UBL WIZ – A PrePaid Debit & Credit Card

Wiz_LadiesE-payments have always been a problem for us, here in Pakistan. As PayPal is not providing its service here in Pakistan right now, so the only legal way, we are left with is Credit Card.

But not everyone is eligible or does afford these credit cards (which come with huge security deposits and service charges).

Here UBL (United Bank Limited) Wiz card serves the purposes. At the moment this can be regarded as best Pre-Paid debit card which also works as a credit card, for online payments.

UBL Wiz card has tag line of Cash Do Card Lo, means it is really easy to have this –  you just have to fill up a form and to pay for card fee and deposit money, that’s it – you are done. Card can be obtained from any UBL branch for just Rs. 120 and you don’t even need to have a bank account.

Yes it is the main point, UBL Wiz has a virtual account that is not associated with any branch. You are not provided with extra account number, instead account number is extracted from your 16 digit card number. So all you get is a Wiz card with Visa Logo on it.

Card number can be extracted as following,

if your Card Number is ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP ( Conventional 16 Digit Code), then your Account Number will be GH IJKL MN (8 Digit Code). i.e to leave first 6 digits and last 2, remaining is your account number

One of the best features of UBL Wiz card is that, You can deposit money in your WIZ card from any branch in Pakistan, means you do not need to go to any specific branch.

UBL WIZ currently has three basic cards, which differ only in deposit/withdrawal and daily usage limit. subscription charges are same whatsoever is the type.

  • Travelers
  • Ladies
  • Teens

More details about Deposit/Withdrawal and Daily usage limits can be found here.

Using WiZ Card for Online Transactions

To Use Wiz Card as a Credit Card you need to have Internet Session activated. You can get it activated any time by calling UAN 111-825-888.

One time session activation charges are 100 Rs and session remains active for one Calendar date, and during this time you can pay online as much as balance you have in your account. As the session expires, you cannot use your card anymore, on internet.

Note that, Wiz card does not comes with pre-activated internet usage, to get it activated, you need to fill up internet usage form and fax/email it to UBL, and they will get it working with in 24 to 48 hours. (This is one time activation or say registration for online payments)

A bonus point of this card is that it can also be used at any One Link ATM in Pakistan. And this is the only way to withdraw funds from your account as you do not have checkbook or actually a bank account.

Keeping in view present e-business in Pakistan and availability of suitable options, UBL WIZ card is serving the purpose at its extreme and is very viable yet affordable method of e-payments here in Pakistan where we do not have PayPal.

  • i am a vis card holder and i e-mailed UBL for internet activation last week, but there is no reply from there end, even their call center number goes on busy tone always. ;(

    • if u have wiz internet card you dont need activation is 24×7 activated just buy online add card details it works

  • UBL Wiz is certainly a very nice way to make online payment.But what i know from their call center is that you will have to pay a fee of Rs125 per online transaction and also call to open it for a timeslot for online transactions. This is not on. I cant pay that extra money each time. They actually keep our money and make more money off it and still asking for service charges. NOT ON AT ALL.

    • Asad, you probably have less info. The fees you are talking about is for regular Debit card, bu if you talk about UBL Wiz card, just apply for Teen card and that’s already activates for internet transactions without any fees and you do not need to call them to activate session.
      It’s completely free.

    • Absolutely. That’s the whole ‘point’ of what is called as ‘banking’ Introduced by ‘jews’ for the first time in the history of mankind (‘the bank’). So who expects ‘paaki’ from ‘paleedi’?

      Irony of the fact is that these banks are run people’s money, their existence is based on ‘our-money’ and instead of being thankful to us .. for giving them our money to invest and earn more money … they start hijacking our money. This is why Allah (s.w.t) has “CURSED” jews and the likes.

  • we have to activate internet session every day if v want to use it regularly

    and one thing more nic is rquired or not.

    Can i use bro nic or father?

    • You can use your Father’s NIC.

      Yes you will have to activate internet banking, if you need to use it on internet – this session will cost you Rs. 100 (per session) and will expire in 1 day

  • per session should be waived off, its mean if we daily make online transactions then we have to pay 3000Rs + tax per month which is ridiculous and expensive for teens.

