PKNIC's Domination and Imperfections

Having not very impressive users’ system by PKNIC  is increasing the overhead for people of Pakistan, especially in a situation where internet users are still not aware of using online policies. When a domain name expires, it normally goes to the redemption period, but in PKNIC’s case, the domain names remain defaulter until it is being paid by the owner.

If some other individual wants to grab the domain which is not being used for couple of years, you will find few big problems before getting it purchased. For example, first, you will have to pay the fee since it is expired, secondly, you will need the authorization code. And the worst part can be that PKNIC never cooperates with you.

You have to search for the owner of Domain yourself, so that’s your responsibility not the PKNIC’s – then you need to snatch the authorization code from the previous owner of domain name. If you luckily reached the exact person and that person has still has the record of two years old domain, its better or otherwise you need to ask that person to re-genrate authorization code from PKNIC’s website.

PKNIC has not been able to fulfill the basic need of communicating with their paying users such as providing them with a representative office or officer one can reach, a helpline or any technical support sort of thing.

PKNIC domain registrar has grown big now and they must realize the needs of their users. Globally, the domain & hosting charges are reduced due to the heavy usage & access of millions of people; but PKNIC is charging the same un-changed rate for last 7 or 8 years.

We also found the dealers like Brain Net, Cybernet, PakHost, PTCL and  so on, in tied situation with no prior information about the domain gone a few years ago. PKNIC has to have a proper domain registry system specially the expiry segment is too messy.

Considering that .pk as an identity of being Pakistani for the users but we users are being pushed to go for .com / .net domains as not only the policies and conditions are easier for .com and net domains, but the difference of price is a huge factor.

  • Their website now has phone numbers and such for their main office in Lahore. Doesn’t that make them reachable? I’ve never tried calling; I don’t know who answers.

    I thought they tried to clean up their act after their colo/hosting issue.

    • I have call them in their office. when i ask any information they give answer to send email at [email protected].

      They don,t know any information about any issue. Their customer support are useless.

    • Numbers provided on the site are unreachable , On the first one no one is picking up the call and the other one is inaccessible.

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