Govt Launch Campaign against offensive emails, SMSs

This has happened before, and now again – Government of Pakistan has launched a campaign against offensive emails and text messages, said Geo TV citing its sources.

No doubt, govt of Pakistan especially the ruling party remains in SMS jokes/ Emails/ Social Networks – that circulate throughout the country – and this is naturally not liked amongst the leaders.

Again, one has to see the process of investigation for who actually initiated that SMS/Email, which is termed offensive or not appropriate. Agencies need to make sure that they use proper technology and the procedures before punishing anyone (It merits mentioning here that an SMS or Email circulates around the region with-in seconds, and it becomes extremely difficult to reach the actual source).

By the way, if you are found guilty, you can see the bars for as long as 14 years, so watch out and don’t play around with such things!

Moreover, this is not limited to Email/SMSs only – if you got a website/blog – even then you can be in trouble, given that you didn’t obey the Government of Pakistan. So Be Careful guys!

Excerpt from ‘The News’

A country-wide campaign has been launched against emails and text messages containing offensive and fabricated stories against the civilian leadership.

Sources told Geo News, decision has been taken to initiate an immediate action against the banned outfits engaging propaganda against the security forces through Internet.

Directive has been issued to DG FIA for taking to task the elements involved in the crime under Cyber Crimes Act.

Interpol has also been formally requested to track such emails and web sites developed outside the country. Help will be sought from the international police for deportation of the people involved in the crime, sources said.

Those proved guilty of committing these crimes will be punished with 14 years imprisonment and/ or confiscation of the property.

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