Thousands of Websites Hacked by Muslims hacker to Protest Gaza Attacks

Israeli strike against Gaza has irked civilized world, Professionals from every religion or region are protesting against US and Israel. Doctors, teachers, students, worker and hackers, yes, Muslim hackers around the globe have started protested in their own way.

As we all know that the media link with Gaza has been lost so all bloggers are doing the news coverage but Turkish hackers have gone one step ahead and they have started hacking US and Israeli websites.

The statistics tells that around 16634 web sites have been defaced from the day Israel attacked Gaza and there are around 2469 special defacement which involve .gov and army website or some really big sites.

The Turkish hackers, headed by Agd_Scorp hacked and defaced the US Army Mil website and NATO Parliament protesting for the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territory.

The defacements (viewable by clicking here and here) reports messages in Turkish in support of the Intifada as well as an English message stating:

“Stop attacks u israel and usa ! you cursed nations ! one day muslims will clean the world from you”

More information will be added soon


  • imran

    grtt these hackers deserve salutess

  • Abdul Qudoos

    great work done by haxers …. i guess wateen banned zone-h :| i m unable to check

  • Ah! “One day Muslims will clean the world from you”. A statement like that would have made Adolph Hitler proud. Let’s kill all the people who don’t believe as we do, so that the only ones who are left are the sweet, peace-loving Muslims who would never do anything wrong or sinful. The self-anointed perfectionism of many Muslims is beyond belief. More Muslims are dying at the hands of other Muslims than by any other hands. These maniacs, who will continue to feed off blood and death as long as others with different beliefs exist, dwell at the bottom of the human gene pool. Or is it cesspool. Israel absorbs thousands of missiles from Hamas for years and is excoriated for deciding that it has had enough. If Palestinians showed a single molecule of evidence that they could actually live in peace with Israel, Gaza would be the garden spot of the world. But, no. Hamas and people who support it are more interested in dead Israelis than in peace and prosperity. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what Israel agrees to in order to achieve peace. It would never be enough. During any truce, Hamas would simply be re-stocking its supply of missiles and digging new tunnels, in a constant state of preparation for another conflict which it fully intends to provoke. Only an idiot would seek peace with such people.

    • miracle

      @JohnRJ08, “More Muslims are dying at the hands of other Muslims than by any other hands”. lets leave them on what they are doing, lets talk about you for once? who started war on IRAQ? Who started war on Palestine?Who started war on Chechniya? Who started war on Bosnia? Who started war on Kashmir? Who started war on Afghanistan?
      NOW ask or survey yourself(not from your biased media) how many n which weapons these countries had and with which weapons they were attacked? Phosphorous n other chemical missiles n weapons are used in palestine, even if HAMAS did attacked israil, did they used such things? its totally INHUMAN. OPEN UR MIND N HEART N ACCEPT WHAT IS TRUTH N NOW WHAT BIASED MEDIA POTRAYS!

  • Asif MUSHTAQ

    I guess thats the only thing that we can do to protest against the atrocities. What a shame! nobody from the muslim world especially Arabs are making an effort to stop this.

  • Kashif

    Israel are free to do terrorism. We can say it’s a Jew Terrorism. May God save us. What hitler said was to save the world. Ofcourse he was true. You can see the mass destruction of Muslim. Even Jews are against Every Muslim state. Their roots are very much . Someone has to cut it down. Otherwise they will destroy the planet.

  • Miracle– OK. Let’s talk about “me”. Yes, we started the war in Iraq. It was a huge mistake, and the president who took it on himself to start that war has been repudiated by the American people. We will soon be out of Iraq. In the meantime, Iraq has a democratically elected government, which is a slight improvement over Saddam Hussein & Sons, wouldn’t you say. Again, the people who are doing the vast of majority of dying and killing in Iraq for the last two years have been Muslims. This is a fact that even most Iraqis will agree on.

    As far as the “war on Palestine” is concerned, I’m not sure what you mean. Since about 1,500 years before the birth of Mohammed, Palestine has been the homeland of the Jewish people. Kind David and King Solomon ruled that region from Jerusalem. The so-called “war on Palestine” has been perpetuated by bigoted Muslims who hate Jews and want Israel wiped off the face of the Earth. Remember Sadat? Who killed him? Any Muslim who moves toward any kind of peace with Israel is D-E-A-D, in order to preserve jihad. Tell me, if you can, why that isn’t true.

    Chechniya? I think what is happening there is very similar to what happened in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. The Russians don’t want an Islamic state on their doorstep, and many terrorists who don’t give a damn about Chechniya are going there just to kill Russians and seek their own sick martyrdom. You’ll recall, it was Muslim jihadists who took over that school in Breslin and killed hundreds of children in cold blood. This reaffirmed the terrorist tactic of intentionally targeting innocent people in order to create a state of perpetual warfare.

