68 Paisa Per 30 Seconds on All Netowrks: Jazz Budget

Mobilink strikes back with lowest outgoing rates for on and off-network calls, at 68 Paisas per 30 seconds for all calls. This call offer from Mobilink Jazz is for sure not going to please Telenor who is running 75 paisa offer these days.


68 Paisa per 30 second offer by Mobilink is available for Jazz Budget users only. (for package conversion dial 123)

Following tariff guide and Print ad will tell the remaining story.

Jazz Budget Tariffs(Exclusive of all taxes)
Details Rates
Calls to any Mobilink number Rs. 0.68 / 30 seconds
Calls to all Mobile networks & Landline numbers in Pakistan Rs. 0.68 / 30 seconds
SMS (Jazz to Mobilink) Rs. 1.0 / SMS
SMS (Jazz to other networks) Rs. 1.0 / SMS
Bolo SMS Outgoing (Mobilink) Rs. 2 + tax per 2 IVR minutes
Bolo SMS Outgoing (Any other network) Rs. 3 + tax per 2 IVR minutes
Bolo SMS Receiving directly Free
Bolo SMS Receiving later Rs. 1 + tax per 2 IVR minutes (this is available for Mobilink subscribers only)
MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) 6
MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free
GPRS Rate per MB (Rs.) 18

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  • Also a big strick for Zong,Warid And Telenor

    Whats happen to mobilink team As low as 68paisy only

  • For last 3/4 months, mobilink subscriber base is keep decreasing, from 32 million to 28 million now. On the other hand, other mobile operators subscriber base is keep increasing. Ufone and Telenore now above 19 million each and Warid 17 million. Since mobilink is facing compitition, they are tring to recover the market with agressive pricing.

  • I cannot understand that why Mobilink is putting so much emphasis on call rates but absolutely no SMS package that allows discounted SMS to other networks because that would help them in having good big amount of customers.

    Also did anyone noticed that Ufone didn’t responded to Telenor’s reduced call rates of 0.75 on their 30 seconds plan package!
    And, seems like Ufone is still in no mood of replying to Mobilink.

    What I can see is that, Mobilink is trying to let others reduce their call rates to an extent that they start facing loss to such an extent that they get out of competition!

  • Ufone already has a package of 1.21 rs to any ufone number & 1.94 rs to any other mobile operator taxes included….no competition with ufone…UFONE IS GREAT

    • @Taha Ali,
      Taha, Ufone’s 30 second package is still offering 1.20/30 second rated to all networks, which makes Ufone’s Public Demand 30 second package at highest rates than all 30 second packages in Pakistan.

  • but the bad thing abt mobilink is that it has removed its happy hour. but to some extent they did right bcos their happy hour was of no worth and a failed feature in todays competition of happy hours. but mobilink shud launch happy hour too to be in the market of communication other wise mobilink users will purchase zong or warid sims to enjoy this feature. and mobilink users r purchasing zong and warid sims as per my observation. many of friends purchases zong sims just for happy hour and a few purchased warid sims. zong happy hour is cheaper than warid bcos warid deducts more money after 6pm so warid shud re-consider its happy hour rate after 6pm. at the end i wud say that both r better but mobilink is going out sooner.

  • I am not happy with the jazz looting packages. For number of years they are deceiving and looting the innocent people of Pakistan. In this offer there is no benefit for public, Mobilink do not reduce it profit. If they are charging 0.68 paisas include 15%(might be it is increased) Government GHUNDA Tax 0.102/ 30 seconds Now the call will be for 30 seconds (0.68+0.102=0.782). Now Per Minute Call will be charged (0.782×2 = 1.564). This drama should be closed now we are desperately frustrated. Look when we load the card or Easy Load the GST will charge 15% after that we dial a number then again GHUNDA Tax will be charged @ 15% what sort of justice that is.
    Why they are giving the huge amount for advertisement and models (cultural prostitutes). They should distribute this amount for the public interest. But Alas! We people don’t know our rights and no one exist is to protect us from these sort of wild animals.

