Official: PTCL Wireless Broadband EVDO Launched

Much awaited PTCL’s EVDO service has been launched in Pakistan. Service has been launched officially in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, while in its second phase, operations will kick going from 15th Feb, 2009 in Karachi.

PTCL’s EVDO service is provisioned through its WLL Network based on CDMA 2000 1x Rev-A technology. This is wireless broadband service which offers peak data rate of 3.1 Mbps downlink and 1.8 Mbps uplink. Average data rate is 500 to 700Kbps downlink and 300 to 500Kbps uplink. However, actual data rates depend on different factors. The subscriber will be able to access high speed internet while on the move.

Tariff/Package Details:


CPE charges: ZERO
Monthly service charges: Rs.2500 (per month) for 1 year for unlimited access
After 1st year Monthly Service charges: Rs.2000
No initial charges required and the charges will be billed with PTCL landline bill.


Initial charges (CPE charges): Rs.4000
Monthly service charges: Rs.2000 for unlimited access
Monthly service charges will be billed with PTCL landline bill.


CPE charges: Rs.4000
1st Month service charges: Rs.2000 for unlimited access
Total initial charges: Rs.6000
Monthly service charges will be billed in advance for each month.

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  • very informative

    but please explain this “peak data rate of 3.1 Mbps downlink and 1.8 Mbps uplink. Average data rate is 500 to 700Kbps downlink and 300 to 500Kbps uplink”

  • Great News. But still no information on ptcl website. or have I missed it?

    And Aamir, what you think will it be better service than wateen wimax? And any chances that monthly charges drop to around 1000 with some bandwidth limitation?

    • @Riz, About EVDO’s presence on PTCL’s website, it is understandable. Reason is that they want to publicly test the service before they actually make it on their website. Another reason can be sluggishness of webmaster :P

      About its comparison with Wateen, i doubt that EVDO will be able to produce healthy results as it is WiMAX in terms of speed, however the added advantage of EVDO’s usability while on the go gives competitive edge to EVDO.

      • @Aamir Attaa, I am wateen wimax 512kbps package user. During browsing, I maximum get 50kbps download speed. Do you think, EVDO will not be able to meet this speed for any individual user?

        • @Riz, I will give you upto 160 Kbps, but when the pipe will be free. Don’t expect more than 50 Kbps in peak hours…!

          Situation can worsen when the base will increase and more people will be logged in at the same time.

          Despite everything, EVDO should offer 40 – 47 Kpbs speed at lowest.

  • and any idea if it will work with 3G WiFi Router which can let you create your own WiFi hotspot via 3G network (EVDO / HSDPA)…?

  • oh i forgot to mention 3G wifi router uses sim to be inserted in it.
    if the ptcl evdo uses a sim.
    then we can take out the sim put it in the router and use the net on iphone,laptop etc..

  • Hi Usama,
    when World Call will be in Islamabad,curretly i am LINdotNET user and getting good services but for wireless i am waiting for world call as i heared it’s amazing services and also cost effective.

    PTCL EVDO is too expensive for me,kindly refer any other wireless services that will be more affordable for me.

  • There price is too high. It would have been better if they had offered different packages with lower prices.

  • Guy’s i have seen PTCL EVDO Teriff ,normally higher than World Call EVDO.i think i should countinue LINKdotNET Services because i am student and getting Discounted student Package with 30% Discount on 512k.this offer is only for selected universities and It’s good luck for me as i am from FAST -NU from Lahore.
    but i hope list of universities defenatley will increase day by day to provide maximum avalibility of this Offer .

  • Its only for laptop users ( having PCMCIA slot)
    for USB type according to PTCL we have to wait for 2-3 months, and PTCL’s one month = No one knows :D

  • Its good but the monthly charges should be equal to the PTCL Broadband Landline service. Or some other options also.

  • Hi,

    Q1. I want to know 30% student discount also apply on PTCL EVDO…for example Rs.2000 – (30% Rs.600 ) = Rs. 1400..?

    Q2. Rs.2000 is including all taxes like 15% GST or i have to pay GST extra like Rs. 2000 + (15% Rs.300) = Rs.2300..?

    Q3. USB device have any warrenty, if device is broken or stolen or any circuit damage ? can i get new device at free of cost/ or low cost or i have to pay full amount of device get new device again from ptcl.

