Breaking: Facebook Soon Launching Facebook Lite

facebook_logo_lgJust two days back Facebook acquired Friendfeed and now it is going to launch Facebook Lite. Just moments ago Facebook notified thousand of users including me about beta testing of Facebook Lite. But right after a few minutes the message disappeared.

Here is the full text notification which you must have seen if you were selected:

We are building a faster, simpler version of Facebook that we call Facebook Lite. It’s not finished yet and we have plenty of kinks to work out, but we would love to get your feedback on what we have built so far.
Check out Facebook Lite now at

But the link is not working right now. May be Facebook is fixing it or something. Seems like Facebook is going to do something big this summer. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: Apparently, Lite version is not working for many of us. However, TechCrunch has spotted this screen shot.

Through this screen shot, it looks Facebook will be launching a simplified version, with some featurs being in-active. TechCrunch citing a communication says that this lite version is basically for those countries where growth in FaceBook visitors is exceptional, while they need something simple to kick off.


  • Facebook is a social networking website basically. But yes these days people are more sharing their content and it looks like a social bookmarking website.

  • i tried lite.facebook and it worked for me …all good…love it coz sometimes when i wasnt at home or in office ,it was very hard to just fullfill your adiction of facebook :)..

  • Ltd feature videos

    Watch more at LTD