Microsoft in Action Against Computer Retailers


You remember this news: FIA Launches Countrywide Crackdown Against Pirators?

If you don’t then just to recall you guys that Microsoft is not in good mood these days. They are aggressively acting on their mission of clearing the piracy from the country (which is impossible, still.. )

Though we remember that they are giving away free software to students, but at same time they are approaching FIA to raid those places where Windows is running in pirated form; especially to computer retailers who install pirated Microsoft Windows on new machines.

Now our innocent Pakistanis think that Microsoft has at once turned cruel, and that they were using free software for so long, then why to spend thousands of Rupees for each copy of windows.

My advise is to all those effected is to try Linux, yea let’s not spend money but get something better than Microsoft Windows at same price, i.e. Rs. 30 per CD – how’s that? Or otherwise, let’s start paying for what we use, either its physical or virtual service; fair enough!

Thanks to Saad Hamid for sending me above Pic

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  • Piracy is ethically wrong and damage our image as a society.

    However, microsoft should also keep in mind that this is a third world country and implying the same rates as are in developed areas would decrease their market share in the country, reason being majority of the people cannot afford to Pay PKR 10,000.0 for a genuine copy of windows. If microsoft release some special version for under developed countries which people can buy from 10$-15$, then it would be fair enough!

  • es tarah pehle bhi ho chuka hai kuch din baad sab thanda par jaega

    dont worry

    piracy enkey log(americans crack the windows them selves) karte hen hum sirf use kerte hen pehle windows ko crack kerne walon ko pakro

    jab pirated windows nahin banay gi to market men nahin ae gi or jab market men nahin ae gi to kharidey ga kaun

    pehle apna ghar(america) saaf karo baad men dosron(third world) ka

  • I agree with Umair. To lessen piracy Microsoft needs to lower its license costs for countries like ours but i guess this would create more problems for them as then the BUSINESSMEN here would start exporting these products to earn valuable foreign exchange :-)

  • Piracy is plain wrong. It’s the same as stealing jewelry, cell phone snatching and similar thefts. The above image makes me laugh at the ignorance of those computer retailers against piracy. They SHOULD be put in jail for that.
    I’d suggest to start using free software guys, if you can’t afford Windows. Ubuntu 9.04 is a good way to start.

    • Right , Ubuntu is fun to use and is also easy as its new desktop versions have very good UIs that are some how similar to windows. Anybody with enough use of window could go fluent in it within couple of weeks.

      However we need a community based work to improve the situation, specially in schools and colleges linux should be used for students so they could get familiar to it as they are just getting familiar to PCs.

      Most of the barriers while using Linux have been obsolete now as many famous and common softwares have there presence at Linux or there are similar softwares. Its a way to go.

      • True – Ubuntu has now grown to a point where you could easily move away from Windows for Free alternate to Windows.

  • It might be a good step towards stopping the piracy, but it will decrease the market share of Microsoft Windows, because then the people will start using the alternatives. Linux is the best one out there.

    I hope FIA doesn’t go to people’s houses. :D

    • Whats the point of Market share when most of it is pirated and they aren’t getting money in return – which is their legal right.

  • ppl dont tneed to spedn Rs. 30 for Linux CD
    sign up for free ubuntu CD, shipped to your doorstep

  • if microsoft believe that it will cracking down in Pakistan and after that everthing should be fine then they are in fault. The real solution is that they have to fixed the price of license cost in Rs. not in Dollars, cause conversion rates are fluctuating too much , if yesterday it was 20$ = 1600 Rs then today it may be 2000 Rs or more. They have to fixed the price in Pakistani Rupees, if they believe that people used it in a fair manner.

  • lol, who says LINUX is better than Windows for a Normal User (browsing internet,chat,games,media players).

    Lol linux is no where close to comfort windows gives. lol flop topic.

    • Linux is more than good for Normal user and it’s a lot better for a professional. Actually, you have to use it before making any judgements.

    • Well tayab, i think you haven’t check out the Linux’s distributions , one of its most popular distribution is Ubuntu , and i personally used, how about a computer you turn on and it never uses a Antivirus so, no VIRUSES !! =P quite funny. linux rocks specially the BT3 AND BT4 Editions :)

  • Yaar daikho, agar microsoft ko itna he hay k Pakistan ya koi bhi country un k software k leay pay karay to woh sab sy pehlay code he aisa likhain jo re-distribute ya aik sy ziada machines par na chal sakay jaisay k SonyEricosson k mobiles main agar computer sy DRM file bheje jaye to woh next mobile main app share nahi kar saktay so you are protected, second yah k microsoft k networks itnay weak hein k Unki official releases bhi leakout ho jati hein. Ap log khud andaza lagain k Microsoft ka aik employee ghar baith kar WI-FI mean WLAN par office sy conected tha aur apna code server sy share kar raha tha to kia yeh secure tha? third yeh hy k Microsoft ko agar aur ghusa ata he to pehlay crackers ko pakray , Window release nahi hoe aur crack pehlay hazar tha net par. So , Microsoft rest in peace , MAY Allah give you strength of handling such a great amount of LOSS!! Well embarrassing but still….. its fun.!! Windows 7 Rocks!!

    • They sell their product with certain restrictions, if you don’t like it, then don’t use it.

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