    Q4. Can i get atleat 60kb per second downloading in peak hours with PTCL EVDO?

    Q5. Is there any low amount packages for home users like Rs.1000 per month in PTCL EVDO Tarrif is lauching in near future?

    Please read my all questions carefully and ask these questions to PTCL help line and reply the answers here.

    you can get help and franchise numbers from here.
    ( )


  • one more question….i have wireless router ….wt if like to share internet in wireless lan ???? is it possible ?

  • This PTCL EVDO seems expensive.
    Any idea when shall we have Worldcall EVDO in Lahore? It was due in December last year :(

  • i want to purchase a wireless handset cdma for ptcl sim to use internet with high speed or any other way to use high speed internet with wireless in Lhr and Pesh. Please help me.

  • as salam u alequm
    bhai app k liye new hay k ptcl ney EvDO usb lunch kar di hay or is ki price hay 6000 only or mere ek bhai nay pocha hay k gst + package to esa nahi app ko sirf 2000 he dena hay bas or is ki complain wese to nahi hay because A+ QUALITY lekin app is ko change b kar sakty hoo ager app ko koi issue ata hay wese app ko ek or achi new deta chalo k ptcl app k liye kuch new Evdo PACKAGS tiyaar kar rahay hay yani k 512, 1mb,2mb , is tara app ko low price main acha speed or connection mil sake ga. take care
    allah hafiz

    • Thanks for detail info abt ptcl evdo usb…. I am using it since last saturday evening and its working great but on Wednesday morning around 0630 hrs its service gone down both @ lahore n karachi and it got back around 0930 hrs so there was 3 hrs of down time … hope they would not repeat such things again …

      When I called their help line @ 1218 around 0700 hrs , CSR said “I am a night shift guy and dont have any info about it so please wait till 8 am so that morning shift guys can come then you can call n complaint them ”

      so this is their support ? what their night shift doing ? just wastage of money … Poor PTCL Management …i mean mis management

      Muhammad Haris

  • PTCL sasta hay bhai bahut pata nahee kiun log is ko costly bata rahay hain? kahan say costly hay yar yeh, worldcall say to 80% Sasta hay yeh or kia chayeh. Research karo gay to pata challay ga keh kitna sasta or acha hay. PTCL evdo sirf 2000 Rs per month main aap ko 3.1 MB ka link mill raha hay jabkay worldcall 2500 RS ka sirf 1 MB ka. Is lihaaz say PTCL bahut zabardast offer dey raha hay. or main use bhee ker raha hon. Speed itni hay keh sanbhalti nahee hay.
    amazing speed @ amazing price.
    choro worldcall ko or jaldi say PTCL ley lo or mazay karo zabardast speed key.


    • Yes u right Ahtasham,Lekin PTCL ko chaheye k wo urgent basis per apni tamam services pakistan k berey chotey shehroon mey pohunchaye.
      Aur wahi speed dey jo woo kehtey hain.
      Mera PTCL walon se ik gila hai k abbi tak PTCL ne Peshawar mey apni USB aur PCMCIA service q shoru nahi kee.
      PTCL plzz yeh service jaldi shoru kerey.

  • hay guyz plz don’t’ bring EVDO usb device its make u worse and wastage of your money and time ,i already hav a PTCL evdo device and m totally screwed..and i decide to return this device immediately boz of speed. online vdo always buffering and download speed is jst about 36 or 25 KB .. they are fucking make u fool .. its not 3.1mb ..

  • There are diverse comments on ptcl evdo, it is a bit confusing as to which version one should believe. We think the best test would be to test the usb your self at the ptcl outlet on your laptop. but again there could be some doubts on the aspect of signal as there is a possibility that the ptcl franchize may be near to the booster or the tower. However, we presume ptcl evo is supposed to be better due to better specs as compared to world call evdo which is the slowest wireless internet we have experienced. WE think ptcl evdo is quite at early stage of its working and reviews would be based on more input by the users. However we should appreciate to have more pertinent comments from ptcl evdo users as to how good or mediocre the service is.? Kind reg. Erum, Faisal, T. Ali and natasha – DHA PH 5 Karachi

  • AoA..I am selling my PTCL Edvo Wireless USB device…original price Rs 6000 but you can purchase it at Rs. 5500 from me. if anyone interested can contact me at :
    [email protected]


  • I WAN.T High speed internet PICE . I AM IN U.S.A



  • This looks very nice service. Information should be in detail on PTCL website.I am a user of P.T.C.L broadband since long.
    FROM:- Deedar Ali Zardari
    Qasimabad Hyderabad.

