi/PTCL

    To: “[email protected]

    Cc: Sahar Iftikhar/Manager Legal KHI/PTCL , Rafique Ahmad Sheikh/Manager RA n FM Karachi/PTCL , “[email protected]” , Muhammad Mushir Khan/GM AN Ops n Mtce-III Karachi/PTCL , Ghulam Mustafa/GM Legal – Comm & Corp Affairs/PTCL , Gul Ahmed/EVP Regulatory Affairs/PTCL , Jamal Abdul Nasir/RGM-III Karachi/PTCL , Muhammad Qasim Khan/GM RA n FM/PTCL

    BB form B.JPG (1 MB),

    Change Alignment

    Dear Customer,

    On your complaint, a detailed visit was again conducted at your premises & our operations/broadband team has again learnt out that you have sublet our services in the local area by using distribution switches. It is also submitted that you were earlier verbally notified by our General Manager also, that this is violation of terms & conditions mentioned at the time of contract on the Service Order form #29320. As per clause 7-ix, the customer is not entitled to trade the connectivity resell, hire, transfer, or otherwise dispose broad band service without any prior permission from PTCL.

    Also, it is mentioned in the terms & conditions that the violation of the same render the customer & any other offenders associated with him liable for criminal & civil legal action as well as termination of service.

    It is intimated that due to your violation of Company’s terms & conditions, your PTCL broadband services will be terminated with immediate effect.



    • Sir,

      I bought PTCL EVO for Rs: 6,000 at Multan last month , it was working fine there. PTCL claimed that it will work all over Pakistan. But my EVO is not working in Karachi and I could not even reload scratch card of Rs:2000/ for which I had to send it back to Multan to load cards.

      Now after loading card and its connectivity is not possible and its over 15 days that I am going in customer center in Karachi ( near Mehta Place) and talking them on phone (021-35810135-6 , 021.35402598 ) many times but the matter is not resolved yet.

      They are unable to trace the fault and my complaint is jumping between PTCL Lahore and PTCL Karachi who are blaming each other just to hide their inefficieny causing me mental torture and financial loss.

      Its Rs:2000/- package and my 15 days are almost over , who will pay that loss ? Will this fault ever be traced ? Why cant they replace me the device if it is not working here in Karachi?

      After being a rolling stone for two weeks I have to contact PTA and hope to get the matter resloved and seek help and support.

      With Many Regards

      Muhammad Ashraf
      CNIC 36302-9542416-1
      Flat 1, 8-C 3rd Commerial Lane
      Zamzama Commercial Center, Karachi
      Tel 021-34298600 / 0300-8731959

  • Dear General Manager,
    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

    My telephone no. 021-34533191 is non functional since 8 days.Complaint was registered at 1218 but could’nt work so far
    . I request you to please take necessary action in this regard.
    Your early action will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regard

    Dr. Zafar Iqbal

    نہ افغانیم و نی ترک و تتاریم
    چمن زادیم و از یک شاخساریم
    تمیز رنگ و بو بر ما حرام است
    کہ ما پروردۂ یک نو بھاریم

    ظفر اقبال

  • my telefone nbr 0238571093 is not working since three weeks i also complaint on 1217 but it coudn’t work so far plz take necessary action to this regard

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum

    mere pass PTCL connection laga hoa hai,

    kia ye baat sach hai(TRUE BROADBAND INTERNET 0 KM) ya zero key sath 2 lagana bhool gaye,

    best regards

  • Dear Sir / Madam

    Plz help me, I paid PTCL land line bill regularly up till now,… but my PTCL no. 051531646 is still not working properly just working two or three days in a month but I have to paid for nothing for the whole month.

    Kindly take an appropriate action to remove the said problem as you claimed monthly bill very efficiently properly.

  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    Thanx for sending the monthly bill for my PTCL land line no. 0514531646 very efficiently, I paid it regularly.

    But it is sorry to say that my said no. is not working properly just working 2 or 3 days in a month,

    Kindly inform the concerned that why they claim the charges for the whole month if they are not illegible to provide the said service why they claim 4 it or provide the facility as required.


  • TO:
    PTCL Karachi

    Subject: Complaint regarding repeated break down of Telephone no. 0213-6961992 , installed at House no#L561 Sector 5L North Karachi

    The above mentioned phone line has been out of order for the last couple of weeks.I have launched complain at 1218 many times.I humbly request that you look into the matter and find a permanent resolution to the problem.
    I can be contacted at the following number:0343-2461233
    Thanking you

  • To: The General Manager
    PTCL, Islamabad.

    From: Fahad Usman
    Shalimar PVC Pipe Factory,
    Jahania bypass road.

    Date: 23-1-2010

    Subject: PTCL LINES OUT OF ORDER(065-2551884)

    Dear Sir,
    I like to bring in your notice that last week below mentioned numbers are out of order even this problem is in the notice of Exchange and My complain Number (30)(55) but there is no progress. We are facing problem so please do the needful on priority.
    Number is as under:

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Best Regards

  • 21 JAN 2010 I HAVE INSTALLED BROADBAND SERVICE 1 Mb. internet connectivty very first day is very fast but the 2nd day of service my ptcl phone and net service is dead . unfourtantly . that time i get launch the complain but all of vain . no lineman coming and no phone response till today. once again i lodge the complain on 30-jan-2010.complain no 34 against the phone #5010143. ab mein yeh soch ne per majboor hoon k apne phone k liye main broadband ki service nikal doon. KHUDA KARE K MERE WATAN K EIS IDARE KO ALLAH AWAM KI SAHI TARAH SE KHIDMAT KERNE KI TAUFIQ DE.DEKHNA YEH HAI K AB SE KITNE DINO TAK MERE PHONE KI SERVICE BAHAAL HO TI HAI.

