Thousands of Websites Hacked by Muslims hacker to Protest Gaza Attacks

Israeli strike against Gaza has irked civilized world, Professionals from every religion or region are protesting against US and Israel. Doctors, teachers, students, worker and hackers, yes, Muslim hackers around the globe have started protested in their own way.

As we all know that the media link with Gaza has been lost so all bloggers are doing the news coverage but Turkish hackers have gone one step ahead and they have started hacking US and Israeli websites.

The statistics tells that around 16634 web sites have been defaced from the day Israel attacked Gaza and there are around 2469 special defacement which involve .gov and army website or some really big sites.

The Turkish hackers, headed by Agd_Scorp hacked and defaced the US Army Mil website and NATO Parliament protesting for the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territory.

The defacements (viewable by clicking here and here) reports messages in Turkish in support of the Intifada as well as an English message stating:

“Stop attacks u israel and usa ! you cursed nations ! one day muslims will clean the world from you”

More information will be added soon