Protecting Consumer Rights in Pakistan!

The best thing we often find as an good example is the system of the western world, where the consumer rights are equally protected. You may spend decade in these countries and hardly face any fraud, misleading statement/advertising or higher prices. The result is that the consumer is satisfied more then any thing. Their system is based on justice and equality.

In countries like Pakistan, we have two way problem, first implementation and then the informed decision of the public. Most of our common user are not aware of thier rights as the consumer, if they find any problem, they don’t know where to go and get their issues resolved. This article will give you a clear direction to move in the future in case of any complaint against any misdeed of the seller on quality, services, prices or misleading advertising.

In the modern era we are ready to buy very costly gadgets to move ahead in the challenges of the time. In spite of the multinational brands, we worry for the fact that these gadgets may turn out as faulty any time and our hard earn money may waste. So, this is the hard fact that, while being ignorant of our rights as consumer, we don’t know how to act and protect our rights. Then another thing which is very important is the documentation of our purchase (recipient) which we often do not care and through away at any place. We often think that the gadget we have purchased is of good quality and we will not face any problem in the future. Most of the time we are told by the seller that this item has one year or two year warranty. But when we face any problem in that Mobile, computer or any type of equipment, we suddenly remember the warranty card…..but often there are good chances that you have lost that card any way.

In another case we might have every thing like mobile warranty card, the purchasing receipt and other documents and we claim the warranty. The shop keeper simply looks at the mobile and after checking for some time he may explain that we are not able to replace it as this type of fault is out of our warranty scope ( like the moisture in the mobile). This situation gives you a very bad feeling and you think that you might have lost every thing. That might be the hardest time when we curse ourselves and blame the whole damage for such action.

Hold a minute, you still have lost nothing. You have the chance to submit an application in Punjab Consumer Protection Council (PCPC).

Simply go the CPCP in your area; these councils were established under consumer protection act 2005. Since then they have resolved hundred of cases up till know. Other then normal cases, a doctor have to pay for his negligence to a person a heavy punishment of 0.5 million.

How to lodge a complaint?

First of all, always keep the original receipt and warrantee card with you.

First try to solve the problem and give a 15 day notice to the seller to solve the problem other wise you will lodge a complaint against the seller. After 15 days period, write an application on a plane paper with your name, contact No., address and the complaint. Attached the Notice, Warrantee card and purchasing receipt with the application and send it to your nearest district consumer council.

The council comprising of the representatives and district administration will asses the complaint and send a notice to the seller through the DPO. You will not have to pay any thing for this processing. If the seller satisfied the council that he was right to reject the warranty (or any other issue) then the complaint will be disposed off in his favor. However, if he can’t satisfy the council, the council asks you what you want? a new mobile or money. On your choice, the council will ask the seller to do accordingly. However, if the seller disagrees with the decision, then the case will be transferred to the court.

The council representative will support the consumer in the court and police will bring the culprit to the court where he will have to pay all the dues and lawyer fee himself. On the other hand consumer will not have to pay any thing but to wait the decision.

This process may be long but at least you have the right to lodge a complaint against the seller at any place.
We have seen that in case of Ufone, last week a person has lodged complain of cheating the consumer for the cheapest call of the world which was not true any way. On what PCPC took the notice and the case is underway now. Similarly if all consumers are able to know their rights they will never be cheated through the ads like “Yeh tu Dunia ki sub say susti call hay”.

Dear readers, the aim of this article was to give you a direction if you have any problem with this type of situation mobile or any other dealing, remember that you can register complain against any one at this forum when you are a consumer and you are not satisfied with the services or product you have purchased.

You can also lodge complaints in Consumer council for the following services and products.

  • Low quality of products
  • Over charging then normal rates
  • Misleading statement of the shop keeper
  • Warranty issue
  • Misleading advertising
  • Unsatisfied services of Lawyer, Doctor, mason or any contractor
  • Water, Phone, Gas services

So, this will give you a good chance to teach the lesson of wrong doing of any firm or individual in the future.

By the way, you can also ask the firm to pay for your mental and physical trouble. Now this is your responsibility to protect your right as a consumer. Even if a mobile company over charge or deducts any undue charges, just write an application.

Please contact the following address and Phone and Fax for more details about your nearest consumer council

Ph: # (+92)(42)5857927
FAX: # (+92)(42)5855062

  • It can be said that third world countries lag far behind in consumer rights from developed nations but to agree that western world can be taken as an example for impeccable consumer rights record wont do justice to the review of situations in both the worlds.

    Visits to forums and complaint sites will quickly reveal the scale of scams, frauds and misleading adverts in the western world. That being said thank you for writing on consumer rights situation in Pakistan, which can be considered one of the worst in the world.

