PTA Working on (Might Be The First Ever) Encyclopedia of Pakistan

According to our reliable sources, PTA is working on a web-portal which will hold every kind of information and reference links about Pakistan. It’s not clear whether it will be a mere directory or might be the first ever encyclopedia of Pakistan – holding all the information about our history, culture and traditions with photos and videos.

If its a directory even then it will be of great help to accomplish many tasks. At least we would not need to run to different offices to get information and other data. Further our source told that this service will be launched in the mid of September.

It will also be very helpful to the thousands of Pakistani expatriates living in different countries to seek and get all the info they need. In past, we also heard about EGD Project (Electronic Government) but one could understand that it would take more time than anticipated.

I hope that this new web-portal gets launched on time and brings some change.

  • Very good if it would have updated info, and remain updated with the passage of time.

  • They should have invest this effort on some other IT Projects, Such as awareness of OpenSource technology in Pakistan. Promote Opensource. Par Microsoft ju itna khila raha he uska kia hoga :(

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