Social Networking – Pakistani Perspective

face_bookSocial networking is around for couple of years now. People are getting closer on web and they are finding the lost souls from the past online. Pakistan has also followed the trend and more and more people went on social websites and interacted with each other. But this Facebooking and Myspacing is limited to people telling friends about each other and discuss about their surroundings.

But the trend of social networking took a turn in another direction abroad. Companies came to know about the strengths of social networking and they started hiring people & companies to interact with customers online. They are telling people about their latest products and events. And people started attracting. This is a place where you can tell the company directly that what you don’t like about them. People kinda got accommodated in this social trap.

Indian brands have begun realigning themselves to a new cost-effective marketing and advertising space — social networks. Companies such as HUL, Tata Tea, Titan, HDFC among others are using peerto-peer network on sites like Facebook or Twitter to spread product reviews and create buzz around the brand. Internationally, companies use social networking sites to catch consumer eye for new launches or to keep the momentum going in some of their top brands.

The Apollo-group promoted telecom brand, Aircel , has launched a voice message application on Facebook, which allows friends to leave each other voice messages instead of plain text posts. Within ten days, Aircel managed to get 190 users to sign up for the voicemail application. Starcom, the media agency which helped this launch was clear that they wanted to approach social networks differently . Tarun Nigam, ED, India & Pakistan, Starcom, said, “While many telecom companies are using social networking sites, this is the first time a brand is offering voice messaging service. We wanted to take the youth in confidence and think Facebook is a great space to create the buzz and word-of-mouth publicity required for Aircel.”

But do you feel the presence of Pakistan in this spectrum? I guess Not. We don’t even find much of the companies going for online ads. This is where we lag. Companies should now realize the strengths of this medium and come online to get reviews about their products. Back, i saw some people who are telling us about the upcoming events of their companies but this is merely once in a blue moon.