PTA goes ProPakistani – Starts Banning Anti-Pakistan Baloch Websites

banned-baloch-websitesJust another heartening yet controversial news coming from the tech sector of Pakistan, PTA starts banning anti-Pakistan websites that are allegedly funded by RAW and are run by Baloch separatists. People have been arguing that this is yet another attempt to curb freedom of speech but I believe freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to propagate false information especially when it’s going largely against the national interests.

I won’t politicize this writeup as ProPakistani maintains a good policy of staying away from politics but we all have witnessed how Baloch terrorists and separatists have been mobilizing through the technology aiming to strengthen their anti-Pakistani propaganda. I would like to be very clear here that I am not against the freedom of speech and I know that Baloch nation has been deprived but I would never support any manifesto of BSO or BLA.

So the websites that have been banned across Pakistan are:

Baloch Warna      
Baloch Voice       
Baloch Media       
Sagaar Publications
BSO NA                       
The Baluch            

So the comments form is the platform for you shout out and participate in the debate whether this was a good move or a bad move as in to block freedom of speech.

  • Lets be consistent, please ban Zardari/Nawaz and their cohorts too. They are the biggest national threat to Pakistan.

    In principle i agree with this move but Pakistani governments have a history of using these moves to curb genuine political opposition.

    Muslims of Baluchistan have been denied rights including political and social-economical rights. Unless they are addressed banning these websites will be just a PR exercise and strengthen the argument of those who want to separate Baluchistan i.e. that the center can not provide but believe in banning and shutting down opposition.

  • Please dont mind but such moves generates more curiosity in public and they tries their best to read what is written on such sites. I had no idea about these sites but now these sites will get international attention and readers all around world will start reading them.

    There are many anti pakistani sites that are banned by govt of Pak but they become more popular after banning them.

    Instead of controlling such things, Govt should deliver its proper services to the region and do justice, no body will even think to launch such websites. Assurance is better than Control.

  • And MashAllah you did more good job by writing links of these websites. Now I can open and see them also. Better to not market their websites. Please understand and remove links for such websites, atleast from your website. Don’t route your readers to these websites. Don’t play middle man role in making such anti pakistan website popular on international level. I know your intentions are not bad but some time we do mistakes unintentionally.


    Mauj Barhay Ya Aandhi Aaye
    Dia Jalai Rakhna Hai
    Ghar Ki Khatir Soo Dukh Jhailain
    Ghar To Aakhir Apna Hai.


    • In my more then 1 year experience in journalism, I have learnt what to propagate and what to not. I intentionally posted those links for those who are able to open them so that they could be aware of the alarming situation.

  • Hmmmm! when pakistani govt. wil go propakistani, n start banning “Shameless Pakistani media”… which is slowly killing our culture. They copy Indian soap operas to increase viewership… and their(especially geo) Love for India is beyond any understanding…

    PS: am not against their modernism, am aginst that cheap indianism.

  • i guess it not enough , someone can also open or browse it through proxy as i browse all above said websites through proxy. and i dont think it browsed only in pakistan, they use it to propogate in INTERNATIONAL WAY. So it`s useless till they blocked all over the world.

  • People who are still interested in visiting these websites please click the link below and enter the URL.

    [Proxy website’s link removed by admin]

    In my opinion rather fighting for freedom Baluchis should fight for their rights.

  • Govt should take the criticism positively (which is not possible) & try to resolve the issues which public is facing.
    If they are facing such issues they also must know the reason (why it happened) instead of just killing the root cause.

  • Banning the websites would bring no harm to the struggle. These website are targeting international audience anyway. Majority of Balochis here don’t have resources to regularly check these websites.
    Govt should solve this problem, getting to the root cause of it? If it is propaganda then who is responsible for it?

    For e.g. If people build websites against KESC, cursing it and protesting against it? Will the govt ban these websites or solve the problems??


  • This really burns me from the inside. These guys have “paksitan murdabad” banners. Why havent they been arrested yet? .. Why are they even lived to stay in Paksitan, they must be deported to somalia or something.

    Its all RAW’s doings, just like RAW is funding MQM for its khuli dehshtgardi in Karachi.

    We’ve got alot of mess on our hands and now these Baloch people. Damn.

