Cyber War Between India Pakistan Ends!

I am glad that my previous post about Cyber War between India and Pakistan got tremendous response, not only through fellow commenter’s, but it was escalated in main stream media, and was carried by Geo TV, Dawn TV, Express TV, Daily Jang, The News and others, but at the same time, some people took the whole story in wrong sense. I was just reporting on inside activities, however, few fellows thought that I was promoting the negative stories by publicizing them.

While I was aware of the impact that my story could make, at the same time, being a part of it was my core duty to update my readers regarding happenings in web security domain of Pakistan.

Since my previous, I had been researching on the hacking activities going on between Pakistan and India. Meanwhile, the occurrence of Mumbai incident further increased the chances of massive defacement from both sides; which could cost heavy losses to both the countries.

During all this disappointment, I got this invitation from PCA group for a group chat where all other top groups including Pakbugs Z-company, PCA and some other old school hackers were participating.
These Pakistani groups chatted for 2 hours before they allowed me to step in. As soon as I joined, ICW2 and HMG also joined this group chat, which meant that these groups are now negotiating and want to quit Cyber War.

Soon the discussion between all hacking groups, was concluded with following joint statement (which is presented below without any editing.

Joint statement of PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(pakbugscrew)

PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(pakbugscrew) comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors,HMG) PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa (pakbugs crew) comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors, HMG). After a meeting, all of the three groups agreed not to deface each other’s websites. It all happened when people from these groups realized that there is no use of such defacement and they should be instead involved in constructive work.

Apart from that , poor defaced organizations suffer from these activities.PCA, zombie_ksa and ICW is not responsible for the activities performed by other groups from both countries me r45c4l,on the behalf of ICW likes to make a statement that after

A series of defacing each other’s government websites, we as well as PCA and PakBugs feels that this is not going to solve any problem and the things will only gets worse. The guys from ICW, PCA and pakBugs are all very talented and instead of harming each other we can help each other to tighten the securities of our sites and servers. So after a discussion with all ICW, PCA and PakBugs members, we would like to announce that we all quite this here and we will not hack each other’s sites.

From now on if any one hacks any sites/servers or claims the hack to be done by either ICW or PCA or PakBugs, we will not be responsible for this. We all r sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused by all of us

with regards,

PCA Team, PakBugs and Team ICW “

I am hoping same spirit would be shown by our politicians to draw peace in the region.

  • Anon

    Very yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goood……………n excellent…We really need that like you decided to do…this is once again good step for Peace and Harmony in region…i really appreciate your efforts..n decision….PCA you have shown your responsibility and peace attitude towards the image of Pakistan…

    and geeks , pls secure Pakistani web servers to avoid any further defacements..or publish some good tutorials on the web to get secure websites in Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad!!! PCA Zindabad!!! —- WE THE PAKISTANI’S ARE PEACE LOVERS—-

    • asdf

      hehe! good one, last line was really funny!

  • faizan

    pakistan zinda baad

  • Bites85

    Thats awesome…at last we are at peace.

  • Adil

    Asli Jang Honey Ko Hai ……….!

  • Teeth Maestro

    Well done guys – shows that we all can peacefully coexist – the leaders of Pakistan and India also need to learn this lesson. No use of any bloodshed

  • Well said doc.Indian politicians should look at the big picture.

  • Rehan Jafry

    Great work done. Nice thing between the two countries and this is the need indeed. Peace should be above all politics, war, and fun.

    Peace for all.

  • Abu Murtaza

    yeah i accept this

    we screwed up enough indian websites –and in the spirit of peace, the war is good to be over. indians already have enough on their plate after mombai

    a shame that they are pointing fingers at us (as they always do when they cry to the media)

    until next time!!! but indian hackers should always remember that any mistake will be met with retaliation. But with that said –Salaam to all!

  • Kamran

    Nice Answer By the PCA.
    Now they learn how can Paksitani react.But there politicians have not understand and due to whihc they are having troubles there.
    Do a mutual agreement for political issues [but serious not time gaining] otherwise keep losing.Paksitan currently have nothing to losse only India can losse from current situatuion

  • Z

    OOh..really..they stopped??
    then wot was this??

  • Hell

    Its all old hacked by indians ! Not now !

  • we have ability to crack indian sites. check out the sample

  • Zeshan

    Real Muslims are always peace Lovers no matter where they live in the whole world…………….
    and thats what we are………….

    End up this war and Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee


    Dude i know Pakis Are The Best .. you Can See That PCA Name Was Born Just 5 Minuts Before They Defaced INDIAN WEB SITES.. Wow Quick Action ……

    INDIAN HACKES Lolzz Just hacked Personal Webpages …… Not Gov Sites As PCA DID 5 Government Sites Hacked …

    Balle Balle PAKI BULLZ


    • santosh

      Hello friend we people don’t wan cheat or kill our sleeping and ill enemy like pakistan people,u people alwayas busy to pull others leg but u can’t see u r face in mirror…….


    Cease Fire Broken My Unknown Indian Hacker ,They Deleted Almost
    All Topics Regarding Indian :x

    Z company Hacker Will Strike Inshallah


    Aray topgun bhai :D
    Emad here from Z CO :P

  • Kick Ass

    Cease Fire has been broken by indians! they are back biting snakes. NEVER TRUST INDIANS. has been hacked!!!!

  • Hacker Hacked by icw this forum owner by rascal ..hmg fighting proxy war using peace deal ..pcw should not trust them ..

    • r45c4l

      @Hacker, wtf man

      how can u say this without any proof, ICW has nothing to do with this hack so stop spreading wrong news and try to disturb the situation u moron

    • asdf

      haha, self proclaimed hacker, you know what hacking is kid?

  • Reno911

    Any news on PDF coming back online? Ws goin on?

  • Ihthisham

    Check This link:;u=2243;sa=showPosts

    I think he is responsible or he knows something.

    Hack and

    Its time for a reply.

  • True Pakistani

    I think Pakistan army should, specially kiyani wear bangles in their hands and dance on street lights. I think we should retaliate and show India what we are. until we don’t stand as a nation we will never prove to the world who we are. people please stop believing this coexistence as it is a knife waiting to stab us in the back.

  • must7

    Our neighbours cannot stop backstabing and than when we strike they will call it terrorism !

    It is a sad & pathetic situation, which will lead to more warefare be it in cyber or in reality ! Sad day indeed.

  • anonymous

    2005 i hacked 125 pakistani all sites..
    but did not defaced..
    insted i was abled to change contentes..
    But i put the data back,
    I know how still 100 of bugs and exploits exsist.
    not to mention still paki site’s r weak.

  • anirudh

    This Indo Pakistani cyberwar is bad, resulting in defacement of both the countries’ websites. lotsa economic losses to occur. i blogged about the same recently

  • kaki_pakiz

    Cyber War Is Going To Start Again As ICW or HMG Again Attacked Our Sites ………

  • ahsan

    Pakistan Supreme court website hacked and claimed by PakBugs …..what would you say now ?