E-Commerce Gateway Coming to Pakistan, Thanks to PTA

PTA has finally realized the need of E-commerce gateway in Pakistan. Be-lated but still Timely. Right now,they are looking forward to a consultancy firm to help them in this project.

Here is what PTA says about the need for gateway:

With the advent of Internet technology and its rapid growth during the last few years, electronic commerce has become an increasing reality. While e-commerce still constitutes a small part of in B2B & B2C (Business to Business and Business to Customer) in Pakistan.

It is seen as an opportunity to reduce cost and improve productivity. This is true, as many economies are transferring themselves into knowledge-based economies, where information and innovation are the competitive instruments. Keeping in view the importance and growth of internet user in Pakistan; there is requirement of
implementation of e-commerce gateway in the country.

E-Commerce gateway is the system in the middle of E-commerce business which helps doing the secure and reliable transactions. For more on gateways, You can go through following on wikipedia

Payment Gateway
B2B Gateway

The detailed report on Consultancy Firm requirement can be reached here

  • Well, better late then never. But i read on several pakistani blogs about the gateway system going to be launch by Etiselat just like they have in Dubai and it was suppose to be launched in June or July, do u have any updates on that ?

  • I’d be sceptical about this gateway since the intention of City Bank’s E-Commerce Gateway was to only benefit existing (at least 2 year old Private Limited) businesses and not benefit the individual knowledge worker. If you look at a payment gateway like PayPal or other E-Commerce Gateways like 2CheckOut etc, they do not limit the individual or the company, they facilitate both.

  • Yes, you are correct !!!
    We are planning to launch our Payment Gateway Service for online acquisiton of e-commerce transactions (for merchants) in Pakistan …
    3D Secure Compliant service.
    Supports Major Card Brands.
    PCI Compliant and Visa/MasterCard Certified.
    Supports multiple channels.

    more details once we launch :) … very soon

    • We have heard that Raseen Technologies (www.raseen.ae)- An Abu dhabi company is launching Payment gateway service with Bank Alfalah.
      3D secure Compliant service shifts all the liabilities from the merchants. Is it correct?

  • Good news, thanks to Propakistani and PTA,
    I’m just interested that whether general public will be benefitted or this will be a “Shajra Mamnooaa” for them due to unaffordable charges.

  • If this gateway will accept Paypal payments then i will signup because it will increase my sales.

    But i know its hard to get something like paypal they are billionars.

  • Hi Dears, This is good news but partial – No significant details given here. Pak online biz need two types of payment solutions one for merchant and second for buyers’ end.

    Introducing local Merchant payment gateway will be helpful for within or towards Pakistan biz but doing business with outer world we still require Paypal. Like most of sellers at eBay using paypal for payment and vice versa many European online businesses.

    This is amazing that Paypal is operating/offering in 196 countries including some poor countries of Africa but ignoring Pakistan without any reason. I asked several times from Paypal but answer was straight “we will consider in future”. I requested too PSEB & PASHA to participate their role in this regard but could not found any satisfied response. Anyhow, if some efforts are going to start at any level, it will be appreciable.

    • People,
      these are different concepts one for merchant and one for customer.
      an e-wallet sort of thing (lke paypal) can be done which will help general public to purchase things.
      and payment gateway can be introduced to link up with merchants (to process their payments with banks/VISA/Master/etc).
      i am working for a payment gateway compnay who is doing exactly the same thing and thinking of starting this business in pak. but not sure what politics is there.
      can an individual start something like this in pak. Offcourse i know all the PCIDSS stuff.
      just wanted to confrim if Govt. dosent have any monoply like Telecos.
      any comments in this regard will be appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    I am planning to launch a Online Mall system. In which Sellers/Merchants from Pakistan can open their stores under desired category. It is Multi Vendor Mall System. Definitely Sellers/Merchant will need Payment Gateway like PayPal. But unfortunately we are not consider even bit high then African countries in PayPal eye.

    Najeeb Ahmad.
    [email protected]

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  • ISARIF is launching first eCommerce payment gateway of Pakistan to get paid online, it will provide integration facilities to merchants for payment.

  • Do we have any update on any upcoming e-commerce gateway to Pakistan?

    It is rumoured that Citi Bank is wrapping up their operations in Pakistan which is currently the only payment gateway in Pakistan.

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