  • Well i do agree that Jazz does offer alot of hidden charges..this was one reason that i switched to djuice……i have been using djuice for quiet a while now and i feel they have many offers every now and then and it gets easier to choose…i was happy with the Jazz Happy hour but it had major draw backs n again like Ufone it had a specific time to avail it….the recent djuice ik paisa offer is for 24 hrs and one can call one special friend for 1 paisa per second this is reallyy kool..however what i feel that djuice only caters to a specific young hip audience..i have been using djuice since long and not that iam not in my teens does this mean that i have to switch to some other package..what i feel that there should be certain offers which should cater to everyones need generallyy……

  • i still think the New tvc is brilliantlyy done…i really like it it connects to the audience and has an emotional feel attached to it…even the model ir eally find her very cute…all in all i would say that the tvs is well shot..also the Aur sunaooo beat is awesome in the new tvc….regarding the offer i would still say that unlike ufone it doesnt have time constraints…its 68 paisaa every minute every hour…..n yes the tax and all i guess all the networks have many hidden charges especially Zong is on top of the list…whatever it is Jazz has displayed it outrightly about the rates……and this time at the start of the year i feel with such inflation the call rates are really affordable….

  • Government GHUNDA SALES TAX is 16% + Government GHUNDA EXECISE DUTY is 10% + Mobile Operator GHUNDA RECHARGE DEDECTION is 5%. So we are paying 31% extra on each cal. So we are paying 0.68+0.21 (Ghunda Charges) = 0.89 / 30 sec.
    Is there anyone who can stop this GHUNDA-GARDEE?

  • Regardin taxes i really dont think u and i can do anything about….its like the taxes are on every thing its just that we really dont want to appreciate if anyone tries making an effort…not being biased or anything but i still feel 0.89 is alot even with the taxes…..and what can one do regarding taxes we have to pay taxes in anything we do…all what iam trying to say is as compared to other telcos offers…Mobilink Jazz has always been more transparent about charges and their offers…what do u say????

  • The Model is Syraa she is also a Vj……She really camouflages herself with the Ad…..suit kuraha hai theme bhee concept bhee and even the model…./.

  • Please could u tell me the full name of the model because I cant find her and she’s soo pweety.

    Is it Saira, Sairah or Syra etc ??

    Thanks =)

  • Sab Fazool hai yar…
    They are just kidding us…
    lots of hidden charges with no favourite numbers

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  • hi…you tell the name of the girl in the commercial of jazz…
    but i think you should have to add some result of the girl on the net so the people who gonna find her,,,have her images…
    and if she is a model she should have to promote herself on the internet to become more famous and famous

  • i am thinking to switch to othernetwork coz jazz rates and packages are no more attractive nowadays.

  • With the passage of time jazz customer decrease why?
    Causes are:
    1) First and major reason is its cost.
    Due to its high cost which is not afford by the middle families as well, students whos has great wants of calling are much but jazz supply is low according to their need and prices
    in that case the majority of student choose in other network which become a big threats for mobilink.
    many other causes i have but due to shortage of time i will explain later

  • Many jaaz jazba activate kia hua hy ab jaaz Budget nai active horha 123 sy b nai horah
    plzz tell me ???how to i can active jaaz busget?

  • Mobilink jesi ghatia company pure pakistan main nahi hai ….

    Yea kon sa qanun hai k 111 per call kar k sim apnay name per karwa lena …

    Sub se mehange packeges hain is k …

    Call charges main hidden charges hai …

    Koi bhi offer 15 din say zayada nahi hoti hai ..

    Agar aap mushkilaat say bachna chahtay hain to apnai sim other network per change karen…

    Aap logon ko na dakhen k unb k pass mobilinbk hai aap khud apna network change karen Ta k aap mushkilaat say bach jaen.

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