    • @omerfarooq, I hope there is no Corruption in there and even our minor complains get resolved.

  • and what about Link.Net
    i have terminated their services and they are not taking off their equipment from exchange. and the other broadband provider is telling me that we cant procedd unless LDN unswitch you.
    its more than 45 days since i terminated and they took thir CPE

  • thanks for highlighting such a crucial issue.about this read my true story
    How pity it was coming back with a flat refusal from franchise owner that he could not do anything to compensate my damages, and how fascinating was the moment when I received a letter No.DCC/Rwp/506 with inscription; “You are informed that in accordance of court decision in above referred case the execution has been effected and Rs.8, 100/- been kept intact in this court. You are hereby directed to receive this amount from this court within three days”.

    How it is made possible in a country like Pakistan where justice considered being beyond the approach of common man. Let me share with you this interesting and inimitable story. I shopped a Chinese mobile set, with one-year warranty, model A828 of Rs.8100/- from a franchise situated in Singapore plaza Rawalpindi. On mobile saying “good bye” just after two months, I visited the franchise again & again and got nothing but a clear denial at fifth visit. Discouraged yet not disappointed I, being a civilized citizen, decided to fight at legal front against the cold behavior of franchise holder and to claim my damages. I put an, free of cost, application on plain paper to District Consumer Protection Council (DCPC), a department of Government of Punjab, situated at Kali Tanki stop Rawalpindi. This was the entire job I had to do. Following procedures, the council sent three consecutive notices but “Mobile DON” did not care to respond.
    At this point, the Council filed my case in District Consumer Court (DCC) on its on cost. Assistant Director (Legal) Adnan Karim, whom I found true public servant, was the lawyer advocating my case on behalf of DCPC. The Court dispatched summons to defendant but again received no response. At this, the court summoned me to note my statement. After the narration of my story the honorable judge asked me “what do you want now”? My reply was “Insaf”. He, while smiling, suggested that I must give my definition of “Insaf”. So I, hoping less, said that I wanted my money back or a new mobile. The Judge wrote ex-parte decision against franchise and told me that I would receive written copy at my home address within few days. Here I came to know that it was the very first case reached to its logical conclusion since the establishment of this court, not because of inefficiency of the honorable court but unavailability of cases due to lack of awareness among masses. It was a moment of utmost joy when, after a few days, I found an official letter advising me to get my actual amount from District Consumer Court Chaklala Rawalpindi within next three days. The source of happiness was not that I got my money back but got justice, got my right and taught a lesson to franchise owner not to humiliate any customer.

    Most of our miseries arise out of unawareness. You know many people having complaints of suffering from mobile, computer, laptop, IT accessories, electronics equipments and other general products’ dealers and shopkeepers, but they are helpless because they don’t know where to go for help and justice. It was my duty to inform my readers about my experience to save the interest of customers and consumers. If being a customer, your rights are violated, your warranty is not claimed, you are given substandard products or services by any franchise, shopkeeper, company, institution or contractor; don’t quarrel with him, just take pain to give an free of any cost application to Consumer Protection Council for the redress of your damages.

    • @shoaib cheema, Truly inspiring for consumers in Pakistan. People must use the facility that has been given to them and Businesses will start respecting consumer rights.

    • @shoaib cheema, nice sharing bro
      atleast somebody got justice
      and what about Link.Net
      i have terminated their services and they are not taking off their equipment from exchange. and the other broadband provider is telling me that we cant procedd unless LDN unswitch you.
      its more than 45 days since i terminated and they took thir CPE

    • This is an awareness we must have to get our rights.I found in our society people even well educated don’t pursue and show negligence.

  • wah whoiab aabp nay tu customers ko wo rah deikahi hay kay bus
    kamal kerdaia hay
    um chaity hain kay aap aur bhi es foruam per likhay

  • this all discussion is eye opening as we have never thought of going this way and figting for justice….it is not only in punjab but in Islamabad, Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan,…where customers can go and fight for thier right

  • I have purchased Mobilink infinity connection of 1 MB three months ago. 1 MB connection means you got around 100 K download speed in consumer again. But reality is that after 60 days they theft my bandwidth and i am only receiving 10-30 K which losses me every month upto 60-70% . I record so many complaints even they visited my home and their support staff also agreed over that i am receiving just quarter bandwith. I have paid my first bill. I have paid them advance which cost me 6,000 RS . I know after few days i will apply for the disconnection like i thought it was the only solution. But now i have to decide to fight for justice, even you people told me an entity which i believes should be helpful for me. Kindly advice me do i have to disconnect now or first file the complaint against them and wait for the court ?
    Second issue is that mobilink have signed an agreement to me on their form , some clauses of these agreement are
    1) This agreement is of 12 months period.
    2) And they have installed equipment of cost PKR 6,000/- in my premises in discounted amount.
    3) In case the customer decideds to discontinue using th emobilink infinty service before the completion of the initial term, but wants to retain the CPE (equipment) then upfront price of PKR 6,000/- shall be retained by Mobilink Infinity and an additional PKR 6,000/- will be charged as price of the equipement.
    ( Actually nothing is written in anywhere in the equipment that is it of 6000/- worth or not, and even they didn’t give me any receipt of the equipment , just i have this agreement in their letter head , ya i have device serial number written in this agreement)

    How can i suppose to understand that it’s of worth of 12,000 or more or less. But because they said and my need was the service, not the equipment so i just agreed over.