  • per session charges should be waived off, its mean if we daily make online transactions then we have to pay 3000Rs + tax per month which is ridiculous and expensive for teens

    • Purpose of these cards was to get rid of those lengthy process of opening a bank account. Primarily aiming at students, they can get this card in 10 mins – and can be reloaded from anywhere in Pakistan. Using them on internet is additional feature, and not the basic purpose. Of course its expensive, but it serves the other way.

      • how can i check wealth i have activated my wiz card for online shopping or not?? i have mailed UBL twice of their form but yet no reply. :(

  • I purchased this card about six months ago. But, it doesn’t supports online shopping by default.
    You have to download the form from their website and then Mail or Fax it to their Karachi head office for Internet purchasing feature.
    I did that thrice and it didn’t got activated and I couldn’t buy from Internet.

  • Assalam o Alaikum,
    Thansk for this useful post.I already knew about it but i have small confusion.Kia hum is card se payments bhi send/receive bhi kar saktey hain?Jese kisi bhi dosrey ATM Card se online Bank transfer karsaktey hain.



      • I got option of opening a bank account now…

        – can you plz tell me the difference between WALLET & WIZ Card because i will be using it for Online purchases & also adding checks & money to my account…

        – Is WALLET Exactly same as WIZ Card???
        i mean only Difference is WALLET you need bank Account & for WIZ you don’t need bank account???

        – Is their any benefit feature of WIZ over WALLET Debit CARD???

        – I need help because i’m a college student & now i will be opening my 1st bank account… is UBL the best choice for bank account or i should get Some other Bank account for Money & checques?…and use UBL only for online shopping??

        help will be greatly appreciated…
        waiting for your response
        thank you.

      • Does “Standard Chartered Bank” offer Internet shopping with its Debit cards???

        or only UBL Bank in whole Pakistan which offers Internet shopping with Debit cards??

  • @Abdullah

    activation charges is a mess! I agree with you all… UBL should waive off the charges.Otherwise the service is great.

    I usually use alfalah bank VISA credit card which also require Rs 100 activation charges every time … the activation duaration is not limited to 24hours window.

    • Brother ap unka Credit Card use kartey hain ya Debit Card??Kiun k mane suna ha UBL k ilawa abhi tak yeh service kisi ne introduce nahi karwayi k ap apne Debit Card se online shopping karsakein…

  • The service can be useful only if internet usage activation fee is waived off. Or even if the fee is not abandoned, the internet usage should remain active as long as the user wants, instead of 24-hr

  • Hello Brother Adnan,
    As AMir bro said
    “Yes UBL Wiz comes with net-banking account, where online payments can be sent to other UBL accounts, purchase Calling/Mobile cards and so on”

    Whats true??We can use internet banking or not???

  • I requested for internet usage but no response after 3 days.

    what shud i do……….?

  • Having known someone who’ve used the WIZ card for online shopping, I’d like to add up , once you finally get to enable internet usage, the card might not work with all online resellers/shops. It works with selective websites though. Like namecheap.com (For webhosting/domain names etc)

  • Salam,
    Apne bilkul ghalat suna ha VISA card ko kahin bhi use kia ja sakta ha is k liye koi maksoos websites nahi hain.
    and one more thing,UBL WIZ netbanking offer nahi karta netbanking k liye apke pass UBL account hona lazmi ha….


    • Funny you should say that,
      on one hand you say , VISA card KAHIN bhi use ho skta hy, and on the other you said you need UBL account.

      Anyway, am not here to prove anything. One of my friends used that, but just realized it was UBL WALLET, not sure if WIZ and WALLET are the same.

      And your point of VISA anywhere, is WRONG. atleast in UBL’s case. Not many resellers accept when you try to pay them with wallet. Might be a bank to bank issue, or something to do with UBL. But i know what i’m talking about here.

  • Hehehe…
    Brother i also talked them about this issue.Unhon ne kaha k humne kuch sites ko restrict kia hua ha is k ilawa sab sites per allow ha UBL VISA Wallet/WIZ…Aur dosri baat Session activation sirf security k liye ha take hacking attempts ya multi transactions se bacha ja sakey.

    UBL VISA card her jaga per use kia ja sakta ha jahan per VISA accept kia jaata ha ya jis seller k pass VISA logo hota ha.Is k ilawa mane internet activation k liye application forward ki ha,main koi cheez purchase karke apki confusion ko door kardunga.

