A day at Telenor Pakistan (Video + Pix)

DSC00484Telenor team was kind enough to arrange ProPakistani’s visit to their head office (referred to as CHQ within Telenor Pakistan) and the F-11 office in Islamabad. This turned out to be a day to remember – I would refer to it as a travel experience rather than just an office visit, for many reasons.

We were allowed to take pictures and shoot videos, something not commonly allowed in the corporate sector for external visitors. We had a chance to closely eye the culture and people at work. The environment is extremely robust and has a pattern to it. It truly strengthens the working charisma of people at Telenor. I was really delighted to see the young work force that Telenor has hired, developed and put a lot of faith in.

There are so many things to share, let me highlight few of them for you:

  • The first thing that you notice upon setting foot on any floor of the building is the open seating culture, meaning that no offices, cubicles or cabins. The seats are not fixed! You can actually be sitting on first floor one day and the top floor on the next, without having the slightest of difficulties.
  • As long as your laptop is connected, you are in office. Nonetheless, it is considered good to work while sitting with your team, to eliminate communication delays and allow ready access. The company facilitates its employees with a wireless network that also works in the building’s surroundings – I wont be surprised to see a Telenor employee sitting on a bench outside of the building to work.
  • You will find plenty of meeting/conference rooms on every floor – When asked, a gentleman on the floor told me that anyone can book any conference/board room through a shared calendar, given that it is not occupied.
  • The board rooms are nicely equipped with latest tech gadgets, including audio and video teleconferencing solutions and a self service tea/coffee-station.
  • Each floor has a shared printer room. One only needs to give a print command on their laptops and then walk over to the printer room to collect their printouts (that applies for the CEO too). Print outs/Paper is only allowed in extremely unavoidable situations. Employees are encouraged to print on both sides of the sheet, to avoid wastage.
  • There are no office/tea boys to serve you on your seats. Employees are encouraged to fetch their own tea/coffee or water. By the way, these kitchens are available at every floor too. Even the CEO makes his own coffee!
  • Everyone seemed friendly, cheerful, bright and most importantly focused on work. The general atmosphere was one of corporation, with people helping each other out, creating an air of exuberance that could actually be felt.
  • The Casual dress code of Telenor appealed to me the most, as I personally believe one can perform better in casuals rather than the stiff suit and tie. I could see people with jeans and t-shirts, even managers and directors!
  • They have this bright café that has tasty food to offer, along with fresh juices, a salad bar and a dessert station. This is self-service too.
  • Gym facilities are available for both males and females (separate timings) throughout Telenor Pakistan offices. A recreation room is also available in buildings, I was told.
  • A mosque is also available as a separate facility for both men and women.

We managed to speak with a few Telenor employees at executive, manager and director level, including Noushad Javed, Manager Organization Development, Telenor Pakistan to get an insight on the culture and working environment.

Here is the video… (Shoby Awan of ProPakistani did the Camera for both Video and stills)

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • great work aamir! i worked with Telenor Pakistan as an intern last year. I must say that it was a memorable experience. the things i really loved about telenor, that at telenor people are encouraged to take decisions and their open office environment, even EVP corporate communication Irfan Wahab Khan used to sit at the table next to mine and anytime i could walk up and talk to him. i think that it is the reason behind their success in Pakistani telecom sector in very short time.

    • that’s the real reason you have found out. Simplicity is best thing and being a TP employee i know we can even talk to CEO like friends to share the ideas. that’s what we call real business.

    • Seems like you lacked shine in ur own self, bcoz there are two possibilities either you are from Telenor competition or you were kicked out due to some disciplinary issues :) let me know which one is true

  • Well just now i read a comment in another post that there is some link between propakistani and telenor and it seems to be true now after reading this post. Blatant and biased publicity stunt going on for telenor.
    All telecom offices are as good as this. open seating is not so much a blesssing as it seems. it is one of the most stupid methods in our context. one has to communicate electronically with everyone as u dont know where that person will be sitting today.

    • Syed I think Telenor is doing great job thats why there news is coming on Propakistani. Second who will you like to stand outside your boss office for 2 hrs, waiting for his call to let you in. If you like this kind of work environment than Yes Telenor is not for you. Looking at the office environment, i think that its a new way and an inspiration for other companies as well to switch to open space environment in order grow in a way Telenor has grown over a period of time

      • bhai in which era do u think other companies are operating. standing for 2 hours outside boss office is obsolete in all decent companies and for sure in telecom companies. dont get too impressed by so called “european standards”. No doubt telenor is doing good and its offices are impressive, but buying this that telenor is on propakistani because of its great job is difficult

        • Hi,
          FYI Syed…..implications of open work environment are far reaching than one can imagine…..It is not to make a comparison….but success of google is a case in point! It’s just one way to promote egalitarian…..innovation-prone culture. What sets Telenor apart from other Telcos is its unique culture and PEOPLE!

  • Hello Janab its great aamir! that at telenor people are encouraged to take decisions and their open office environment, success in Pakistani telecom sector in very short time. I wish Propakistan and telenor work together in future….Inshalah..

  • Customer relations department is never good regardless of the industry… lol. but i think telenor is a good place.