  • Hello Friends,

    My name is Pasha and I am studying in UK. I want to know something about wireless internet in Karachi. I want to use Skype Wireless phone for my family, so they can call me anytime. Please advice me which is the cheapest solution for wireless internet and where I can find skype phone.

  • i am sale internet wireless broadband wifi device 100% signal guaranty 512 speed only Rs 750 monthly bill 1mb 1000rs no extra charges no hidden charges please contact:03452153186 only for karachi

  • Hello
    All User I m Taimoor PTCL DSL User. PTCL ka DsL Service Doble Ki thi jo Dubarah Dostoh Single Kar dey hay Is per Sab Per Zur Ijtejaj Kartey hay Aur Aple karty hay kay jo service student kay ley they us pahle kay thrah rahney deyah jay 1mb Kay student User ko 2mb Dejah rahey thy student ko in shulat say mutaser keyah jahraha hay pls is per sab mil kar ijtejaj karen pls.
    Aur LinkDotnet nay yeh offer deyhoy hay Unlimited Dsl 1MB Rs.735 / 2MB Rs.1295 /4MB Rs.2625 hay Ptcl Ko bhi Isey Tahrah karnah chaye. Pls

  • I am sick of this device even in Islamabd sector F-10 it receives only 2 signals and gives discontinuous signals I really want to get rid of it but I dont have land line as I live in a hostel. Service of world call was much better but it is not available at Islamabad. Can anyone guide me whst to do Pl. help

  • I think PTCL is better than world call and all other compnies in Pakistan.
    I hope PTCL will more improve their internet services.

    Don,t worry Guys and girls.

  • I have been using skype with evo and its the worst, every single time the call drops on its own, i use it in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

  • Dear Pakistanio,
    Aap log bahut hamdardi k musthiq hn, k ap ko PTCL jesy idary apni lambi-chauri advertisments sy be-waqoof bnaty hn. Dear buddies, yeh sb kehny ki baten hn. In bloody non-sense idaron mn total non-technical logon ka hold hy. Yeh log baten to megabytes ki krty hain mgr 1 end-user ko kya milta hy? All non-sense, all head-ache, all-frauds and nothing else. Mujy to nahi lagta k yeh log 1 mango-man (aam admi) ki zaroriat ko smajty hain.
    Agr yeh system kisi mohib-e-watan pakistani k hath mn hota to 1 mango-man to 300 sy 500 rs/month betreen internet service mil sakti thi mgr afsos k is mulk ka sara nizam hi ullu k pathon k haton mn hy.
    Is mulk ka….
    Allah hi Hafiz….

    • Yr Ap Ne Boht Acha Kha Hai Ye Jo Ptcl Wale LOgo Ko Phudo Bna Rahy Hai Kisi Ki Kya Bt Samj Skty Hai?Ab Main Ne Wateen Ka Net Lagwaya Hai Is K Packeges Bohot Hi Achay Hai..!!AP Mere Sy Contact Karain ([email protected])

  • Dear all
    Regarding to PTCL EVO they are using CDMA/1x technology both on EVO routers and EVO USB/PCMCIA cards. While Worldcall and Wateen is using WiMax, this is huge difference between them, CDMA is slow and depends on signals strenght while WiMax is a different protocol. 1 MB connection of WiMax gives more speed than 3.1 MB of EVO, try to understand technical facts. Current I am using EVO USB and Router 3.1 MB, Linkdotnet 1 MB, PTCL Broadband 1 MB of all of these connections the best and the speedy is Linkdotnet. PTCL also launched Nitro with 9.3 MB speed this is a new version of EVO. Current I am also working on it.

  • I have tried many times in Islamabad for getting usb but due to its shortage i couldnt get it…can u please mail me if u have new stock

  • i am imran from lodhan i boughat ptcl eov 2year bofore ptcl evo not start in lodhran why? ptcl ke oficer baeger hia

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