  • These websites are surprisingly well-designed and professional-looking, considering the fact that most Balochis in Balochistan are usually struggling to live a decent and peaceful life. Web designing would probably be the last thing in their minds. I have had many Baloch friends in Karachi and none of them speak against the ideology of Pakistan in the manner depicted in these websites. It is the self-proclaimed “leaders” and so called tribal “elders” who, with financial, technological and logistical help of some foriegners, are exploiting the 6 decade long mismanagement of our Federal Government. Islam teaches of Unity and also struggle for rights. These separatists are doing a great service to the enemies of Islam. All Pakistanis should express solidarity with our Balochi brothers and our famously incompetent Government must prove it is really a democratically elected one by bringing proper governance and devolopment to Balochistan. Otherwise the Taliban are near. And so are the Indians and Americans.

  • Somebody hacked these websites. As regardless of PTA banning , people can access it. PTA has to hire hackers.

  • I am agree with Saleem Khan that Dear Pro Pakistani moderator don’t place the links in your website and remove it.

    Dear Amanullah , these sites are against Pakistan, not against KESC , ofcourse you can protest against KESC but not against Pakistan. Baluch believes that after independence ( fools dreams ) they should be independent ? actually not, the Big crocodiles U.S , Israel, U.K and India will capture their resources, cause they need minerals and oils it’s the war of oil. They wanted to divide and rules. Some Black sheeves are also supporting but believe me they won’t and will fail inshaAllah.

  • Ofcourse normal balochis are petriotic and working their duties like normal Pakistanis. I have also experience to work with few Baloch included the coach of famous Boxer Hussain Shah. And i will pride that Pakistan have such good petrotic baloches who have done great jobs to raise Pakistan flag high in olympics.

  • I am not against Pakistan. I am a paksitani by heart. but I think its against the freedom of speach.
    And the freedom fight of baloch is result of deprival of basic rights of Baloch people. If you keep pushing even an animal to the wall it is likely that it will resist after some moment.
    Note that among genuine protesters are some black sheeps who try to take advantage of the situation, it is these people we have to eliminate.

    @Kashif Pakistan was also a “fools dream” before becoming independent. Every one expected it to collapse within a year but Alhamdulilah its now a developing country but still surrounded by some controversies.

    For all those people who think balochs are terrorists just watch the below clip. Its a non baloch program with non baloch people speaking in it.


  • well….This is a good move, and there is a huge responsibilyt on Pak Govt to educate people in Baluchistan that who these nationalists are, where are their grounds based on, who they are funded by, what the main aim is though…..Everyone knows who these are and what they want…


  • Well Step Take It By PTA. Balouch Nation Are Part Of Pakistan And Few People Are Creating Propaganda Against Pakistan Such As (U.S Firstly, India,Israel,Afghanistan,Russia And England) In Those Countries Are Plainning To Dertroy pakistan ,And pakistan Created In the Name Of Allah. Inshallah America lost In Afghanistan War.And go back home. Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) Are Totally involved in Balochistan Situation And Government will not Talk Very Well to india. Pakistan Are creating In the map Of World To The Cut Of India stomach INSHALLAH PAKISTAN ZINDABAD,PAKISTAN PAINDABAD,LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

  • AOA to all. I think its a good move by PTA. Because if we not banned these type of sites then at last one day they will get too much popularity. One thing more please remove links of these sites because by publishing them we are giving more and more popularity in the world.
    We have to provide them places where they can speak their problems mean Balochi and we should try to give them solutions for them. But remember your and their should not be against the integrity of Pakistan. My friend is developing such a forum name for this purpose. I suggest you people join it and put your voices in one cup for the integrity and stability of Pakistan.


  • I think , We should resolve the Balochistan issue as soon as possible as banning web sites never removes hate for pakistan from their heart. so be realistic and try to resolve it.

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  • it’s a very good n nice step to banned these false propaganda websites, n also plz banned those pages of facebook also which are anti-pakistan n anti islam, the pplz of balochistan(all pplz) r not against pakistan we have examples like liuet jehangir mari liuet safi ullah baloch
    shaheeds of sawat operation

  • GUD move,
    PTA should ban all websites which promote anti pakistanism.

    I’ll appricate if someone let me know any pro pakistani website .

    PAKISTAN zinda BAD

  • Shame On Pokistan …Pokistani Media Ignore Baloch N Balochistan …shame on P.T.A

  • It is right to protect country.PTA should ban all these sites.Go away idiot endians you cant fool us by just changing names.The people from the province of Baochistan love PAKISTAN.Go and save ur country.Pakistan is inshallah going to stay forever.Pak Army zindabad and PAKISTAN PAINDABAD.

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