  • Aamir Atta is know Totally Telenor Pro, it is a fact, This Website doesnot deliver much these days, these stories can be found on every Blog now a days. Keep it Up Aamir Bhaya.

    • We, at ProPakistani, take criticism positively and seriously. However, one has to evaluate if its criticism or Jealousy.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • there are a few negatives to the open seating/desk/whatever as well…everyone can see what you are doing…a guy like me can’t work at telenor…haha. also how can you feel like working in jeans and tshirts? though i’d love if my boss allows me to come in office that way… i don’t work anyway haha!

  • yaar aik tou becharey aamir bhai itni mehnat sey sara kuch ley ker aaye hain. i remember interviews from other telcos uploaded on his website. waisey bhi it doesn’t matter if its propakistani or protelenor, i think this is wonderful information. how many of us have access to actually go in and see ufone or mobilink or any other companies kitchen or meeting room etc? i think this is damn good info, especially for students like me who are about to enter corporate world. Keep it up.

    one thing i don’t like about telenor is no tea boys. bari bari uth ker kaisey jatey hain ye chaey k liye? i drink 5 cups a day!

    Amir bhaie, i think you should do similar research on PTC, unilever, P&G, Mobilink, PTC and also a few government employers like PTCL. it will give all of us students and idea kay job kahan kerni chahiye.

  • To start with i have been blogging since long now on telecom and know when a website starts taking side of a telecom company.Propakistani has always been an inspiration for me, the way they provide first hand info to the public and news about telecom and other technological related items.
    If Telenor is acknowledging Propakistani efforts than this credit goes to Propakistani team who have gained a standard in internet communication and thats why different companies relies on their information and love to provide them info.

    I am blogger as what i said, i need first hand info from the companies, if companies trust me and i have good viewer ship than why not i will be as famous as Propakistani :).
    By the way keep up the good work, Propakistani are doing a great job, really appreciate that. And yes Amir bhaii you are rite people here are jealous from your insights, becoz no one else is capable enough to get info of your kind. BRAVO thumbs up

  • @Working at Telenor Cutomer Service Department

    I have worked in Telenor customer service dept, and for me that was a wonderful experience, Telenor environment is unique that empowers its employees to do more. One can find a comfortable yet challenging environment at Telenor that inspires you to work more and grow at a fast pace.

  • I have listened to Telenor Shpaing professionals show on FM 91 last thursday, it will also be on aired this thursday from 10p.m to 11p.m and you will definitely get to know more about Telenor and their working environment.
    One more thing Telenor is indeed a place that every person dream to work in.

  • WOW, Telenor office is a nice place to hang out hehhehe, can i get a job in Telenor plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Great work Propakistani, hope to get more info on other companies as well, by the way Telenor has a very encouraging work environment

  • yar ye telenor ki recption per koi betha q nai hai? sarey bhaag gaye kia?? heheh. lush pushh office hai mara. boley tou merey ko nokri dey na…
    @anamkhan: yara i also heard the show. awein sa tha. i guess there are more than 1. aik tou bohat thakka hua tha. the other one with CV and interview discussion was good. also funny..fassi zaka apna lala hai…haha

  • Some people are suggesting the benefits of walking upto the boss and open culture etc. and are very impressed. Can they please also note that the high up goras of the company, head of marketing included work out of dubai because they are afraid of living with Pakistanis. they only come to Pakistan for few days on a regular basis.

    • Syed bhaii… ap to full time tapay huay hayn Telenor pay.. Ap b kahin…………… kisi telco say to nai.. :P :P lol lol

      • i dont know how can u say that tapay huay hain. i am just surprised at the getting impressed with gora trend. this is the typical mentality at blogs that whoever goes against the ongoing discussion is labelled as working for other telcos.

        everyone has friends in these companies and everyone is using one connection or the other. and these are public news everyone has.so its not necessary to work for a telco to comment on them. I said in my previous reply that no doubt telenor is a great company, great offices etc. but some people like me are just wary of this blog becoming pro telenor and pro zong. (especially when the ads on the website are also from telenor and zong)

  • Aamir, good job done however comments will be made when we actually compare it with others, please do visit Mobilink office more known as IBC-1 & 2 coz am pretty sure readers will forget this……….. rest about Telenors performance thats very clear they r doing better than U-fone & warid (source PTA website)

      • great idea. if you bring mobilink next, people like me criticizing this post will have to appreciate you.

          • childish on ur part actually to think this way. I meant that we will have a balanced reporting if u bring other operators. there are so many others who have commented that propakistani is getting pro telenor and its just that i also believe it, untill unless you bring balance.

              • Mobilink sucks. The politics there can make you actually wait for your boss to meet you for hours.Most of directors think they have ownership stakes in the company as they were born in Mobilibk and have lived there life in Mobilink. Koonwain kay Maindak Ban chukay hain.

                While mobilink has a beurocratic culture, Telenor has open and casual culture.

