President Calls for Setting up Telecom University & Mobile Manufacturing Plant

President Asif Ali Zardari called for the setting up of a Telecom University, a telecom research and development center and a plant to manufacture and assemble mobile handsets in the country.

He said that the government will provide land for the Telecom Varsity in Haripur where the nucleus of telecom training facilities already existed and also offer facilities for establishing an R&D Center in Islamabad and the mobile handsets manufacturing plant.

Spokesperson to the President former Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the call was made when a delegation of Chinese Telecom conglomerate ZTE called on the President in the Presidency.

He said that the President appreciated the ZTE’s role in the development of Pakistan’s Telecommunication sector and said that Chinese companies had made significant contributions to Pakistan’s economy through direct investment.

The President called upon ZTE to develop technical skills of the local labour force.

The five member delegation that called on the President was led by Luo Pingfan, Dy Chairman ZTE and also included Luo Zhaohui, Ambassador of China.

M. Salman Faruqi, Secretary General to the President, Kamal Majidullah, Special Assistant to PM on Water Resources, Khalil Ahmad, Ambassador at Large and senior official of the foreign office also attended the meeting.

The President said that Chinese investment and cooperation could help develop Pakistan as regional hub for manufacturing for which low cost labour force was available in Pakistan.

He also called upon the ZTE to develop a research and development center in telecommunication and a plant for manufacture of mobile handsets in Pakistan.

President Zardari said that he was keenly awaiting his visit to China later this month to further consolidate the relations between the two countries which he said was ‘an important factor for peace and stability in the region and the world’ .

The President underscored the importance of closer collaboration and coordination between Pakistan and China in view of complexities of regional and global situation.

He said that Pakistan would continue to support China on all issues of national importance to it.

The Chinese delegation thanked the President of Pakistan and the government for providing it necessary back up and support to carry out its investment plan in Pakistan.


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  • ab duniya naye cezain daikhe ge Pak mobiles hahahahahahah
    jeasy china mobile aye thay ab pak mobiles aye gay let’s hope for the best they will compete china mobile or not :-p

  • I think its a great initiative by the present govt. We really need some good schools that can actually contribute towards producing good grads who can become our valuable assets in telcos and IT industry

  • Cant believe MR Zardari said that, but if Propakistani says to true hi hoga.
    Wakai yakeen nai a raha :P
    But jokes apart, agar aise 2 char kam or kar de zardari to men shayd baz a jaon

  • Yaar tum log itney mayous kiyun ho agar Allah taala chahey tau kiya nahin ho sakta , aik punjabi zarul misal hai” Choron Qutub Banaya” tau Zardari kiyun nahin badal sakta.

  • Yar agar hum apne leaders ka sath dain to wo itne b buray nahe han. Jasay musharaf kala bag dam bna raha tha to agar hawam sath dati to aaj electricity ka problem na hota.

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