Islam and Graphic Designing tries to highlight those issues which are somewhat sensitive and they are rarely discussed anywhere else. Through this article, I want to raise a question, that how Islam conflicts current Information Technology Scenario.

As we all know, Islam prohibits drawing or making human sketchs in any form – drawing, painting or photo. But our as a Computer Graphics professional, we use the human based graphics on thousands of categories on daily basis. For creating a human sketch or painting we normally use our 2D, 3D or other graphical software.

Now a question comes to my mind that, if is this Islamic, and if Islam allows us to create human models in 3D or 2D or in the vector format? When I asked this question from a recognized Mufti in Defence Karachi, he strongly said that it is prohibited to create any human model in computer graphics as it is on paper. Mufti further elaborated that, creating details of face, such as eyes, nose and lips along with expressions not allowed at all.

But we also know that we make tons of very charming and attractive verses just with the help of designing software.

Now if we are creating lots of human just to make our strong portfolios or to provide the facilities to Advertising Agencies / TV channels than it’s not allowed in Islam to work on these lines.

With such an aspect, I doubt if we are going on the right path… however, I understand that there is a positive aspect of IT for Islam too.. At the same time, I also want to share that how internet or Information Systems are aiding us to spread Islam across the borders – these Islamic websites, such as, are actually facilitating the mankind to get the guidance easily.

As we all know that IT is the media where you can spread your information and can convey your message to the millions of people in most comprehensive span of time. I personally, consider the Electronic Media and Internet Media almost the same; in fact Internet Media is more appropriate to reach the masses instead of Electronic Media (that’s another debate by the way).

By utilizing the Internet medium, there are many people who are educating the masses with initial lessons to advanced Islamic studies. There are millions of people that interact with each other to resolve their problems and to learn the religious knowledge.

I am leaving this topic without any conclusion, and leaving this upon you guys to decide, about Graphic Designing Software and its imprementation in Islam.

  • Assalam O Alikum,

    Thanks Mansoor for highlighting such an issue, Actually the reason is that we are so much inspired by first world countries in all walks of life and do not even try to mold things in the islamic pattern, I recently saw some billboards of “Shan Masala” they are not using any faces same with “Daily Islam” they also do not use any sort of faces in ads or news. So that means if there is a will there is a way.

  • Nice post Masroor, but every person have his own concepts about this issue, even two Mufti’z may have different verdicts. So we cannot decide here whether its wrong or not.

  • Islam DOESN’T prohibit Photography/videos . There are some references in the prophetic hadiths that prove sketching or drawing a human/living thing is prohibited because those are qualities of a “Musawwir” and no doubt that quality is only attributed to Allah.

    and about 2D/3D vector illustrations/animations, the Fatwa(decree) is there that it is allowed if being done for a good cause e.g. Propagation of Religion, training or teaching kids etc.

  • This is interesting, no body is sure about this. Thousands of Muslims are getting there earnings from Graphics and most of it is used for not bad purposes. Also a lot of ( almost every ) businesses are using graphics ( human photography and models ) for many purposes.

    So this issue raises many questions like:

    * – Are designer earning HARAM?
    * – Are businesses making HARAM profits from this?
    * – Is it prohibited even for a good and noble cause?
    * – Is ISLAM so strict that it can’t allow this in current global and media oriented society?
    * – Can You imagine a person living in today’s society without watching a single photo or having his own single photo ( at least your National ID card must have one ) ?
    * – Islam is not for a single nation or age it is a universal religion then for sure there must be ways to make it legal?
    * – This is the responsibility of our so called Muftis and scholars to guide people in right path according to current social and global getting benefits from Quran and Hadees plus SHAREEHA ?

    These are some common questions which need to answered for many of us like me who are confused about what Islam is about.

  • Islam does not prohibit drawing and sketching…I just prohibits drawing and sketching of animals or humans

    so u can draw plants, sceneries ,writings, verses but not humans or animals
    its for many reasons, mainly the problem of worshiping them

  • Farhan. There is no question to make human sketch in any manner either positive or negative cause. If it is, I would love to have references by you.

  • Very interesting topic, I must say.

    Being a graphic/web designer myself, I try not to CREATE any human/animal/living being sketches myself. BUT what if a client wants a certain picture of a person, or his/her own picture on the blog header.. ?

    Also, I somehow deal with non-muslims mainly (US,Canada etc) so its not use to explain them the logic etc..

    I would love to hear any answers/comments on my case, as I’m doing this for a living and have a family to take care of.


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