Attention: Those Who Copy Articles from ProPakistani

This is last warning to all Newspapers, Blogs, and everyone who Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (Copy and Paste) ProPakistani’s content (including but not limited to articles, news items, comments),

  • Complete link back is a requirement,
  • Print Media should mention ProPakistani.Com as source of content

It may be recalled that content produced on ProPakistani comes under Creative Common 3.0

What will happen if you fail to do so?

  • Your editor will be entertained with a letter, letting him know the copy paste act you have done
  • Your adsense account may face termination, Google is so kind to us these day

Why are we Furious

There are dozens of blogs and newspapers copying ProPakistani’s content. We used to warn them individually, and requesting them nicely for not doing it. However, all our requests were put on deaf ears, and causing damage to us (in terms of Google Ranking and monetarily as well).

Gentlemen, the content provided to you comes after tons of effort and money that we spend on it. We need some appreciation in return after you use this content, that’s our right, and do preserve it.

Just for a reference, just check this

The News Article :

Tip: We ourselves, use articles, news items from “The News”, but we do tell our readers that this is taken from ‘The News’, we expect them to do the same.


We use CopyScape to detect duplication of our content – So there are little chances to escape.