One Pirate Down: Mag4You.Com – More to Follow

Geo TV yesterday reported about allegedly illegal website, that contained copyrighted content on its website, was raided by FIA officials, and webmaster plus the office equipment (including computers, laptops) were taken into custody.

We are told that owner of website is put into jail as he was found responsible for copying musical content that was originally owned by Fire Records.

People are writing in favor of Mag4You.Com, by justifying that Webmasters should be contacted before actually arresting them. In response Fire Records un-officially commented here and clarified that they contacted the webmaster and offered him different packages, however, he such requests were put over deaf ears.

Internet entrepreneurs showed mixed response over the act. Most of them were of the view that in a scenario like what it is in Pakistan, why a webmaster should be told to not to copy music content, it is so obvious that copyrighted content can’t be re-produced without consent of actual owner. A blogger in a communication told me “all those who copy content/songs should face the penalty that is how we will get better as an industry”.

This is an alarm was all those who generate revenues through copyrighted content. They must get familiar that what they are earning is not their right.

Jang Newspaper, citing Fire Records’ spokesperson said that company has registered complaints against other websites including and Songs.PK.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK