Liberation of Pakistani Social Networks

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One may wonder that how many social network do we use? How many of them are American? How many of them are Indian ? How many of them are Pakistani? The answer is that we use most social networks that are either Indian or American. The famous examples can be Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Yaari, Fropper, BigAdda etc. But wait a moment, None of them is Pakistani!

Well Yes ! There are social networks in Pakistan too. The scenario of social networks in Pakistan is like: They come and they die. Is this because of less potential in Pakistani market? Certainly Not! You may know this fact that Pakistanis stand at 3rd position to use the Orkut, worldwide.

Hence, potential is there, but Pakistani social networks didn’t had the features or maybe the marketing tools.

We have lots of social networking sites that were started by small web development houses. They were either based on a ready-made platform or features copied from famous sites. So had less potential and ultimately they disappeared. We had been wishing that some big company from Pakistan should invest and start online services like social networking etc. There was a setback and a landmark was built when was launched. has the proper bases and funding from Silicon Valley. Still it failed to gain much popularity because it is more of a matchmaking site.

Then came another so called site from a well known brand ‘Intel Pakistan,’ the name of the website was IntelYouth.Net. They spent hell massive budget on marketing in colleges, universities. They gave away the rewards and bonuses to the users. But they lacked the proper planning as they were more focusing towards the marketing side than of the product. So the ultimate result was that IntelYouth.Net went offline after a short period of its launch and now it’s been more than a year that it says ‘Website Under Construction.’

But yet people haven’t given up. They have still been trying to get into the race of social networking competitions. If we see the current scenario, it shows that there are many Pakistani social networks which are going smooth or successful so far. Most Notably,,,,, and many others. The market is being liberated and standards are being improved.

So the moral of the story is, Talent is there, Market Potential is there, only the decent investments and concentration can do the charm!

  • Nice article Farhan. But since we don’t have some major and interesting social media here in Pakistan. The good thing is that Pakistanis and also Muslims enjoy a large stake in Global Social Media Networks. We just lack funds which are keeping us behind in building major social networks.

  • Another site to add is LDN’s social network, which can be found at

    Initially it was only for LDN users but they started allowing outsiders too and now there are plenty of users there. Some are active but some are not – but the good thing is that the discussions are moderated, so its okay for younger kids to go there. This is just like LDN Egypt’s social networking site, which is so popular in Egypt because it is in arabic.

  • The problem with Pakistanis is that they just copy and paste the PHP scripts that can be found easily on the web. Everybody can make a social networking website, but making a website using a free script is not the solution.

    If Pakistanis want to make a successful website, they must do everything on their own. Writing PHP scripts and implementing them correctly makes a successful social network like Facebook.

    It is only possible if we form a team of talented and professional PHP programmers. I hope it will help.

    • You are very right brother. But those scripts which are open source and are given free or for some fees are made so people can use them to create social networks.
      And don’t just Facebook there are many other social networks out there. The only problem in Pakistan is lack of funds, thats it.
      You give me money, I can personally make one of the best social networks. So using scripts is not wrong. Even then many Pakistanis come up with their own scripts but fail to succeed due to lack to sufficient funds. You don’t need a team of programmers. Only one programmer is enough o make social networks like Digg and Facebook. Examples are there brother. Only reason that US has largest share in social networks is that there are opportunities and resources like Venture capitals that we lack here.

      Secondly, this is a blog and this theme which it is using is custom made. You will not find this theme anywhere else
      on the web. And content is original and copyrighted to ProPakistani.

      • Well, I know very well that this blog uses the WordPress script. But this is a blog, not a social network my friend. Almost every blogger on this planet uses WordPress, including me, because the WordPress script can be customized in thousands of ways.

        A successful blog can be made through a free script, but making a successful social network requires a lot of planning. You just don’t need to be a freaking programmer. You need to have a team having those members who can think of creative ideas.

        All the famous social networks are quite different from each other. If you compare Twitter with Facebook or MySpace, you’ll find a lot of difference between them, and that’s the reason people use all of them.

        Pakistanis also need to create a social network that’s different from any social network on this Earth. I hope you understood my point. CHEERS!

  • Yar me to kehta hun k bs aik is site ko funding de do… b naam bana skti hai……aik time hi visit ki thi…..aap log b dekho…..mujhay to facebook ka chaapa lagta hai magr try achi ki hai

  • well no doubt that pakistan is getting full of social networks. I never knew about yellow, i just read about it in this article. yellow doesnt seem to be a social network .. rather its a network based on brand preferences pertaining to goods and services. is again not a social network to be compared to facebook. its more of a network of people with creative interests … i have met a lot of photographers there, being a fashion designer i have actually gotten some fashion projects from there. I would recommend people checking it out as its a lot more fun almost ever kind of a person.

    Never theless its great that we have websites like propakistani to help our people evolve, get awareness which eventually would raise the standard of our living. Thanks ProPakistani !

  • After writing my comment i was reading comments of other people.

    Somebody said is a copy paste. My dear brother “THIS WORLD DOESNT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT” – I would not be surprised if you told me that you dont even have the courage to copy paste. If somebody has taken a step – atleast you should appreciate and if you cant do that even, then stay quite.

    ProPakistani.Com team there are a lot of people that are proud of your idea… Keep Rocking !

  • Mr.Farhan I am furqan from islamabad. I worked with intel for its WORLD AHEAD program. In which we promote intel products and offer wateen WIMAX as free offer. Also in that promotion we promote website. And i as Information Officer of intelyouth collect thousands of contact information of younger people having age less than 30.

    Now we come to the reason that why website failed to continue. Their were some legal issues between govt of pakistand and intel. The issues not get solved so the website get offline.

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