E-Commerce Gateway Coming to Pakistan, Thanks to PTA

PTA has finally realized the need of E-commerce gateway in Pakistan. Be-lated but still Timely. Right now,they are looking forward to a consultancy firm to help them in this project.

Here is what PTA says about the need for gateway:

With the advent of Internet technology and its rapid growth during the last few years, electronic commerce has become an increasing reality. While e-commerce still constitutes a small part of in B2B & B2C (Business to Business and Business to Customer) in Pakistan.

It is seen as an opportunity to reduce cost and improve productivity. This is true, as many economies are transferring themselves into knowledge-based economies, where information and innovation are the competitive instruments. Keeping in view the importance and growth of internet user in Pakistan; there is requirement of
implementation of e-commerce gateway in the country.

E-Commerce gateway is the system in the middle of E-commerce business which helps doing the secure and reliable transactions. For more on gateways, You can go through following on wikipedia

Payment Gateway
B2B Gateway

The detailed report on Consultancy Firm requirement can be reached here