    Ya after disconnection i have returned these equipment back and in return they will give me some percentage of equipment , like they will give me 3,000 now ( 50% )

    But this is the organized theft. Because they reduce the bandwidth after 30 days trial.

    And now they deaf ear in to my complaint and seems that they have divided my bandwidth to other consumers, normally it suppose to be dedicated to or may be some technical fault.

    Kindly advice me again do i have to asked them to refund my whole amount back ?

    Second problem is that company headoffice is in lahore and i am in Karachi. Ya There is a franchise in Karachi as well.

    Third problem is that PUNJAB CONSUMER PROTECTION COUNCIL serve me the consumer of Sindh like me where the supplier ( Mobilink infinity headoffice is in Lahore or Islamabad ) ?

    Well i will contact them personally soon . InshaAllah thanks abu asma for this article.

  • You got yourmoney back but on what cost

    You spent days and days , cost on transportation and other other stuff,e vene the the cuprits wrere not even bothered tocome to court to acknowledge nor even police was sent to thier office to arrest them.

    The thing we have to remeber (I am Afraid its a Bad thing ):
    Consumer/customer has no right in PAKISTAN. only the VIP (Very IDIOT Person) has the right but can claim his right forceably only.

    • See brother!for justice you have to fight,less or more, in every society of the world.even in civilized societies if rights are infringed,without filing case for redress of damages justice cannot be done.
      if we start knowing and fighting for our rights soon it will become fruitful for entire society.

  • Its good to have come across an article on this important topic. It is especially good to hear about the notice taken on the case of misleading advertisement from Ufone.

    In general, consumers in Pakistan in all sectors have always been treated miserably. Its important to be aware of our rights, and be connected strongly to advise other fellow consumers about fraudulent companies which provide poor customer support, defective products, run misleading advertisement like in the above example or make unauthorized charges!

  • Respected Sir.
    somebody hike my sim on 13th september2009 on the base of my lost id-card and Mobile.i have also registred my complain at police satation.Sir i Have gone to Mailsi frunchisee on 13 september2009 and after that i have gone to Multan headoffice on 15th september2009 and i submit my Complain to PTA on 17th september2009 but Sir Nobody gave me response for to solve my problem.Today 12 days have passed, nobody Listening me.
    Respected Sir,
    my ufone sim(03336281872) is still working in wrong hands and they are abusing till now.Sir my whole pesticide buissiness based on credit.i am suffering in lose due to their bad Language and rough behave.customers daily complains to me about my phone behave.
    Respected Sir,
    I want to inform you my ufone Number is not any golden Number, it is so simple but somebody trying to diturb my credid buissiness by abusing my custmors.I am running everywhere for my ufone sim so that my buissiness will be save for further loss.
    Respected Sir,
    Due to the Co-operative behave of your company i assure you that i will return you this sim after end of my season.but now sombody using my number in wrong way, which is causing severlly loss for my buissiness.sir i am extremelly worry, plz sir tell me what i do for my sim.plz sir support me to gain back my sim so that i demand pardon from my custmors about theire behaves.I am extremelly worry about my buissiness loss due to the misuse of ufone sim.plz solve my problem.
    I shall be grateful to your Company!
    Sheikh Muhammad Qaisar Abbas