  • I AM CUSTOMER OF PTCL. MY PTCL # 5010143 . I LOGGED COPLAIN AT 1218 AND MY COMPLAIN DATED 22.01.2010. My phone No. 5010143 is out of order from Jan, 22 too many times I complaint against it but no body can take it serious due to the negligence of black sheeps of ptcl deparmment my phone number is still out of order up till now……….. i am using double play DSL and telephone
    My telephone is out of order and my DSL is not working properly .I am facing lots of problem since 21 jan 2010 lots of complaint in 1218 and telephone exchange but there is no response so please solve my problem as soon as possible I shall be very thank full to you

  • R/sir
    this is 2nd time m complaing my # 02135073344 not working last 3months, n bill is showing calls,now I’ve want to stop this no.bcuse no more services required,and no need PTCL at this end………

    malik hyder

  • hmara dsl sahi trha kam ni kr rha.kabhi chal jata hai kabhi ni.hm ne aik month se lagwaia hai lakin ab aur sabar ni hota.ya to servise band karan ya phir sahi pakg dan.hmara dsl no.d38e98b32635 hai.hum student pakg lgana chahte hain.please kindly grand me eccept my request.

  • sir pichle aik 1 months se amare poore nushki city mai dsl connecion slow hai liahza am req karthe hai ke amare complaint par amal kia jahe warna poore sher na fasla kya hai ke is month ke akhir thak dsl set nai uha tho sub apna connection unactive karenge pllllzzz sir

  • Toady 03-05-2010 I return back to my DSL Modem to Defence telephone exchange due to improper service.
    I lodge my first complain on 23-04-2010 or 24-04-2010 and than after every day I lodge my complain about the improper work of my DSL,But nobody give me satisfactory reason, Some times they blamed to Modem setting and sometimes due to telephone exchange technical fault,
    Helpline service is very bad for talk to operator/technical staff need an hour, Plaese check the data from my call history of my landline and cell phone 0333 3685566 for confirmation, Every time after a long wait some times 58 minutes and more than an hour I didn’t get any positive result, Today I visit to Defence telephone exchange at about 9 AM but no DSL staff was there, The DSL staff come on duty after 10 AM and after that they told me that they have not received any complain about my DSL from the concern department.
    Sir, What is this joke ? I expense couple of hours from my cell phone and PTCL landline to register my complains but no one if forward my complain to the DSL staff, Today I left my DSL modem after improper answer at telephone exchange,
    Now my modem is lying in the Defence telephone exchange and What may I do ? What is the solution ?
    Please exchange my modem with a proper working modem or disconnect my DSL service if the PTCL staff is not interested to give me DSL facility from our company
    I hope I will get the reply soon

  • with due revence,it is submitted that we the undersigned applicants were regular customers of ptcl as we were given 10 numbers ptcl landline phone connections in the year 1995-96 and the cable network system was laid down from tando adam to our thickly populated village .we enjoyed the facility of ptcl phone connections for more then 10 years but due to the sudden breach of rohri canal in the year 2007 a small damage caused to the cable network system sadly to say that due to criminal negligence,in efficiency and mishandling attitude of more corrupt and less-efficient the SDO MITHAL ARBANI who is now working as DE phones sanghar, all the connections of our an sound reason, we the regular customers of ptcl rpeatedly approached the DE MITHAL ARBANI and frequently visited his office and made requests by folding hands and moving written applications to make our phone numbers workable but earlier the put us on false hopes and there-after flatly refused by saying that give me Rs 5000 per connections as an amount of bribe other wise I will sale out those ptcl numbers to the person pf my choice ,but we plainly refused to him . Now all those numbers are functioning to some other persons in tando adam town .and all those numbers have been sold out in consideration of money by the said DE & SDO PTCL Tando adam. we the regular customers of ptcl rpeatedly approached the DE MITHAL ARBANI and frequently visited his office and made requests by folding hands and moving written applications to make our phone numbers workable but earlier the put us on false hopes and there-after flatly refused by saying that give me Rs 5000 per connections as an amount of bribe other wise I will sale out those ptcl numbers to the person pf my choice ,but we plainly refused to him . Now all those numbers are functioning to some other persons in tando adam town .and all those numbers have been sold out in consideration of money by the said DE & SDO PTCL Tando adam. It is therefore humbly requested to your honour that kindly take immediate notice of it, initiate departmental inquiry against the said corrupt and inefficient ptcl officals who are black sheep of the department and make our 10 numbers ptcl phone connections workable as we are much interested in continuing the same. Thanking you sir .

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to you mention a problems which have been facing for one month which my home number 064-2471441 my address is house no 1446 block no 18 fareed abad colonu Dera Ghazi Khan.I got a number but i can’t receive conection and thy also give me a DSL conection with modam without my permition this is to much if you can’t do somthing 4 me then remove my number from your ptcl list. Ptcl line man are available they did’not help properly and said we have not phon cable in oue stor.please take an action on this issue.
    Best Regards
    Shahzad Manzoor

  • Dear General Manager,
    Pakistan Telecommunication,

    Subject: UNSATISFACTORY OF TELEPHONE NO. 32851744, 32855744

    Dear Sir,

    We would like to draw your attention about above telephone and we lodge complain in your Divisional Engineer West Wharf Exchange and Complain centre for the last 02month.

    We have no response from your office.

    We request you to please look into the above matter on urgent basis.

    Thanking you,

    Syed Zubair

    • slama o alikum
      our ptcl num 02135077000 is not working from long time so plz check this num and do correct him that why our internet not work. and noise in a connection.

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