Pakistan and Online Advertisment Media

Are Pakistani Advertisers ready For Online Advertising?

About Five Years ago, the scenario of advertising was entirely different when compared to current situation. Now a considerable volume of the advertisers and consumers bear online presence. There is no doubt that online availability of consumers; it is notably easy for advertisers to filter their target market.

We for sure are witnessing noticeable change in online presence from Pakistani advertisers, which actually picked gearing by early 2008 – and are gradually increasing with time.

The question arises, if advertisers are trying to get rid of Newspapers and Magazine? Or they want to reach more people in short time in parallel of Print media?
If we see in 2008 the increasing ratio of advertisements on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others from Pakistan, we realize that there are increasing amount Pakistani advertisers participating. They get comprehensive results, statistics and prompt responses by using online advertisements. Reaching the huge number of consumers in a short time is the most attractive activity to grab the sales and achieve the targets for marketing departments. And the most amazing thing, it is lot cheaper than the other medium.

When we distinguish multiple advertising mediums, especially in Pakistan, online media is the only resource where you can reach to your real target people. Like if you want to target younger generation like students, volunteers and internees than the ideal places to advertise is Orkut, Facebook, Hi5 etc. Blogs have played a pivotal role as well to fetch considerable volume of internet users. Getting statistics of their advertisement is also a much powerful tool of information that how many people has hit their message.

The second most vital part to use Online Advertisement is, you can tell your message to the audience in the most appropriate way, even with animations, links, forms, surveys etc. Furthermore, companies can display a comprehensive message on to their advertisers.

Though we are getting better, but at the same time, I want to mention the lack of industry’s involvement in online media. We can easily find hundreds of advertising agencies, but only couple of them manages and control online media. So we need to dig out this potential and want to capitalize from the opportunity that we have with us.

  • Online advertisement scope in Pakistan is quite low, I really wish that Pakistani companies shall consider this way of advertisement.

  • Many Pakistani companies are utilising the online advertising trend. Chief of these (in a recent round-up) have to be Djuice, Mobilink and LinkdotNet. I have seen several of their ads on Facebook and other mediums advertising their different services. What truly captured my attention was LDN advertising their ‘Social Networking site’ called ‘Hello’ and their gaming service whereas Everyday, a Nestle brand, advertising their new website about relationships! So I guess the major focus is on bringing people together through these ads. :D

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