  • Respected Sir,
    just take pain to give thanks for highlighting such a crucial issue of my ufone sim(03336281872).Due to the number of visits at Mailsi frunchisee & Multan Headoffice,I have discouraged from their uncooperative behave.I think it has made impossible to get justice in a country Pakistan.Now Justice has become beyond the approach of any common man.Let me share with you again this injustice story of my ufone sim(03336281872).I have Lost my ID and mobile on 08september2009 and i have also complaint about it at police station,they have registered my Request.I have complete Record of it.Now Somebody has changed the ownership of my ufone sim(03336281872) by the wrong support of any ufone frunchisee.And after that he replaced it and Now he is using it illegally & abusing my is extremely sever for the security of my business.
    Respected Sir,
    I have visited the Mailsi franchisee & Multan Headoffice again & again and got nothing but a clear denial at last visit on 27th September.Sir Discouraged yet but not disappointed I, being a civilized citizen,Now I have decided to fight at legal front against the cold behavior of franchisee holder and Ufone Company to claim my Business Loss.The source of tension is not that I can`t get my ufone sim(03336281872) back but can`t get justice.
    Respected Sir,
    I want to get my right and teach a lesson to franchise owner and ufone company not to humiliate any customer.Most of our miseries arise out of unawareness. You know many people having complaints of suffering from mobile, computer, laptop, IT accessories, electronics equipments and other general products’ dealers and shopkeepers, but they are helpless because they don’t know where to go for help and justice.Similarly I don`t Know about the proper Legally way to get back my right.Please proper guide me and Help me what i do for to get back my ufone sim(03336281872).
    i shall be grateful to Your Department.
    Muhammad Qaisar Abbas

  • I placed an order online for a camera (Panasonic Lumix FS5) online to SHOPHIVE (, an online shopping portal, on 25th August 2009. They promised free delivery and same day shipping through UPS Ground.

    I was promptly replied through phone/email by the shophive people; they confirmed the availability of the item and asked me to deposit the money (Rs. 13990) through bank transfer. Same amount was transferred to their account

    Next day I called Shophive to confirm the details. It was then that I was told that black camera is not available so either I have to wait or accept silver colour camera. I didn’t want to wait so accepted the available one. I was confirmed that the camera would be dispatched by TCS and I would receive it within a day.
    On 28th August, 3 days after booking, no deliveries were made and when I contacted Shophive, I was told that camera was shipped through AMS Couriers, a lesser known company and was given their contact number and consignment number. I called the courier office and I was told that they do not deliver, I have to pick up the parcel. On the same day I picked the parcel from AMS Couriers, Moti Plaza, Murree Road Rawalpindi.
    When I reached home and open the parcel, the camera and battery were missing from the parcel. The camera box was present with leads/cables and booklets/CDs but the camera was missing. I immediately called Shophive and later sent them an email.
    [Emails transcript available]
    I was asked by the company rep to contact the CEO Shophive, Arslan Nazir. I called him and he said that they are investigating the matter and camera was “hastily & erroneously” sent through this unknown “shady” company. I bought the story and asked for the next step. I was told that “Board of Directors” have decided to offer me 25-30% off if I still want to get another one. I was also asked to send the box back as they would use it for further investigations and filing a case against the couriers. I sent them the pack through TCS on 4th Sep 2009.

    After lot of correspondence with Shophive CEO over weeks, through which he was hesitant to reply and always have to be prompted many times to get one, I agreed conditionally to book another one and get 30% off. My conditions were that if they think that the couriers stole the camera, Shophive should take up the case and inform me.
    When I agreed to send them money again, they raised the price of camera to Rs. 15690. Even then, I sent them the money again through bank transfer. But after receiving the camera, for which I paid Rs. 10980 again, the Shophive plainly refused to follow up the case or return the lost camera remaining accessories which I sent to them.

    In the end, I lost Rs. 10980, paid extra to get the camera. On retrospective analysis, I am sure that the “lost” camera was not sent by the Shophive people in first place.

    I have launched complaint with CRCP and also serving them with legal notices.

    Dr Muhammad Babar Khan

    • Through a private mail, Mr Arslan has appologized, explained his position and promised the refund. Just being candor, I would accept that, not merely because he is refunding, but because he admitted and acknowledged. I hope, the lessons are learnt.

      Also hope that this turns out to be a positive turn for shophive to improve the flaws.

      Last but not the least, I am thankful to all the friends whose support at such juncture made it all happen.

  • Shame on Shophive and Arsalan. He should have done justice in the first place. The fact that Babar had to resort to legal action and had to raise his voice in the public forum shows Arsalan’s and majority of businesses insensitivity towards consumer’s rights.

  • I bought a Levis jeans on 22/1/2010 for Rs/- 3100 from Levis store
    Gave it for dry cleaning after wearing it just twice @ Snow White Dry Cleaners. Burns Road. Opp Fresco Bakers, Karachi
    ( I have the original receipt for the Jeans of which i have Provided the branch manager a photocopy)

    I went to collect the Jeans from the above mentioned Branch on the delivery Date and found multiple holes on the jeans. As i have been a loyal customer to Snow white for the past many years i decided not to get in a war of words with the Branch Manager.

    And we Mutually decided that he would send the Jeans back to the Snow white factory in Korangi Industrial Area Karachi and get a claim for it.