    Afghanistan, you’ll recall, was aided by the United States in the 1980’s, when we helped the fighters there drive the Soviet army out. True, we had our own agenda at the time, but we were NOT killing Muslims. Osama Bin Laden came into Afghanistan as the guest of Mullah Omar and, as a favor, has the leader of anti-Taliban forces assassinated, solidifying the Taliban’s brutal control over that country. After September 11th, it was fairly clear to everyone on the planet that the terrorist were the guests of the Taliban and that the country was full of terrorist training camps. Or do you think Al Qaeda was there on a picnic?

    I don’t really know what weapons Israel has used in the recent conflict and, like many Americans, I do NOT always accept the way Israel chooses to handle the Palestinian issue. The settlements make many Americans quite angry. That said, Israel has been absorbing thousands of rockets from Gaza for the last 8 years, and restrained itself from making any significant response. It finally had enough and went in. If you’re objective about that situation, you don’t blame a country for defending its citizens from random rocket attacks, which is a classic terrorist tactic. The reason the blockade was instituted by Israel in 2007 was because Hamas, a terrorist organization which refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist, took power in Gaza. Since Hamas came into being, it has been in a state of continuous preparation for war with Israel, digging tunnels to Egypt and stockpiling missiles from Iran.

    I don’t know for sure if Israel used phosphorous bombs on Gaza or not. I do know that Hamas controls ALL media in Gaza, including Ramattan, and that it would definitely serve their purposes if Israel used weapons such as that. The question you should be asking yourself is, why would Israel use such a weapon when it is totally unnecessary militarily and would only bring world-wide condemnation?

    You need to start being more objective about the combatants in this conflict and what their long-term agendas have always been. Israel’s goal has NEVER been to kill all Palestinians and obliterate them from the planet. There are many Palestinians and Muslims living in Israel today. The leaders of Hamas and Iran, on the other hand, have publicly stated that Israel is an “offense to God” and must be totally destroyed. Israel, has been fighting for its right to exist for sixty years now, and not once has it sent suicide bombers into crowded restaurants in Tehran or Gaza or the West Bank. And, you may recall, that Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza several years ago.

    If you’re going to claim that you are telling the world what the “TRUTH” is, at least show a little skepticism about the propaganda that has been coming out of Gaza for the last 3 weeks. It would help your credibility immensely. Many news organizations in the U.S., including CNN, are being accused of biased reported in favor of Gaza. Sounds to me like you don’t even know what the American media has been reporting.

    • Muslim

      How proudly you are saying that “not once has it [Israel] sent suicide bombers into crowded restaurants in Tehran or Gaza or the West Bank”. Seems like you have no value of Palestinian and Muslim life. The simple reason is that when they have the capability to drop 2,000 pound bombs onto packed schools, hospitals and food warehouses from American-supplied F-16’s, there is no reason to send suicide bombers. If u have access to some 20th century history resources, you should know that, in early 20th century, when the Zionists in British-controlled Palestine did not have the latest American warplanes and bombs, they were using similar terrorist tactics that they now claim to be innocent victims of.

      After killing thousands of Muslims, if they have lost a few tens of its “civilians” (who are, in actual fact, conscripted militia soldiers) to home-made rockets, does that make them equal victims? In defence of Israeli terrorism, Barack Obama famously said that if people were firing rockets at his home where his daughters were sleeping, he would do everything in his power to stop them. But can someone ask him what would he be doing if someone was dropping laser-guided bombs, cluster bombs, and incendiary bombs from F-16’s and Apaches on his family home? Would he be retaliating by firing hand-made rockets. Na, it’s more probable that he would be replying with nuclear weapons. For all the pomp and prestige of the self-proclaimed “leader of the free world”, that leader is totally impotent morally in the face of the Zionist lobby.

      And, furthermore, since human history did not begin in the early 20th century, it can be seen that whatever persecutions the Jews claim to have been through, it was not the Muslims’ fault. From the times of the Roman Empire to the Holocaust of the 2nd World War (if there indeed was any), the perpetrators of the alleged persecutions of Jews have very rarely been Muslims.

      It’s the fault of us Muslims that we did not put up a coordinated and sustained resistance in the 1930’s and 40’s against Zionist terrorism and let the regime take firm root in the Heart of Islam. Now that regime has gotten hold of American-proliferated nuclear weapons and doesn’t want Muslim countries to have them.

      Having said all that, the Muslims of today have very limited options to retaliate against the mechanized onslaught into the heart of the Muslim World by the West and the Zionists. And suicide bombings, short-range rockets, and website hacking are among the few feeble ways we can retaliate (for now). Israel stopped its bombardment after it had killed around 1,300 Palestinians against 13 Israelis killed by Palestinians (of which only 3 were “civilians” killed after “absorbing” rockets and 10 IDF soldiers killed in action).

