Ovex Deploys IP systems at QIH

Ovex Technologies, the second largest exporter of IT Services in Pakistan and the largest Third-Party, Offshore BPO & IT Solutions Provider is signing an agreement with Quaid-i-Azam International Hospital (QIH) for the deployment of a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure & IP Unified Communication System, for establishing connections with sources of global medical research.

It is for the first time ever that this level of IT technology solutions and Communication Systems are going to be implemented in the Healthcare industry of Pakistan. By adopting the new communication system, the QIH seeks to revolutionize its quality of service, by gaining access to the extensive knowledge base, experience and latest research available with the medical specialists in the developed world. The access to prompt insight on latest medical research, gained through this system, will enable the Doctors at QIH to save precious lives.

The CEO of Ovex Technologies, Mr. Faisal Khan, stated, “The medical services available to the masses in Pakistan, need to be modernized at a rapid pace. With this perspective in mind, the QIH has taken a quantum leap in this direction, by adopting the latest communication systems. Owing to the remarkable reputation and performance history of Ovex in such high-tech ventures, the QIH has entrusted this cutting-edge IT project to Ovex”.

The modern Communication Systems implemented by Ovex, will enable a smooth and real-time interaction between local and international doctors for information sharing and consultancy. This Communication system along with latest IT technologies will enable easy access to US based doctors for local patients in Pakistan.

Through this system, the hospital will also be enabled with Wireless coverage for doctors and quick mobility of medical equipment within the hospital premises. Once the system is implemented, the patients will be able to experience unmatched possibilities, efficiencies and agility at the Quaid-i-Azam International Hospital.

  • I salute for such exclusive steps taken by hospitals and other organization, they are making our pakistan steps a head in IT and technology.

    Thanks for sharing, although we do have problem of security and violdence going on, but we are still not behind from anybody in modern technology.

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