  • Only Buildings never Counts in Building Organisations.i am currently working with Telenor Pakistan and you cant imagine now the scene is quite different. Favoritism is common, NO Respect for JG-2A Employees. only those People are Growing who have friendly and good Terms with their Bosses. NO Growth for Performers. Once in a Meeting The VP HR was asked regarding the Promotions his Answer was ” Gentlemen either Pray your Boss gets Promote or Pray for his Death”. i am looking around for a job if i get any i will defiantly quit telenor.

  • To Syed:

    Bhai Jan try visiting mobilink for a change! and you will know in order to get your VP’s apporval on a thing you goto their secretary and take an appt in a week’s advance atleast! whereas in Telenor you simply walk up to your VP!
    Criticism is good- but criticism for the sake of criticism is not! i think one should admit the truth with dignity rather than fire fighting and that too in the air!

  • @ Syed: an accessible boss for a few days in the month is better than an inaccessible boss packed in his room.

    i’ve worked for 2 corporate giants outside telcos and a few months in a telco (not naming it); meeting the boss there was like meeting a king! open office culture is definately a plus.

    • i agree; meeting like a king but thats the way it was and it will be unless u have ur own company:)

  • Great Job!!
    Telenor is exactly the same as depicted in the pics and video above.
    It has been awarded as “The Best Brand of the year” and “The Best Employer” awards.
    I’m sure those who are saying negative things about the organization will never refuse if they get a job offer from Telenor :)

  • It is simple business, the company which sponsors the banner on top of this webpage gets the best review.

  • Telenor is exactly the same as depicted in the pics and video above.
    It has been awarded as “The Best Brand of the year” and “The Best Employer” awards.
    I’m sure those who are saying negative things about the organization will never refuse if they get a job offer from Telenor


  • I never work in Telenor but for me all over image of telenor
    is impressive; plus i love that in pakistan good companies are
    present which really pays good money and bring progressing

    Pls stop compaining and work for pakistan not your own self!

  • Nice article. I hope you get to visit the offices of other telecom companies too.

    I wonder whether their corporate culture allows employees to wear shalwar kameez to work. That is the real casual dress of Pakistan.

  • Indeed a very nice post, office environment and its culture is a definite plus but doesn’t matter at the end of the day it is you who counts, your assigned objectives and your achievement that separates you from the rest.

    Telenor has its own culture which separates it from the rest and it hires people whom they deem can adjust / fit in to their culture. Many software houses in Pakistan are also following similar approach, it’s about the openness and I wish pro Pakistan team all the best in their attempt to bring other organizations onboard as well, to really show what corporate culture is being followed by the rest. It’s won’t be any task as at corporate level, private firms too have people who want to act like elite bureaucrats.

  • agree; meeting like a king but thats the way it was and it will be unless u have ur own company:)

  • TELENOR is just doooor ka dhoool sohana :) and thats it

    Warid and Ufone are the best ever in Pakistan

  • Guys I m working in Telenor at the moment….I started my career from here…and lemme tell u its the best company in Pakistan…

    Telenor won the best office environment award in Pakistan this year…so all the people who think Telenor suks…lemme tell u 1 thing…U guys r wrong…ur judgements r wrong…

    • Sir

      I have just completed my D.A.E in telecommunication and i am looking for an intership in any telecom company in islamabad

  • This is a excellent writeup regarding a matured, well balanced corporate culture where right-from the top to the bottom are using similar facilities, and keeping costs low.

    I think some similar companies in Telecom sector should look at the model, specifically PTCL where the CEO & SEVP’s (total 12/15 people) occupy a floor space equal to 40-50% of total telenor floor space. Also the self service model will eliminate the 2/3 people assigned to each General Manager and higher titled person and save tons of money wasted, and mostly eaten up by lower staff.

    A photcopier is each GM and above level persons office. Thats about 200 photcopies at 50-100K each.

    Next, every office is PTCL has a printer, just image 200-300 printers, which can be eliminated by just 3/4 heavy duty printers. Next why the paper anyway…BUT it will take time to change from 1950’s culture to 2010. I hate to say it but the poor CEO probably gave up on other major problems then saving 1 crore/year in idiot expenses considered normal from old times.

    The other company that should use this model is Warid & Wateen that had 30-40 tea boys bringing tea all day long to each office. Next there were some poor souls who were exclusively allocated to top 5 slot people. Time to change I assume.

    Telenor, good job and excellent role models of success.

  • Telenor was good…but not anymore…They are not improving the service Facility & service for the users one thing they did is the most stupid thing…

    i have called several time 345 telenor call center and Requested them to plz turn SMS delivery On…but the say ap ki bat ko suna ja rha hai (i know sirf suna jae ga but will never work on it, they will Never turn it ON again)…

    They can make it optional service for Users such as Call Conferencing & Balance Transfer which we have to Call & tell them to Active on Our Number…
    Telenor can do this also with SMS Delivery Reporting…

    After calling them for last 3-4 months again & again…i got Fed up & Switched to Better Package Warid GLOW…
    it does has SMS Delivery Report for people who love to SMS & make calls to friends…good for long calls also Great Package by Warid GLOW !!!…

  • awsome great working atmosphere and i must say that i like this coz this can groom ur career, getting out from all the old working conditions like formal dressing, formal talks, formal growth etc……

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