Now Tweeting Through SMS is available in Pakistan

Twitter is an online micro-blogging service that simply lets you to update your status at any instant and lets you communicate with your co-workers. You can simply write a 140 characters message notifying others about what you are doing. It’s a fun way to stay connected with your friends. So all those who don’t know what twitter is. I suggest give it a try.

But no one sits on the computer all the time to update his/her status. Some time back twitter cut down the mobile integration for some countries including Pakistan. So the only way to update your status was with using EDGE/GPRS enabled handset with a GPRS data plan subscription. But that is not cheap. It costs alot.

But now thanks to the guys at 2’s Complement their startup iSMS has started Twitter Pakistan Project. With which now we can use twitter and update our status by just sending an sms, which is absolutely free. You only get charged for a SMS per tweet by your mobile carrier. Guess what those who have subscribed to different sms bundle packages like warid’s zoom etc can enjoy this service absolutely free. As the sms is deducted from the package, because the server of iSMS is set up on ordinary mobile numbers so it is just like sending a sms to any other number. So friends tweet on!

iSMS is in private beta phase. So, you have to follow the steps to get your invite code and start using this fun service. Don’t worry we have plenty of invite for you guys.

  1. Follow ProPakistani on twitter and make a comment on this post telling how long have you been using twitter and how much you love it (also include your twitter username in the comment). We will email you the invite code to use iSMS .
  2. Once you register using the invite code just navigate to iSMS settings.
  3. Enter your personal information along with your mobile number (e.g. 0321xxxxxxx). Also check the Receive SMS box and then click update.
  4. Now navigate to Twitter Integration Tab, enter your Twitter username and password and click update.
  5. You will receive an SMS from a number having activation code for your mobile number. Authenticate your account.
  6. Save the number as a contact from which you received the activation code. You may name it as ‘iSMS’ or what ever suits you.

Cheers! You just got your iSMS account and the ability to tweet through SMS.

Now to post to twitter. Just make an SMS and write ‘tweet<space>your status’ and send to that contact which you saved earlier. For example:
tweet is giving free iSMS invites. Hurry up!

The only drawback of using this service is that you can not check your twitter replies. But i hope it will also be possible after some time.

Test it out and enjoy. If you face any problem, just leave a comment and we will try to hep you out.