    • Nowadays, VISA and Master Cards are 100% secure, cause Card holders have time for chargeback(45days) and refund(60 days) policy…they are cheatersssssssssssss……..UBL Fraud

    • Rs. 116 is activation charges for 24 hours. So during same date, you can make whatever transactions you want for Rs. 116.

      For instance you make 2 transactions of 1000 and 2000, in this case you will be charged Rs. 3116

      • What are the card re-load charges, how much time normally they take for internet session activation, also what is the procedure to active, do i need to call them or need to sened an email

        • Shafqat, bro call their help line : – ) They gonna answer all your questions in one go, and which would be official as well

          111-825-888 (UAN)
          For people in Azad Jammu Kashmir: (021) 2446949

  • I am also Using This Card Facility it is so usefull for a student or a profesional person who visiting cities from one place to another The Wiz Ubla card has three kinds

    1. Traveller
    2. Ladies
    3. Teenages

    I have all the categories of these cards i like it its best benefit and advantage is that it is hidden from govt tax eye coz on it govt can’t charge any kind of tax hehehehehe i hope it still always like that. i also recommend you or makin your wiz card if you need any reference or recommendation then contact me i provide you update info about it contact

    [email protected]

  • may i use this card for purchasing from apple online store.i wanna buy applications for my iphone. u people said that there is no name of card holder written on the card.but when i wanna buy through my itunes account,they[apple] demand for information like name of the card holder,his/her complete adress.so plz guide me that is it valid for itunes account.thanks

  • UBL Wiz is better than Western Union, where you pay like 850 Rs per payment! :)

    I got my first UBL Wiz Card 2 months ago. I emailed the Internet Activation shop and the process took 60 hours to go!
    RIGHT NOW, UBL Wiz is BEST as Credit Card are expensive.

    Also, most of you know about MoneyBookers.com. Let me tell you that you can’t add your UBL Wiz card on Moneybookers! I contacted MoneyBooker and they said we don’t know why the tranactions are being fail for your card. I asked the UBL Call Center and they said for security purpose, we can’t allow Moneybookers to attempt transactions on our Debit Cards!

    You get sad when your internet application isn’t activated, but you’ll be more glad when you’ll order a product on Internet for the first time via your Debit Card! ;-)

  • It looks a very lucrative offer but it has TOO many strings attached for a credit card..I don`t want to go through the trouble of always notifying UBL before making an online transaction and that hours thing…not good enough…issuance of card is easy but usage consumes too much time…more cons than pros

    • Bhai jb ap UBL Wiz card leny jao gay kisi b UBL branch se to unhay kaho k mujhe Internet card chahiye. just 30 minutes may wo ap ko card de de ga and you have to register it once at 111-825-888. us k bad ap ko koi internet session active krwany ki zaroorat nahi or jb ap card leny jao gay tb b koi charges pay krny ki zaroorat nahi. Just Rs. 175 deduction ho gi after 1 year. Ye card ap kisi b ATM and 1-Link pr b use kr sakty ho to withdraw cash. kyu k ye debit prepaid card hai you just have to reload it and pay for online shopping without any activation. I am using it and its very easy no Problems.

  • I have been using this service of UBL since 6 months and i m very much liking it…
    their option of internet session activation also has the advantage that u cant get scammed

  • Does “Standard Chartered Bank” offer Internet shopping with its Debit cards???

    or its only UBL in whole Pakistan which offers Internet shopping with Debit cards??

  • I guess UBL netbanking needs a lot of improvement in their systems. On 20th Nov I made an online transaction which was failed because of some issues at Bank end. Afterwards when I checked my account then UBL deducted my amount. I did launch a complaint for the refund but they have given me 120 days TAT. Would any one out there help me out to get my money back asap.

  • i wanna know the details of the recent transaction that i made in the last 24 hours. i have a ubl-wiz card

  • Dollar rate is 84.13rs

    but on buying from web…. my average Dollars of 89.13 WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???


  • Assalam o Alaikum,
    I think it is very costly using UBL Wiz card.I have SCB ATM Debit Card.There is no activation charges.They charge 40paisa/Dollar and 3% of our total purchas from internet.I like it.


