Attention: Those Who Copy Articles from ProPakistani

This is last warning to all Newspapers, Blogs, and everyone who Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (Copy and Paste) ProPakistani’s content (including but not limited to articles, news items, comments),

  • Complete link back is a requirement,
  • Print Media should mention ProPakistani.Com as source of content

It may be recalled that content produced on ProPakistani comes under Creative Common 3.0

What will happen if you fail to do so?

  • Your editor will be entertained with a letter, letting him know the copy paste act you have done
  • Your adsense account may face termination, Google is so kind to us these day

Why are we Furious

There are dozens of blogs and newspapers copying ProPakistani’s content. We used to warn them individually, and requesting them nicely for not doing it. However, all our requests were put on deaf ears, and causing damage to us (in terms of Google Ranking and monetarily as well).

Gentlemen, the content provided to you comes after tons of effort and money that we spend on it. We need some appreciation in return after you use this content, that’s our right, and do preserve it.

Just for a reference, just check this

The News Article :

Tip: We ourselves, use articles, news items from “The News”, but we do tell our readers that this is taken from ‘The News’, we expect them to do the same.


We use CopyScape to detect duplication of our content – So there are little chances to escape.

  • Thats good move as this is our very common practice that we never care about plagiarism, as we do this in our assignments in our projects and in our daily life … same goes for the newspapers as well so it should be legalized.

    • yea – we do provide a utility to forward articles as an emails (you can find that email icon on top right) , you can use it to forward to as many ppl as you like

  • Got a taste of your own medicine? Haha! Lol. How funny….

    You copied ideas and pictures from smaller blog sources, and then dance around it as if its your own idea. … May everyone copy your content & never give any credit to you! By the way, you’re earning Bud’Dua from people. May God curse you a thousand times. Earn all money you want in this world, but never find any peace… May you never be able to sleep properly & suffer with illness. May you get punished for your fraud & stealing in after-life!!! God will see you!

    Regards & more Bud’Dua,
    From a person who has been victim of your stealing

  • You copy content and you know it! … Who am I supposed to give citation to huh? You?!? … You don’t take direct permission from blog owners, unless they are your personal friends…

    You just take stuff thinking that giving a link is fine…. Who said thats fine when its copyrighted material?

    Secondly you copy ideas of from other website articles & reviews. Then you re-word it, and write it as your own !

    But whats the use arguing with you asking for citation. ..crazy .. You think all people are blind and they can’t see what you do?

    Only un-informed readers here will praise you because they don’t read many blogs, and they don’t know how much you copy.

    People like me who read over 300 blogs a day easily catch your charade.

    You are an expert at changing words in articles and claiming them as your own.

    • yaar, gimme a break – okay go ahead and tell me what content or idea i copied?

      And why are you shying? tell the readers your name and blog url – so that they can see your blog themselves.

      Make things clear – shouting won’t impress anyone, believe me

      I may not include your further comments, that are just shouts (without any proof)


    • Lolz!!! ohh my God, Yeh Sahi kesi ka Dussaa Lag raha hai/ rahee hai…

      my all sympathies are with you. May Allah help you in changing your thoughts about the people and about yourself.

      Please always consider , when you are accusing anyone with proof.

      If you are reader of 300 Blogs , then you must be familiar with citations , so sweety , pls post it!! Dont waste your time by serving any purpose.

      Hats off to ProPakistani team , for approving even such comments…

      @ Vicitim , if you really have material that have been copied from different blogs to this website, then pls give us all those links.

      TIP : you can use copyscape for that…

      Pls, i think everyone will wait for your reply….

      and now pls dont come with confusing lines once again in comments to degradge once again yourself in your eyes and in front of others until unless u dont have that!!!

      Take care ,,

  • hummm atleast I am not doing any copy pasting from ProPakistani :) But still I like many contents over here. Hopefully this site will remain online :D

  • There are solutions avilable that nobody can copy and paste the content. If you just confirm me then i can propose something.

    • Kashif i appreciate your concern. I do have such solutions myself – but those hinder students and PR agencies to copy content too.

      Its like curing the disease instead of patient : – )

  • Look guys, here is the rule in journalism – you can quote anyone (unless confined explicitly) and then give the source. Journalists, bloggers can’t produce stories in their bed room – they do listen/read sources to make stories.