    I waited Patiently for a week without any resolution to my claim, I visited the branch and inquired about the Jeans he (Branch Manager Muhammad Ishtiaq) asked me to wait for 2 more days
    Once again i quietly left the branch, Later i got a call from snow white Customer Relationship Officer (Samreen) and to my surprise she Told me that you must be working around chemicals that is why your Jeans got Damaged …. i was furious and gave her a piece of my mind …. she told me that she would call me in two – three days and work out a settlement..

    Once again i waited waited waited and finally today (2/March/2010) i went back to the branch and the Branch manager Gave me a Rs/- 300 coupon for free Dry cleaning ( which i immediately Rejected) for a pant which cost me Rs/- 3100 only wore it twice

    Again he has Requested me to wait few more days

    What are the possible course of Actions that i can take ?

  • I read all the comments.and highly appriciate for selecting this topic.If you have any complaint regarding consumer protection.please do not hesitate to conatct me.I will reply your problems at this forum.if you feel then contact me at this address .
    PHONE NO: 061 -9239130
    FAX NO 061-4570955
    CELL NO 0333-7649373
    e-mail :-

  • have a complaint regarding suzuki parts dealer M/s Jan Auto Saddar, that my front screenof ALTO CAR was replaced by his worker and he give me GURANTEE that water will not enter in the car, and also he write on the bill that “NO WATER WILL ENTER”.

    after 1-week when rain start, a water being enter inside the car, i contact with him, he repaired the sealing rubber.
    but last night again rain started, water again come inside?


    Pls guide me and give me address with Ph#?

    • please talk to me at my office number.061-9239130
      your problem is genunine.thank timing of office is
      8 to 4 pm except saturdys and sunday.thanks

  • and what about people living outside punjab?????? i live in hazara(KP) and i find no customers rights here…….

    • Dear Ali, There is a Consumer Law in the juridiction of NWFP. You must read the relevant law and invoke the juridiction of DIstrict and Session Judge of your District.


  • AOA. My name is Muddasser,I am workin in Multinational company, and my new Bike was stolen from company reserve parking area,company guards are involved in such activities. Any one can help me out or guide me regarding this issue ?Thank you.


  • Consumer court Multan ordered to seal medical store
    The judge district consumer court Multan ordered RS. 7000 as payment for treatment, RS.12000 council fee and RS. 2000 as miscellaneous expenses. Moreover he directed DCO Multan to seal the Arrahim Medical Store kaussar Arcade Nishter Road near Food Festival Multan immediately. He also directed EDO to cancel the license of said Medical tore. The main version of the petitioner Ilyas Mahmood was that he went to Medical store to buy some medicine. The owner of the medical store gave him wrong medicine instead of the medicine written on prescription.

  • Respected sir!
    hum nye bank main account khoulwaya tha 6 oct 2010 ko bank ny 6 oct ko hi letter :tcs” k through parsal kar diya tha ,,, magra untill na to woh letter wapas bank gaya hai ar na hi,, us address per deliver huwa hai..!!
    N 310 sec 35/c korangi #31/2 karachi…

  • Dear Sir,
    I am using Askari master card since 2007 & regularly paying it per card policy on uses of Rs.50/ these is 01 reward points, and these reward points can be cash after some time as per these policy.
    I have cash these points by a voucher of KFC & they send me voucher by courier mail.this voucher did not received to me & lost by courier service in month of JULY-2010.uptill now i have call 10-15 time & putup complaint, nither Askari master card send me new voucher not reverse my reward point?
    can i put up complaint in Punjab Consumer Protection Council (PCPC?


    Engr.Naeem ur razzaq

      • Thanks for info.

        after submitting single notice, the askari card solved my problem.

        thanks again.


  • I enjoyed reading this webpage. I really need good information like your page for my own.

  • After decades of painful shopping experience the consumer rights protection feels like a breath of fresh air. I hope this thing will bring awareness to the general public who, so far, have accepted all cheating, extraordinary prices, poor services and unsatisfactory quality of products as a side-effect of being a Pakistani citizen. I also hope that this will alarm the service providers, manufacturers and sellers that they can no more deprive the consumers from their money and peace of mind. And finally, thanks to pro pakistani to provide a forum for this enlightening discussion.

    The website link for PCPC seems to be down right now. Has anyone had this problem before?

  • AOA. My name is Sara and I am a student at LUMS. Currently I am working on a paper in which i have to argue that victims of airplane crashes , as consumers of defective services, can/ should come under the punjab consumer protection act and would really welcome views of you all on this.


