Satellite Images of Baitullah Mehsud’s Home from Google Earth

Stefan Geens has figured out a spot on Google Earth that is likely to be Baitullah Mehsud’s in law’s house where he was reportedly shot down by a missile attack.

Stefan figured out the exact location of a village in remote areas of Wazirastan, Federally administered Tribal Areas, based on news reports published in media.

For instance, BBC reported

The missile fired by the US drone hit the home of the Taliban chief’s father-in-law, Malik Ikramuddin, in the Zangarha area, 15km (9 miles) north-east of Ladha, at around 0100 on Wednesday (1900 GMT Tuesday).


Stefan notes on his blog,

Ladha was easily found via a default search in Google Earth (and the returned placemark comes courtesy of an entry in Google Earth Community); it is indeed in the South Waziristan region of Pakistan, and is the location of an old British fort. Then it was a matter of finding Zanghara. Here once again proved to be an invaluable resource. A fuzzy search for “Zangarha” in Pakistan returned one clear answer exactly 15km northeast of Ladha: Zangarai Algad, where “algad” denotes that the feature name is a stream or shallow valley. This valley extends northeast-southwest for a few kilometers, and I think it is likely this is the place referred to by the article.

Want to view map on your Google Earth? Download this POI and open it with Google Earth.

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  • is this political website or what?

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    • We remain at good distance from any political topic (as a part of policy), however, this topic had a relation to Google Earth, i.e. the technology and internet, that is why it was considered.

      Be informed, we have no relation what so ever with any political, regional, religional party.

  • Why are croupt politicians and rulers of pakistan and the islamic world never targeted by american drone………after al its a war on teror……

    • Well, Yasir then they will have to start from the white house and then reach islamic countries or pakistan. I really dont know why people just can’t do some self analysis and try to correct themselves first. That will surely save them a lot of time to point fingers at others.

  • I like this website and almost daily visit your site.I suggest u to not put political matters on site . It comes under terrorism issues which may leads to violation of Google adsense terms and conditions. I hope you will look into the matter.

    • Saqib, we are not promoting terrorism at all, neither we said a single word for/against any political entity. We just discussed on how the home was spotted, through Google Earth.

      However, we have noted your suggestion, and will be taken seriously. Thank You!

  • well..i dont think so there is any harm on posting such post like this one!
    its for general info and is not violating ne google terms and conditions.
    its a good website
    buck up

  • i like ths post if someone angry with ths post why he open this page it is not political or relignl post it consist on googls poi of indian agnt baitulah mehsod’s home.ths post give us informtn.

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