What Scareware Softwares are?

ca_anti-virus_2007Before getting started with discussion, lets pull gears with defining what actually “Scareware” is

“A Scareware is designed to literally scare the computer/internet user through the use of unanticipated shocking images, sounds or video”

The first ever scareware program is generally credited to be “NightMare”, a program distributed on the Fish Disks for the Amiga computer in 1991. When executed, NightMare used to stay idle (doing nothing) for a long (and random) period of time, finally changing the entire screen of the computer to an image of a skull while playing a horrifying voices on the computer speakers.

As scarewares have evolved, they are incorporating new features and designs to increase shock intensity. Recently trends are evolving where scarewares are designed for focused games, in which user gets too much involved in the game and then all of a sudden a horrifying image with sound shock appears. Such a sudden shock can be dangerous enough to halt the users’ heart.

Other than such fun doing stuff, lately, computer programmers are developing programmes to harass internet/computer users about spywares and antivirus threats through pop-ups and fake notifications.
I am sure, you must have come across lots of pop-ups (during internet surf) claiming that your pc is infected with virus, and you can scan it with XYZ antivirus. When user clicks on the window allowing an automatic scan it says that your computer is heavily infected with virus and worms and offering free download of a anti-virus.

Please note that these software that you download are not anti-viruses but malwares/spywares and actually viruses that can harm your computer very easily.

These type of attacks are getting popular and innocent people who don’t know about this get infected and even some professional also get infected by this.

User are advised to use official and authentic Anti-virus software. I understand that are piracy crazy people, but believe me buying a single license wont effect your pockets. Truth is that most of anti-virus licenses cost 30to 60 $ a year and if you ask me it’s quite fair price because they protecting your computers and businesses from harms, throughout the year.

Top five Anti-Virus which I rate best are

  1. Kaspersky
  2. ESET Nod32
  3. Fsecure
  4. Norton 360  End Point
  5. AVG Anti Virus

I personally use Kaspersky and ESET Nod32. Nod32 is very light and doesn’t put load on my system and kaspersky is a little bit tricky so if you are Net Guru you must get Kaspersky.
For game lover I would advise ESET Nod32 is the best choice, while on other hands if you are a corporation then Fsecure is the best match for you.

Norton 360 is also effective but many would agree with me that its bit heavy and eat lots of computer resources so if you have a powerful system then Norton360 is good one.

AVG can be another option for beginners that offer effectiveness, huge virus definitions and detection I suppose AVG has a value to be considered too.


Never relay on any Anti Virus because its just a computer program and it can be fooled by viruses, but no one can fool human judgment – so use computers intelligently. Using two Anti-virus sometimes are handy but eats pocket and system resources so chose the best for your work.

A very little list for scareware – never ever go and download this type of things. Think twice before clicking “Yes” button pop-ups screens.

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  • Adeel.Raj

    Thanks for Informative article. I’m using Kaspersky Registered Version and never had Virus Problem after installed.

  • sonia

    and what about AVAST ANTIVIRUS?

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