One Pirate Down: Mag4You.Com – More to Follow

Geo TV yesterday reported about allegedly illegal website, that contained copyrighted content on its website, was raided by FIA officials, and webmaster plus the office equipment (including computers, laptops) were taken into custody.

We are told that owner of website is put into jail as he was found responsible for copying musical content that was originally owned by Fire Records.

People are writing in favor of Mag4You.Com, by justifying that Webmasters should be contacted before actually arresting them. In response Fire Records un-officially commented here and clarified that they contacted the webmaster and offered him different packages, however, he such requests were put over deaf ears.

Internet entrepreneurs showed mixed response over the act. Most of them were of the view that in a scenario like what it is in Pakistan, why a webmaster should be told to not to copy music content, it is so obvious that copyrighted content can’t be re-produced without consent of actual owner. A blogger in a communication told me “all those who copy content/songs should face the penalty that is how we will get better as an industry”.

This is an alarm was all those who generate revenues through copyrighted content. They must get familiar that what they are earning is not their right.

Jang Newspaper, citing Fire Records’ spokesperson said that company has registered complaints against other websites including and Songs.PK.

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  • Amir,

    See its not always the same what musicians and record labels want. Musicians sign up with a label and HAVE TO LISTEN to their terms then. I know LOADS of musicians out there who want part of their albums uploaded for creating the hype and promotion but the record labels doesn’t allow that. They all use these websites to get the initial fame. You don’t get a record label without the initial fame just like that, do you?

    Big artists like Jal and Atif were launched by such “pirates” and today if they make millions its because of such “pirates”. I don’t support piracy at all but fire records has been to RIGID to comply with the music websites.
    There has to be a friendly solution out of this.

    • So the point is, as far as the legit owner of work allows you, that’s fine – otherwise one can be in hell.

      This is quite acceptable, but now tell me – all those music websites, do they play music with consent? i blv only 0.1 percent wud be the case.

  • The legit owner can’t allow you since he comes under FIRE! Fire paid him and now they own the album. It’s a fine step, I don’t mind. Album piracy will stop which is good but musicians won’t be able to allow their stuff online even with their consent, which isn’t good.

  • Well I guess that it’s a good step towards stopping piracy. But I think that they should have just closed the website instead of raiding the office of the webmaster.

  • hmmm, I wonder it really happens in Pakistan :)

    Webmaster should always keep their ears open, and should consider and entertain such requests etc…

  • See Amir,

    Thats how Mr. Rohail hyatt behaved on the action. Even he doesn’t agree what fire did was right.

    “Hey! You’re right. You immediately removed the track when I requested you to do so. Thank you for the very informative post and I agree with the advice you have left for website owners and record companies. I totally agree that the real pirates are still out there operating effortlessly whereas individuals are targeted because they are soft targets. I’d be happily jumping up and down if this whole effort was being done to aid the artists and for the betterment of music in general in Pakistan. Unfortunately, it’s only being done for the sake of business. First the artists are stripped of their rights because they are desperate and then sponsorship money is made on the bought up licenses and not a single paisa is shared with the artists. There should be action against this if you ask me. I urge artists to not fall in this trap and fight for their rights. The best possible deal they can get into is to NEVER give up the rights to their songs and to make sure they have a cut in any future deals made from their creativity and hard work. If you don’t get a deal with your rights intact, take a stand, release online and give your music out for free if necessary and believe in yourself and your work. It may be hard initially but it will pay off in the long run…

    This is Just my $1 – .98 worth of input into this affair…”


  • اسلام علیکم!
    میرے خیال میں یہ اقدام قانونی طور پر جائز ہے۔ لیکن جب پورے ملک کی مارکیٹوں میں ایسا غیر قانونی مواد سیل ہو رہا ہے تو پھر اس کے آن لائن ہونے میں کیا مسئلہ ہے۔ حکومت اور قانون نافذ کرنے والے ادارے پہلے وہ تمام مواد حذف کروائیں۔ پھر اوروں کا پکڑیں۔ زیادہ مسئلہ ہے تو پہلے ویب سائیٹ بند کر دیں پھر اس کے مالک کو آخری وارننگ کے بعد گرفتار کر لیں۔

    سب سے پہلے تو انہیں یو ٹیوؓ بند کروانا ہو گی جس پر بہت سا ایسا مواد موجود ہے۔ مگر مچھ کو ہاتھ ڈالیں۔ مینڈکوں کو نہ پکڑیں۔


  • See whatever did Fire Records had right to do it. because they are Copyright owners.

    Secondly, if fire records does Arrest people on this, surely that won’t even earn them a Buck!. Instead they will gain some HATERS and some enemies.

    ***Thirdly and Lastly****
    Keep my word: You cannot ‘STOP’ Internet Piracy whatsoever.
    But if you say ( “You can resist it”. ) Than i agree with this.

    It is impossible to ‘STOP’ Internet piracy in current times. Whatever the copyright owners does, whatever he invests to stop piracy.. The more you stop the more it rises. Keep my words.

    Fight against piracy is like War Against Terror.

    (You can resist it to some extent, but you CANNOT stop it). Keep my words and i am sure you will believe in these words even after 10 Years.

  • I don’t think It’s a issue. Such websites promote their music. Do you think a person who loves music and have enough money will listen these 128K songs. Most of them only download these songs to have a taste of them before buying the original CD. Further, If Fire Record had any issue with their website they should first complaint to the hosting company or email the advertisers (Adsense). They only used their power to catch them. They even not followed the Cyber Laws.

  • bulshit fire records guys will be assasinated if they pissed on of the pakistanis and they are not gonna do a damn thing about it.
    what fire records need to do is to take theirs records shine them up and stick it up to their candy asses
    .soon piracy kings will be born

    piracy zindabad…….

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