  • I enjoyed your website but there is not compleat information about who we can camplain in this court.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am owner of website & i have paid money to a non-registered company AQS tech for making of the website. He did the job & get money. He also launch the website. for launching i paid extra Rs2000/, now after passing 1Yr, it Expire, the ISP service nexus does not renew it from me, as i want to pay next Year payments,
    can i file a case against NEXUS & AQS-tech if website expire i.e Redemption, where as i am real owner of
    Haider Zaman

  • I read all the comments.and highly appriciate for selecting this topic.If you have any complaint regarding consumer protection.please do not hesitate to conatct me.I will reply your problems at this forum.if you feel then contact me at this address .
    anyhow you may send legal notice to NEXUS & AQS-tech.
    Consumer court is also in rawalpindi,and
    for free consultation contact me.
    PHONE NO: 061 -9239130
    FAX NO 061-4570955
    CELL NO 0333-7649373
    e-mail :-

  • Dear Sir,
    I purchased shoes from Hush Puppies, city towers, main boulevard, gulberg-II, Lahore vide Invoice no.01880 dt.15/08/2011. On Friday 19/08/2011 just after one hour’s usage I found one foot defective and complaint at said outlet and asked to replace the shoes but they are insisting just to repair in claim instead of replacing with right one. Pl. help me by guiding right path in detail.
    thanks, Altaf Rana, Main Market, Gulberg-II, Lahore

  • I purchased shoes from Hush Puppies, city towers, main boulevard, gulberg-II, Lahore vide Invoice no.01880 dt.15/08/2011. On Friday 19/08/2011 just after one hour’s usage I found one foot defective and complaint at said outlet and asked to replace the shoes but they are insisting just to repair in claim instead of replacing with right one. Pl. help me by guiding right path in detail.
    thanks, Altaf Rana, Main Market, Gulberg-II, Lahore

  • i just wanted to bring in noticS to all Pakistanis and specially statebank that M/s Alfalah Bank has made a lots of noise on swipe and win credit card scheme.
    now finally koda pahar aur nikla choha they are giving dinning vouchers and if someone living in lahore he should go to islambad to avail Rs. 500 dinning voucher.
    hay na mazay ki baat aur consumer rights ka masla.

  • If here any punishment or anything against the consumer if he is a black mailer? In our country where everywhere lie prevails there must be some balance. In Europe all these things prevailed after education and development of ethics. There must be service providers protection law.

  • Today unfortunately i went to Bar B.Q Tonight (Mehmood Kasuri Road Lahore) for Iftar, I was accompanied with my friend, we were bit early and reached there around 5:40 pm because we thought it would be a busy day and we might would be able to get a reservation, but after reaching we were being told that there are no seats available and on our asking we were being told that we “might” will get some table if we come at the time of iftar then we just left and roamed around here n there. After that just to confirm our table i though i should call them and ask for reservation when i called the operator said “yes” i can reserve a table for two and he took my name and number, and asked me to come before 25 to 20 mins of Iftar time. So by following those instructions i went again around 6:35 pm, and asked the front desk guy about the reservation, he said there is no such name in the reservation list, the same moment the same guy with whom i met earlier around 5:40 pm came towards me and without listening to me said go go sit there u have come earlier as well i told u there are no tables..i said first listen to me he continued talking i said ll u listen to me , he turned his face to the side and said yeah speak i said this way i dont want to talk with u…then i said listen i called them and asked them they reserved the table and said yes to me and u were and u are saying there is no table , he said so u tried to double check , then he rudely kept on talking and said we dont reserve for 2 table ok go now , then i said u r pathetic u dont know how to talk then he said yeah i m pathetic, i said but u reserved on phone he said yeah then i asked the operator to cancel ur reservation okk so go now i said u didnot know my name how can u cancel u r just faking it because when i came earlier i didnot tell my name and it was only on phone tat i told u my name ..the worst part of this whole situation was that when i said i want to talk to ur manager the same rude person said ” i m the manager” i said then there is no use to talk and then i left the restaurant without doing Iftar

    The reason i m messaging here is just to share my experience and to know about how can one take legal actions against such bad behavior by some restaurant’s management.

    • My dear, I partially agree with Mr. Abubakar that forgiveness is a great virtue.

      As regards, your grievance, it is of a kind that cannot be redressed through legal channel. There are many such matters in life that cannot be resolved through legal system. Law follows its specific provisions. Consumer law,first of all, would see if you really are entitled to initiate a legal action. In my view, in the instant case, you technically are not. You are not ‘consumer’ in the meanings given in the law. You paid no consideration (money etc) for getting your seats reserved. Thus, there existed no deal or agreement, which they violated. There was an oral understanding, which cannot be easily proved through evidence; and, for which, you did not pay anything; and, you suffered no actual damage.

      Well, you felt insulted. You can resort to ordinary civil courts for damages. But again you have to prove your case through evidence. You also have to prove the amount damage claimed by you is proportionate to your socio-economic status. This would be decided through lengthy judicial proceedings (by the way, civil cases take years and years all over the world including the UK and the US). May be you won’t like to go for it.

      So, after examining the legal perspective, you again would like to follow Abubakar’s advice that I also second.

  • Janab ye koi jhagray ki baat naheen, forgive them, unhoon nay apka koi nuqsan naheen Kia. Consumer rights Kay naam per aikdusray ki izzataim mat uchalo. Muaff kerna sikho. Sirf aik kam karo sab ba shaur log society say jhut khatam karain aur aikdusray ko muaff kerna sikhain. Her muamlay main kafron ko apna imam mat banayain. abhi to ham login nay sarak per gari chalana naheen sikhi to dusron kay gunah keun itnay buray lagtay hain.

    • Dear Abubakar I do agree with you that we should be more forgiving; but I do not agree that asking for one’s right is like following the ‘kafirs’. It is simply learning of one kind; and, learning something beneficial for the society from ‘kafirs’ is what was also done after ‘Ghzva-i-Badr’ by learning to read and write from ‘kafirs’. It was not a matter of following kafirs as imams.


    The Consumers Eye Pakistan is a Consumers’ Rights NGO, running an information campaign to encourage consumers to learn more about their rights and to exercise them. As consumers, we are often faced with situations where we are misled; unsure of what we were buying, or have simply changed our minds. This is even more the case when newly invaded shopping online. Buying services and products online has become much easier; however, it’s important that citizens feel safe when making use of these opportunities. The rights granted by state legislation are only useful if people – both consumers and businesses – are aware of them. This is why the TCEP is running an awareness campaign at a time when consumers are being given a whole new set of reinforced rights.
    The Consumers Eye Pakistan campaigns on the domestic and international issues that matter to consumers in Pakistan.This means achieving real changes in government policy and corporate behavior while raising awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities. In campaigning for the rights of consumers across the Pakistan, TCEP seeks to hold corporations to account and demands government action to put consumer concerns first, acting as a global watchdog: campaigning against any behavior that threatens, ignores or abuses the principles of consumer protection. TCEP is working together; with its partners, Pakistan quality Standard Authority (PSQCA) Ministry of Science and technology Government of Pakistan, Consumer Voice Pakistan CVP, USF Consults-research division and ConsumerVOICE Mag. We believe, that better work with honesty, can improve people’s lives. TCEP have been publishing briefing materials, including a number of in-depth case studies, as well as member action information. TCEP’s Partners will be kept up to date on the latest developments and highlight consumer issues concerning financial services. TCEP is encouraging its Partners to align their activities around the theme “We believe that better work with commitment and honesty can improve people’s lives.” The Consumer Eye Pakistan (TCEP) is working to build an international picture of the experiences of consumer organizations and consumers in Pakistan, and will facilitate the exchange of information and experiences between our Partners to build a better Pakistan.

  • AOA, there are five zong sims are issued on behalf of my sister’s id card, but she never get any sim on her name.How is it possible to any person can get or use sim without original id card, sim are still using in wrong hand, i decided to go in court for case of consumer rights against zong company(also for 2 crore fine).Thanks

  • AOA I am resident of Rawalpindi. I sent Some clothes and eid gifts to my brother in UK through a courier service named CARGO HUB Intl Cargo & Courier on 4th July 2015. But on today on 17th July 2015 goods are not delivered. A person named Sheraz received the goods from my house. He gave us the receipt but didnt mention date and time on it. When i contacted him on july 12th 2015 he told me that custom is giving the clearance and the problem will be solved by 1 to 2 days. On 16th july when I tried to contact to Sheraz. He didn’t attended the phone. I called him several times but he didn’t bother to attend my phone. Then he himself called me after some time and told me the same that custom officials are not giving the clearance. When i tried to argue him and asked him to give me a single date on which the goods will be delivered then rudely said that there is no date I can give and disconnected my phone. Now I want to loge a complain against the Cargo Hub What should i do? I m uploading the original receipt.

  • !بھائیو

    آج میں آپ کو ایک سچا واقعہ بتانے جا رہا ہوں۔ میں نے دسمبر 2013 میں ہواوئی کمپنی کا اسینڈ پی 6 ماڈل کا اینڈرائیڈ فون راولپینڈی کے سنگاپور پلازا کی ایک موبائل شاپ سے خریدا۔ اِس موبائل فون کی قیمت 35500 روپے تھی اور اِس کی ایک سال وارنٹی تھی ایئر لنک والوں کی۔