  • miracle

    ok lets go upwards to your reply: “Israel, has been fighting for its right to exist for sixty years now, and not once has it sent suicide bombers into crowded restaurants in Tehran or Gaza or the West Bank”

    i am professional working in a prestigious organization, i am done masters n i achieved scholarship for MS leading to PHD for even abroad n from my country, now the reason am stating this is that “Do YOU think WILL YOU OR ME will do suicide bombing?” Definitely NO!! then why the hell u think people of iraq or any other place is doing suicide bombing? because this is the last thing they could do, they have reached to a state that they dont care about their lives n simply blow themselves up just to take revenge. Lets put it this way, lets suppose GOD FORBIDS, every person of your family dies due to some air strike from a country, you lose your home, there is no job, u lose ur family there is no reason for your living, you cant take the matter to any court, you see all your relatives n loved ones getting killed what would you do? if only you get a single change to take revenge from your enemy you will go for it ATLEAST ANY ONE WOULD DO THE SAME IF being honest thats how the wave of Suicide bombing evolved.
    now summarizing all the war going on in every country, nothing happens in one night, i agree to you as u have state it in your reply and the answer to your question also lies in this, nothing happened in one day time, all the missile strikes from hamas, why hamas came into being is all due to a long propaganda n war that has been put on phalestine. for your knowledge, try to dig out who are the people who are running this organization, they are highly qualified doctors, engineers who have left their career n every thing just because the world has nothing to offer except words when it comes to muslims and so they have come into the ground for some practical work.
    about the media, check out what the media is saying about terrorist attacks in India, the media is yelling like anything but they dont yell the same way when isreal massacre innocent people of phalestine.
    now coming to the point where war on iraq was a mistake, DO u think president bush should be forgiven coz he just admitted war on iraq was a mistake, n if you think the war on iraq was a mistake then the so called terrorist attacks should also be forgiven claiming they are just MISTAKES but these mistakes wont be forgiven. Dont u think america should pay the price for the MISTAKE (BY AMERICA I DONT MEAN WHOLE NATION, as personally we or anyother muslim truely have no problem with americans, we consider them great people but the leaders who impose war make world hate america and even americans hate what their leaders do)?
    no coming on 9/11, may be in your part of world ,where there are filters on internet, filtering out keywords even in emails and phones and emails being recorded no one dare let true information come IN or GO out of america, there are many channels that are simply ban and website that cannot be viewed in america, why is that so? where does the freedom of speech goes? my friend the truth is YOU people at that end never get complete information. Try dig out TRUTH
    coming to talibans, once america said talibans are great, they supported them to kick russians, then look details of taliban regime in afghanistan, the growth of opium was almost to none, there was so much peace after a long time.(you can see statistics or get more details of their good doings from anywhere if your internet allows). now americans are there, just see the statistics, see the suicide bombings it started there too after attack of america, i told u suicide bombings is just a reaction to what americans started.
    look at pakistan, in 60 history of pakistan, there have never been suicide bombings, when america started bombing missiles in northern areas, people living there are tribal people, they dont work in offices or are millionare, they are people who lives inside their circle and stay peaceful. the massive strike made them repel, thousands of families burnt alive and now if suicide bombings are there, BLESS AMERICA for raising hell in the world. which peace are you talking my friend. there are email and pictures of people being burnt alive, with even biological weapons in phalestine, n i can swear on GOD i saw one and closed that presentation as i didnt have that heart to see it.
    let me know if you want to see the other face of so called peace makers, i will email that to you and thank you for being humble and nice in your talks as many people just come upto nothing other than just filth!

    may ALLAH BLESS [email protected]

  • it is really good thing at this stage of time war is going with cyber and muslim hackers are proved their power i am happy about this

  • Muntazir

    Both of JohnRJ and Miracle and correct, as a matter of fact, the truth is that until or unless we accept that we all have to live together in this world the peace is not going to restore. So brothers forget that we are muslims jews christians hindus and some other believers, try to keep in mind that we all are human beings. Please think again, because this what differs us from animals.

    Thanks again.
    Do comment if you agree.

  • jameel

    such a great work who are done this work can teach me how to hack

    we are proud to them very very very very very very very very very good work

  • XORG

    I agree with both JohnRJ08 and Miracle but….

    Al Qaeda and others are all supported by USA ,it is one more reason for USA to get into another countries to steal petroleum ,while American people living in USA cant hear the truth , because all of the information coming in is poisoned by American point of view
    1.Russia attacks Georgia ,that was the thing they showed on BBC.(WHile Georgia attacked Osetia in reallity).
    2.War in Iraq was a mistake (as George Bush said),after USA got enought money from there it became a mistake.
    3.I can bring lots of those examples, to tell you that American people believe only in American sources of information and they close their eyes on anything else.

    And Miracle you are protecting Chechnya theme ,you know what….

    Terrorists from Chechnya attacked Beslan School In Osetia and killed half of the kids there,also the massacre In NordOst theater in Russia were many children were killed >> HOW DO YOU EXPECT RUSSIA TO IGNORE ALL THAT?????