PTA Wants You to Identify Grey Traffic – Does it Really Matter?

ad_eng_210809PTA has started the campaign to call the spade, a spade. They have asked the fellow countrymen to identify all those people who are busy in Grey Calling; through an advertisement it has said to notify the authority all those local numbers, which carry calls from international destinations.

According to PTA, Grey Calling is a drain on national resources.

Grey Calling is actually the way around of making international calls on local rates. You would have seen a local number during incoming call on your cell sometimes but in actuality the call is from outside country.

Question of the hour is that does it really matter to fellow countrymen? What is in their for countrymen to identify those culprits? Why should fellas help a government organization when everything is going against them? Why should people let the PTA know about the Grey Calling and deprive their loved ones from making cheap calls from abroad?

It would have been better if PTA would have taken action also on the complaints of mobile subscribers and land line owners. It would have been better if PTA would have kept strong check on the bad service provider in localities. It would have been better if PTA would have got some confidence and trust worthiness from the customers. It would have been better if PTA would have told countrymen how this is the loss of national resources when they are earning zillions on tax collection.

I wouldn’t have called them. What would you have done??

Note from Editor: You got any such local number? that brings you international calls? notify such numbers to PTA, using following contact information

Toll Free Number: 0800-55055
Fixed Line: 051-9225325
Fax: 051-2878127
Email: [email protected]
Postal Mail:
CPD, PTA Headquarters,
Sector F 5/1, Islamabad

Zonal Offices:

Karachi: 021-35666437
Lahore: 042-36602192
Peshawar: 091-5829177, 5837072
Quetta: 081-2826883
Rawalpindi: 051-5766404
Muzaddarabad: 05822-921198

  • i will never disclose the number why should i deprive my loved ones who are in contact with me….i short MUJHY KYA

    • Guys… I don’t think reporting these numbers to PTA is going to affect your loved ones in any way. They will still dial your number and you will still be able to get their calls but only through the proper channel.


    • Aziz mian, i wud alert the service provider that the bandits who like to line their own pockets, and who want to drain my pocket, are coming after u.

  • the world is going up in every aspect and we are going down…when it comes to telecommunication, it has gone too cheap even beyond our thoughts all around the world…but these stupids sitting in pakistan r making policies which is driving it backwords…if they ask me to disclose a number of any kind, i would slap them in their face…

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