Warid Facing Rs 10.7 mln Lawsuit for Voilating Contract

warid-logoA lawsuit has been filed against Warid Telecom by the Chief Executive Officer of UN&I Training Development Consultants (UN&ITDC) Muhammad Umair Akhtar. Lawsuit that values Rs. 10.7 million is against Warid Telecom for violating a contract, which was mutually signed and agreed by Warid Officials and Umair Akhtar, CEO, UN&ITDC.

The court of Civil Judge Lahore Hina Muzafar issued notices to CEO Warid Telecom and other nine marketing and segment operation senior officials in the company. Umair Akhtar, who filed this lawsuit, claimed that Warid violated a contract that was formally approved by Warid’s concerned officials on September, 5th, 2008. Furthermore lawsuit said that contract, which valued Rs. 8 million, was primarily for “ZEM Ground the Underground 2008” (GTU) national music competition in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad – however, Warid denied to carry forward the agreement despite signed approvals causing loss to Umair Akhtar.

Lawsuit is supported by the contract copy that has all description of the project with due signatures of Warid Telecom’s senior management including the CEO to complete the project within next three months.

Moreover, lawsuit mentions that in order to materialize the GTU project, Umair Akhtar hired contractual staff, designed all artwork with consuming substantial amount and purchased website as well as signed a contract with the third party to conduct a total of 13 events throughout the country within stipulated time according to the contract.

“There was just an email was sent by the Warid Telecom officials which expressed that management has decided to hold the GTU project without mentioning any reason or giving justification to freeze the campaign on September 29 last year”, claimed Umair Akhtar in lawsuit.

“I repeatedly visited and tried to communicate through possible means with Warid Telecom’s head office to know the fact that what happened immediately which forced the telecom company to hold the project even after signing its approval which allowed the me to consume huge funds in order to complete the project but nobody pays heed to the matter except exercising delaying tactics” said the lawsuit.

Consequently, Umair Akhtar was forced to serve a legal notice during December of previous year to the Warid Telecom company to pay a cost of Rs10.7 million as punitive compensation in result of breaching the contract and finally sued the telecom company while having no response from them so far.

Ms. Farah Hussain, Spokesperson for Warid telecom didn’t reply to our emails, calls and SMS – despite she committed that she will do the best to respond with company’s viewpoint over the issue.

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  • with so much competition in the market and current recession this is no good to warid. Also a point is what about China Mobile interested in Warid.

  • Very bad news. Public at large does not expect such kind of blunder by a renowned, wordl famouns telecom company.

  • Well the issue first seems to be published in favor of Mr. Umir Akhtar and no concrete comments can be left without having a look at the termination clauses of the contract.

    Even in recession – while other cellular companies are investing heavily in positioning campaigns, Warid does not needs to do such acts.

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