Google Morocco Defaced by Pakistani Hackers


Pakistani Hackers (reportedly settled in Saudi Arabia) today put down Google’s search page ( specialized for Morocco.

Domain name remained down for many hours, while people got enough chance to record plenty of screenshots here and here.

TechCrunch says that there’s a bit of confusion about how the hack was performed exactly, but it appears as if the hackers found a way into , which controls the DNS for the country, and targeted the Google domain name especially. The domain was pointed to a different server, and the web page above was shown when people tried to access the search engine. Google apparently at one point automatically relayed visitors from Morocco to instead of, but it took a while to get the latter functioning correctly again. leads to a forum where Pakistan hackers hang out, and they’re being proud what they did today here.

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  • It is not a Sense of pride for Pakistani’s . If some body have these special skills they must use it in a more meaningful way and not in defacement. Lets hope not that ” A New Chapter of Cyber Terrorism ” opened against Pakistani’s.

  • Its so much fearful! we Pakistanis dont know why they like to hack such things which has nothing to do

    • i am glad that we have such cyber army. i really proud of it. Guys who are talking that they should use it in meaningful way, i want to tell them that they do good stuffs as well but when we see bad stuffs, attacking us, what should we do then? we should shake our asses and show to the world that we cannot do anything. NO. and this is not terrorism, this is cyber army, cyber intelligence. GOT THAT?

  • I Third you on that one.. World’s best anti-virus writers used to be best hackers in the world, i just hope that guyz like them help us out here on Information Security and Threats in Cyber Warfare…

  • Yes, use those hackers to develop anti-viruses program, that would be way they can bring proud to Pakistan rather than being Talibans of Internet.

  • Yes, use those hackers to develop anti-viruses program, that would be way they can bring proud to Pakistan rather than being Talibans of Internet.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  • Please explore and find positive picture from technology, negative side left to our laws to protect every Pakistani, this is the reason we struggle for free judiciary.

  • It’s really sad to hear that, I fear limited services from google for Pakistani’s like paypal is restricted/not available in pakistan :(

    Pakistani’s should stay away from such activity:S

  • Hello guys,
    Nice work it. ok can you tell me how to hack email password please tell me at my private email i.e [email protected]……thanks… people can hack “THE GOOGLE” then i don’t think its problem to hack an email account. please tell me thanks…

  • i m proud of these guys thats the way we can response to the world like the devil power is behaving with us in all over the world. i wish to be a part of this army my mail is [email protected]


  • duh i nerver knew this,i use google every day dough,& i think there is nothing to be proud of.

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