Breaking News on its way from Mobilink's Camp

We are not in position to reveal it right now, but let us confirm you that a big news is being developed in Mobilink’s head office these days.

Expect us breaking it on ProPakistani with-in a week’s time… So stay tuned!

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  • You mean stay tuned :)

    • Faarig Link

      he meant…Mobilink got tunned and Market is going to get fine tuned!!!

  • Let’s keep guessing : – )

  • faraz

    what type of news it is for pre paid packages??

  • Email

    Its related to either acquisition or merger of MOBILINK

  • Fawad

    HINT… 3G Upgradation…

  • Ahmed

    Is MOBILINK is introducing 3g network…………..?????

  • omerfarooq

    Mobilink’s Infinity and LDN is merging.

  • Hassan Raza

    i beleive its acquisition by Zain or some other operator

  • kafeel

    packages would not be a breaking news and 3G no way because financial crisis of mobilink the only thing is acquistion by vodafone or other celuler giant

  • waqas

    VODAFONE may be buying Mobilink :-)

  • Amin

    vodafone? finally coming?

  • Amin

    or maybe broadband launch?

  • Amin

    or sms translator is a big news?

  • usman ali

    i think they may b aceuired by vodafone or any othr company or may b they r bringing their tv as air tel has introduced in india

  • well,let we keep in touch so as to knew whats ripes out from Mobilink to breake ice,since,its long time to hear some thrilling news from Mobilink.Anyway,i persoanlly believes that the news of its merger would come true….

    • omerfarooq

      Yup! Mobilink’s Infinity and LDN merger.

  • Faarig Link

    Mobilink bolay toh (Farrig Link) is bakwas tareen network ever pakistan could have all around. any how what ever wud be the news …this is confirm that this could not be package , any other service..but it wud be a breaking …coz packages can not be kept for longer times with theirselves , because they could be launch at anytime like that sort of posts. So this is sure that this could be big news..

    joh be ho acquire ho yeh merger…Koi opportunities create hon…market mein..

  • sarhadi9

    I think orascam directly coming in pakistan or vodafone may b creating some dramaticaly change in pakistan

  • Shahzad Khan

    Aamir bahi dara rahy han bta to den k kia bat hay
    Any hint
    Mry to peat my dard ho raha hay

    Pta nai mobilink waly kia kata kholny lagy han
    Hint to do Aamir
    Mjy to lagta hay k Bakwas link ko dafa ho jana chaheay
    Any new operate
    1 hafta my lagatar her 5 min bad Feed update krni pary gi

  • ady

    salam amir atta bhai i regularly use to read news on propakistani and i really appriciate ur effort ,i really like this website with alot of information about telco, i work in mobilink as a CSR and i m really interested to know what is going on …. kindly break the suspense and tell us the breaking news:)

  • chand00786

    Dear Friends,

    I think that mobilink is going to launch some new packages.As they have taken back three old packages(ladies first,Jazz Easy,Jazz Octane)

  • usman ali

    so those customers who were using tht package earlier hav they been shiftd or still sticked to tht package???

  • omerfarooq

    OK Aamir, Spill the beans. Enough visitors for this post now-lol!

  • Hassan Raza

    It could be MVNO

  • Ardisher

    If true, Mobilink’s joint venture on 3G with Vodaphone can be a big sign of contentment by forgien companies in telecom arena of Pakistan, plus lets not forget that this giant (Mobilink) still remains No 1 telecom company in Pakistan, despite a lot of untrue prediction by people of its going down however I must open a new podium of discussion relating to indigenousness strategies in the corporate world which many of you might not intercept what it actually means

  • Ahmed

    O come on guys stop guessing just tell us…………….please ….. Mobilink is giving free Nokia 3310 hehehehe…………. PLEASE TELL US WAHT THE NEWS…………..?????

  • usman ali

    abhi tak propakistani ko nai pata woh hamain kahan btayain ge!!!\\

    jst wait jb tak un k pas news pohanchta hai

  • Mudassir

    Well… Mr. Amir are u sure you arent forgetting something…

  • Tish

    Zong acquiring Mobilink :)

    • Mudassir

      and become ZOMBIELINK :P

  • chand00786

    Dear Admin,

    One week has past and now you should exposed.As you have said in first post of 20 May 2009.

  • Ahmed

    sir jeee…..

    app ko to star plus k dramay likhnay chahiyah………….. soooooooooooooooo much suspense………………….

  • usman ali

    amir so rahay hain jab uthain gai tb bata dain gai

  • Ardisher

    and i hope its a not copy paste news :-)

  • sadia

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  • MAZ

    well i there the news of Mobilink merging with Linkdotnet
    then there is the new offer of 50paisa/min to 3mobilink numbers
    and latest is that Orascom is bidding to acquire RBS(this ones worth a breaking news, but i think it might be some thing big and better, but cant really say)

    Or there might be a chance that Aamir is trying to increase the traffic/hits to the website