All Companies to Charge Balance Inquires from Tomorrow, Except Warid

Most of you must have received a text message from your respective cellular operator about charges on USSD balance inquiries, for better services, this is just a reminder call that you will be charged from tomorrow (September 1st, 2009) for yet another not-chargeable item.

This first of its kind charge, has been approved by authority, saying that companies can charge whatever thing they want to, but only after giving their customers a 30 days’ notice.

Warid hasn’t confirmed us for any balance inquiry charges so far. Their CSR said they will not charge their customers, as per information he had till now. Their spokesperson also verified that they are not charging any balance inquiries – that’s pretty good on their part.

Just to mention, Cellular companies in Pakistan charge help line calls, again unique attribute for Pakistani companies only – moreover, they charge balance reload too.

So what is next?

  • Charges on Miss Calls?
  • Spectrum Access Charge (Meaning that if you are accessing any network, you may get charged)
  • Charges for calling more than 10 numbers a day
  • While going from one City to another city, Roaming Charges
  • Good Morning charges and then maybe Good Evening charges too
  • Also Eid and Shab-e-Barat charges.

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