Govt Launch Campaign against offensive emails, SMSs

This has happened before, and now again – Government of Pakistan has launched a campaign against offensive emails and text messages, said Geo TV citing its sources.

No doubt, govt of Pakistan especially the ruling party remains in SMS jokes/ Emails/ Social Networks – that circulate throughout the country – and this is naturally not liked amongst the leaders.

Again, one has to see the process of investigation for who actually initiated that SMS/Email, which is termed offensive or not appropriate. Agencies need to make sure that they use proper technology and the procedures before punishing anyone (It merits mentioning here that an SMS or Email circulates around the region with-in seconds, and it becomes extremely difficult to reach the actual source).

By the way, if you are found guilty, you can see the bars for as long as 14 years, so watch out and don’t play around with such things!

Moreover, this is not limited to Email/SMSs only – if you got a website/blog – even then you can be in trouble, given that you didn’t obey the Government of Pakistan. So Be Careful guys!

Excerpt from ‘The News’

A country-wide campaign has been launched against emails and text messages containing offensive and fabricated stories against the civilian leadership.

Sources told Geo News, decision has been taken to initiate an immediate action against the banned outfits engaging propaganda against the security forces through Internet.

Directive has been issued to DG FIA for taking to task the elements involved in the crime under Cyber Crimes Act.

Interpol has also been formally requested to track such emails and web sites developed outside the country. Help will be sought from the international police for deportation of the people involved in the crime, sources said.

Those proved guilty of committing these crimes will be punished with 14 years imprisonment and/ or confiscation of the property.

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  • Hidden Eyes

    Shame on this act… They want to suppress people voice somehow.. People dont mock them for their personal attributes, people mock them due to their acts against the normal govt.

  • Yes keep the Agencies and Secret Services in finding out the culprits and the real terrorists will continue their homework…. :D

  • Ronin

    damn these a** h****.

  • shaaani

    sab se pehle to HUM SAB UMEED SE HEN ko band karna chahye

    GEO sab se zyada MAZAAQ urata hai PPP(ZARDARI).

  • shaaani

    @Kamran Mahmood

    100% agreed

    What about the Target Killings in Karachi???

  • Ztauseef

    This simply expose the true face of this so called democratic government which is no different from Musharraf dictatorship.

    Freedom to account their government is an inalienable right of every citizen. If they send people to jail for that then they went to jail for a noble cause.

  • Shaaani…. you want me to spend my next 14 years in jail ??? bohat buri baat hay :P

  • haseeb

    Its a great Coverage from Govt of Pakistan
    Now Zaradri also Send SMS against Awaz of Pkaitsan

  • I wonder how long it’ll be before blog posts criticizing policies, such as this, are considered “offensive”.

  • ZEDE

    this is so pathetic and looser attitude…and definitely goes out to show that govt is indeed guilty and just wants to quieten everyone down!!!

  • NJM

    any warning or notice to be given to website holder to take that particular content down before punishing ?

  • AhmadNawaz

    ye kuch bi kar le…log asal waja ko jante hn…asal ma ye aik ba-shour qoom se dartey hn

  • I second you Ahmad Nawaz

  • Zardari Bokhla gaya hai. Khalq Khuda Ki Awaz Naqara Khuda Hoti hai. Ab Hum loogon ki awaz ko koi daba nehin sakta. Zardari Ko chahiya kay wo apna character sahee kar laya to tamam problems hal ho jayan gay. Magar ya loog apnay aap ko to theek karta nehin hai, hum awam kay tax ka paisa asay kamoon per laga dayta hai. A very shameful act of Govt….

  • Ali Kayani

    I know some websites owners who are running such blogs and websites where people come and bad mouth PM, President, and some female ministers plus their families, its ok if you don’t like GOVT. policies, you are free to criticiz ’em, but using such bad lingo for somebody and its family? For some people it would be democratic way of speech, for me this is nothing but bulshit.

    Is there some way out to contact some officials?

  • Abdul Qudoos

    hahahha khud ko theak na karna aur awam pay jotay barsnay shuru kar do hahhhaaha

  • Haroon

    Its a shame……. how can a civilian government do this……… why are they acting like dictators………. what about our freedom of speech, what about our rights ????? :( ..

  • Haroon

    14 years are you kidding me…… we are citizens of a free country……. i mean what the hell……. did you guys hear eminems mosh…. he literally humiliated Bush ………. with power comes responsibility…. they should eradicate the reasons for what they are being criticized for …. this is not the way. ……. :(

  • Kami

    Any one notice that ufone gprs block,or blogspot com,i have many blogs but now cannot acces via ufone,

  • shamsUlHaq

    Just think about that person who’ve first gave this idea, how stupid he is indeed.

    It will be challenged in courts, caz it is against the basic human rights of expression of one’s own.

    Anyway another sppiting of our Govt. towards up, lets wait how long it take to reach back.

  • Monti

    “Democracy is the best revenge”, where is the bloody democracy in PK? Zardi ab bolnay pe bhi tax laga de ga.. man what is happening here in PK. Yah Allah Humay Zardari se nijaat dila, humaray gunnah baksh de or hum pe reham ferma, Ameen.