    But if someone is re-producing your story without credit, that’s un-ethical, or called plagiarism.

    I know everyone know these concepts, but they make up for reasons.

    • Aamir is right here. no one makes stories in their bed rooms, there are sources and sometimes multiple sources. Being an ethical citizen, we should link back to articles that we take off from another source.

  • Actually, you are copying article from various sources and we all know that.

    you are not a company just individuals.

    lol on this article

    • I ve mentioned exclusively that we do lift content – but give due credit, in return i expect the same.

      Moreover, there are only few stories that we pick from web – otherwise, there is so little on web relating to our niche. But whenever such happens, we do linkback.

  • So what’s the point… Do not lift from a lifter’s site without letting him know that the lifted material is once again lifted???? LOL

  • if u just scroll down that page

    more , you will happen to know that kashifyy is replying to someone about the source of that post. and it is written there ProPakistani Blog.

    So , proved that it has been taken from ProPakistani.

    @ victim , pls bring any other material to verify ure statements.pls post….

    This is the only time you can show the audience the truth about ProPakistani… Pls :P :P


  • we should not discuss on this metter.
    propakistani is good place to get information on one place rather than visiting more websites.

    if someone copy from here than propakistani article will still have the higher rank.

    Don’t worry

    • pakistan mein taang khainchnay walay boht hai bhai, aap bhi unn mein se aik ho kashif!!!

  • is a great site…. forget websites and print media our TV channels station steal each others content without proper credit

  • Guys, with due respect whats the law for wrong or baised info posted as it happenes frequently here
    any remedy or punishment?????????

    • It happened twice in last year, when i posted wrong information about a company (of course mistakenly), their PR guys called me and corrected me. I corrected the information with an apology.

      Otherwise legal departments are there to tackle severe cases.

      We are open to hear any query : – )

  • I would like to Share a Story, It is true Pro Pakistani use Copy Scape , I have written some stuff for ProPakistani , but it was not published because its extract was on many websites. So i feel it should be clear that Aamir manages it well,

    Did The News serve apology ? or are you willing to take legal action?

  • I came across this website today and glade to see such a good professional blogs.

    People who are copying this website should give credits to propakistani

  • Hey Aamir,

    Let’s make it healthier place. Everyone knows we don’t have many guys in Pakistan who can write really good on gadgets and technology related topics. I didn’t try to find out but I know some people here do copy. You should accept it because there is not harm in it.

    Let’s make it simple. Do we need to invent radio again? E=mc2 and we don’t need to work on it. Copying is a wrong word here. You are actually providing us so much different information at one place and we are thankful to you. However I don’t agree with this post “Attention: Those Who Copy Articles from ProPakistani”. You’ve to be generous and it doesn’t matter if someone gives you credit or not. You’ve one of the most famous technology news website in Pakistan and should have a big heart. In stead of spending your time on finding out who is copying your material, please use that time to put more articles for us. What I’m writing here is nothing to offend you rather appreciate you. Let’s guys appreciate Aamir for a good work. Keep it up brother.

    • @Aammuk: I will follow your lead on this!

      But citation would be appreciated, you know it makes difference when we talk about print media. Thanks for your comment, it was helpful and thoughtful.

  • Tandoor Garam Hai tau Main Bhi Rotian Laga Loon :-D

    I did managed to write some posts for Propakistani .. Was strictly advised to link back the original post if i post something other than my own spy network.. Here is what I was conveyed when I started…

    “yes, anything relating to Pakistan will work – its better if you quote internet resources as well (from where you collect information) This adds authenticity plus original poster gets the credit as well.”

    So, if you ever see the link of the the post from around the web, its only due to this rule of thumb here..

  • Fair use is usually considered 60 words or less and that a proper link be included to the original source, without a ‘nofollow.’

    Otherwise prior permission is required. And no framing of others’ content allowed.

    All sites should have Terms of Use to this effect.

    ProPakistani is to be commended for its leadership role in protecting intellectual property.

    Almost all of us (present company included) have miss-appropriated content in the past. By keeping this subject on the front burner, ProPakistani will help us all move forward together.

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