    جیسے ہی میں موبائل فون لے کر گھر پہنچا تو میں نے اِس میں ایک ویڈیو سانگ ڈال کر پلے کیا تو مجھے پتہ چلا کہ اُس فون کے ڈسپلے میں تین رنگین دھبے مسلسل نظر آرہے تھے۔ خاص طور پر جب سانگ میں کوئی ڈارک سین آتا تھا تو وہ اور بھی واضح ہو جاتے تھے۔ ظاہر ہے یہ ہارڈویئر کا فالٹ تھا۔ میں نے اسی وقت شاپ کیپر کو فون کر کے بتایا تو اُس نے کہا کہ آپ اِس فون کو شاپ پر لا کر دکھا دیں۔ دوسرے دِن میں فون لے کر اُس کے پاس چلا گیا اور اُس نے اچھی طرح دیکھ بھال کر فون کو وارنٹی کلیم کیلئے اپنے پاس جمع کر لیا۔

    میں نے اُس کو کہہ دیا کہ یہ چونکہ بالکل نیا فون ہے اور اِس کو میں نے ایک دِن بھی استعمال نہیں کیا تو مجھے اِس کی جگہ وارنٹی میں نیا فون ہی چاہئیے اور یہ فون مرمت شدہ نہیں لوں گا۔ شاپ کیپر نےمجھے تسلی دی کہ بالکل ایسے ہی ہو گا اور تین دین بعد کا وعدہ کیا۔

    تین دِن کے بعد اُس نے بہانہ کیا کہ ایئر لنک والوں کے پاس اِس ماڈل کا اسٹاک ختم ہو گیا ہے اِس لیے مجھے نیا فوں دینے میں ایک دو دِن لگ جائیں گے۔

    اِسی طرح کی باتوں سے اُس نے سات دِن گزار دیے۔

    پھر میں نے اپس سے پوچھا تو اُس نے کہا کہ فون مرمت ہونے گیا ہوا ہے جیسے ہی مرمت ہو گا آپ کو دے دیں گے۔ اِس پر میں نے اُسے کہا کہ میں مرمت شدہ فون نہیں لوں گا۔ تو اُس نے کہا کہ ایئر لنک والے کہتے ہیں کہ یہ فون گاہک سے خراب ہوا ہے اِس لیے وارنٹی میں نہیں آتا۔

    پھر میں نے اُس شاپ کیپر کو صارف عدالت میں جانے کا تحریری نوٹس دے دیا کہ اگر مجھے نیا فون یا میرے پیسے واپس نہ کیے تو میں صارف عدالت میں اُس کے خلاف کیس کر دوں گا۔جیسے ہی اُس کو نوٹس موصول ہوا تو اُس نے مجھے فون کر دیا کہ آپ کیلئے ایئر لنک والوں نے وارنٹی میں نیا فون بھیج دیا ہے آپ ا کر لے جائیں۔

    اگلے دن میں جب فون لینے گیا تو اُس نے پھر سے ٹال مٹول شروع کردی۔ اِس پر میں نے جنوری 2014 میں راولپنڈی کی ضلعی صارف عدالت میں ہواوئی کمپنی، ڈسٹری بیٹر ایئر لنک اور راولپنڈی صدر کے سنگاپور پلازا کے اُس چور دکاندار کے خلاف ہرجانے کا دعویٰ دائر کر دیا۔

    یہ کیس تقریباً ڈیڑھ سال چلنے کے بعد اِس کا فیصلہ جون 2015 میں میرے حق میں ہو گیا اور صارف عدالت نے اِن تینوں مدعا علیہان کو مجھے فون کی قیمت 35500 روپے، وکیل کی فیس 10000 روپے اور ہرجانے کی مد میں 50000 روپے، ٹوٹل ملا کر 95500 روپے ادا کرنے کا حکم دیا۔

    اِس طرح سے اگرچہ دیر سے ہی سہی موبائل کمپنی، ڈسٹری بیوٹر اور شاپ کیپر کو ایک سبق مل گیا اور مجھے انصاف مل گیا۔

    اِسی لیے کہتے ہیں دیر ہے اندھیر نہیں۔

  • Thanks for this highly informative topic. I am also a victim of so called leading electronics brand Haier. It’s been three months since I called for customer service for my haier washing machine and the rep took out “kit” and replaced it with a broken one that was covered in duct tape. He then falsely updated the complaint that I had chosen to get my kit fixed myself. Three months of calls and waiting and finally I was asked to send the machine to Gujrat service centre(I live in Kharian). I did and still nothing. Now finally they tell me that even their Haier factory in China doesn’t have spare kits for a washing machine model they sold 4 years ago! Now I should pay 12500 rs and get my machine replaced! Initially I was told that kit repair and visiting fee would cost me 1500 in total.
    Why should I pay for company’s inefficiency and the rep’s theft?!

    My email are ignored and tickets get marked as completed even though my washing machine is sitting in Gujrat.

    Can anyone help me with this?


  • as salam o aleykum. i want to complain about Haier microwave quality control. The company is not responding at all. Kindly advise how to proceed

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