Ufone Smart Code Service – Get Uload without Revealing your Number

ufonesmartUfone’s another nice step, first in industry – introduces this service that can be essentially useful for female customers who get their number shared at shops while getting their Ufone account recharged by giving number to the the retailers.

Now you do not need to worry, you can get your Ufone top up without giving your U number to anyone, how? Give me your U number first :P

How, here is the answer, simply dial *765# from your Ufone, in few moments you will receive your Uload code in a sms, give that code to the retailer for Uload and that retailer will send you balance using that code, you will get that credit in your Ufone instantly.

In short using this service you use your Uload code instead of your number for account recharging services.

This service is free of charge.

  • ohh great…. so my UTopUp code is…


    • i want to cancel the ufone information service and other service please tell me about canceling

  • is there is any extra charges ??? or any other detection ??


      its free of charge Hamid, further, its unique id against your mobile number, now u have to provide ur Uload code to retailer for topup not ur number
      Your number is now been protacted, no retailer or any one whom u dont have any contact will distrub u by sending spam messages or calls.
      Ufone…it’s all about U
      Tum he to hoo

    • how to cancel batchet service and more service

  • Farooq Saleem

    Hi ProPakistani,

    Thanks for the information. I try to get information from ufone’s site, but the link is not clickable, hmmmmmm, there is bug in flash movie.

    Ufone should check the stuff before uploading it on its site for public.

  • Tahir

    Thanks “Pro Pakistani”

  • Ufone is giving cool services day by day. This is the reason that I”m shifting to Ufone. I thought of this problem before and now here is the solution. Good work

  • Khurram Zahid

    Now this should be the service all the girls have been looking for….

  • farhan muzammil

    hi guys. i just want to know do we have to send sms each time to get code when we want to recharge or it is a one time permanent code.

    Thank you

    • Bits

      no need to send message every time, just send *765# and u will receive uniqe code agaisnt ur number and that will remain the same against ur Ufone number.
      Njoyyyyyy U load and save ur number from retailers.
      Good Ufone
      it’s all about U.

  • Murtaza

    good for the females .. impressive 1st by ufone

  • Imran


    tum hi to ho

  • Stranger

    that’s pretty cool
    smart service

  • Usman

    Mistake in the post. You have titled it as “Ushare” but its “Uload”. Correct it please.

    • Thanks – done

      • farhan muzammil

        amir bhai is it a one time code or we have to send sms each time we want to recharge our account

        • Its one time code, that you can remember, or get it again anytime you want!

  • shaaani

    ufone always innovate first

    who started the GPRS first
    who started the number blocking first

    so for me Ufone always comes first

  • gumby

    Nice service but it is not a first by Ufone. Zong is already providing such service. Yeah if it is free service by Ufone then they are ahead of Zong since Zong has a one time fee of Rs. 100+tax for what they call MCode.
    Other details from Zong are:

    Service Details:

    MCode will be offered primarily to the prepaid subscriber base for a Rs. 100 +t charge. Any customer can walk into our CS Center to get a MCode issued against their actual MSISDN. Alternatively customers can dial the MCode or IVR or send an sms to get subscribed to this service.

    To keep the process issue free and easy to use, in cases where a subscribed customer requires a fresh MCode to be mapped against the actual MSISDN it could be done on the predefined charge.

    Subscription Process:

    Through CSC:
    A walk-in customer can get subscribed through the CRM interface available with every CS Representative.

    Through IVR
    A customer can dial 674 and follow the instructions to get subscribed to the service

    Through SMS
    A customer can send “sub” to 674 and get subscribed to the service.

    Note: The MCode cannot be used to make calls, SMS or any other operation except for use with Mini Load.

    • Zee

      thats something new… may be after zong will see ufone advertise… they will advertise it too… (and remove the charges hopefully :D )

  • Kamran Khan Zaki

    O Yes its amazing one time again on Ufone.But ufone Call charges is too much

  • Hassan

    yaar yeh fazool service hai.. :P

  • Hassan

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  • Usman Ali

    achi service hai baki sb ko b strt karni chiye

  • I seldom come to this place and whenever I do, I don’t feel like leaving :D

  • Great service!

  • Waleed

    WOW!!!! THTZZZ a cool service of ufone. ufone’s the best best and best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faizan

    nice move by both

  • Qaiser

    wow dats gr8!

  • Bad News For All For Prepaid Customers…

    yesterday i recv msg from Ufone that:

    Dear Customer! To cater to your high service quality needs we shall now be charging 10 paisas+tax only on our balance inquiry *124# from 1st Sept 2009.

  • sundas

    mujhe uload ki kuch samjh nahi arahi plzzzzzzzz koi mujhe detail main samjha day

    • good.

    • junaid

      actully u load means easy load mean charge balance another way on way you know though card recharge and another way is uload it mean easy load therefore easy get require your cell number and you know in retail market where you load your numbers theft and you recieved missed call or fake calls therefore ufone offer smart code just get your smart code dial *765# and press after few minuted you get one code just when you get uload just told him / shopkeeper thats your number is secret ok .


    • baqir


  • zuhair

    GREAT !!!

  • oh nice pkg. i agree wd pkg. i love ufone

  • Abdul-Azeem

    How i can get hundred by hundred 100/100 rupees in ufone number by card load or easyload without taxes so plz send me method i will be very thankful.

  • saba

    what a superb offer!!
    its really fantastic…..especially 4 girls!!

  • fareed

    this is good job by ufone

  • shakeel

    what is sms package

  • Hasnain Khan

    ufone claims and most attractive advertisement did not match its services, they activates some VAS on a number without any request and when some one point out the issue of balance drop they said please system is slow call next time, some times said concern departments did not responds , and when concern staff on line they said you have activated MCN, send Unsub to 180, and they did tells the detail of other servicec at single call, but when consumers fell after some days that his balance is droping without any process then he call to 333 and the same delay process started again and the end they said MMS activated, also they charge Rs. 0.60 per sms to 606 for finding remaining free sms. but when after many tension efforts consumers deactivates all VAS then the same problem exit. no one can ask from them that who activates and wy, so requested to all ufone consumers that please donot waste your costly time and money and change yours networks. its my duty that i inform now its on yours self. thanks [email protected]

  • please send me o