    • adnan bhai SCB ke debit card konsi websites per aapne use kia aur kis tarah istamaal kia.

      please let me know if anyone else knows about this.

  • Hi,
    I wondered if someone could help me out in matter. I want to deposit money into my moneybookers account from UBL account, can anyone tell me how to do so? what is the procedure, I called UBL helpline and unfortunately failed to understand what i meant and many of them were not even familiar with moneybookers (how could they gimme a solution).


        • Agreed with you guys…they also hacked my 116 Rupees for session activation i tried to upload funds on moneybookers but transaction failed however, i already activated session, representative said that time network was busy now you can try for it, i tried to apply one for time moneybookers said your session as has been disabled for 24 hours :D
          after that i fucked them on phone they said we can not return the payment.. UBL IS FRAUD…

  • everyone…who is sayin i have atm card and all that
    This card is specifically for those who do not have bank accounts..if you have bank account then almost every banks atm can be used for online payments
    well for those who say that online purchase failed..its due to UBL system,still new and will take time till international franchises n www recognize it properly
    locally best option for fuel payments,shopping ..and the discount at their merchants ..no problem there
    it is not costly at all …

    to activate for internet, cal them and they will activate.well the service..its same even for barclays so i wont blame them
    as for notification before every transaction…its almost a standard ..for security reason..because if the card is lost anyone can use it..so everytime before transaction they reconfirm ur details ..its for ur own good ..

    i doo have 2 atms of HBL and ASKARI ..but i just got this card cox i liked the idea ..and its pretty good
    for someone who said 3000rs a month…bro u dont purchase online everyday ..its not that common..btw if ur net a holic ..then open proper account for E-Transactions ..or the best thing
    open account in SCB and get debit card..all needs fulfilled..the only debit card in pakistan which can even pay the ACCA fees

  • Hello!
    I have purchased UBL WIZ Teen Internet Card today. Is the problems like declined card and failed transactions are still there or now UBL fixed them?
    Today $1=85 . If i paid $1 on internet how UBL will deduct from my account Rs.85 Or Rs. 90

  • This is an old post, but needs to be updated as more and more people are trying to use this complete crap service. Here is my experience.

    1- Went to Saddar Rwp main branch, waited an hour, then told no queue ticket was required, no where it was mentioned that I can walk straight to the concerned lady.

    2- Lady told me that I need to bring utility bill with me, this wasn’t mentioned anywhere on website. Protested on that.

    3- Later another lady informed that she wasn’t having cards and that I would have to go to another branch, but the branch near Naz Cinema she forwarded me to wasn;t having forms but having cards.. aren’t they insane ?

    4- Went to UBL Blue Area. Got the card, its not valid for 3 years but less than 2 years. Was told it will be active by mid-night.

    5- Two days passed, no activation yet..tried to pay online..got sms that I am charged..

    6- Received activation mail, still payment isn’t forwarded to those websites I paid on. System Issues.

    7- Called Helpline again…System Issues. They told me they will call me, it will be fixed soon.

    8- Called Helpline 2nd day,..again System issues they have…they will call me back..again they said…never got a call…and I am also told that relevant branch link is down (like if they maintain a separate server in every branch).

    After 4 days, my card is active, I can’t use it but still can say “O wow, i got a visa card..o wow”..

    May be I will give it to my nephew to play with after I get ATM PIN to withdraw my money deposited in it.

    Thank you UBL for this crap you can Wiz card, its a Witch card, you owe my time, money. You never read emails but still have an email address. You don’t even know that your website can’t be accessed without putting secure site link “https”.

    • Nice review, Me too once decided to get it, visited 5 branches in ISB/RWP but they were not available on any, plus no timeline was given about when it will be available. Later after reading online reviews on different sources, I gave up on this service.

  • This card is useless for me. Here is what I got from UBL Guys last night.

    Dear Sir,

    According to the resolution we received from Concern Department against your complaint, only credit card accept on many hosting website. Since UBL Wiz card is not the proper replacement of credit card So, it has limitations and not liability to be used online on every site.

    For further details or any other query, feel free to contact us via any of the following channels:

    Fax : 92-21-99201632
    Email (Scanned Copy) : [email protected]
    Phone : (9221) 111 825 888 (UAN)
    Postal Address : Customer Services


  • This card is useless for me.

    Dear Sir,

    According to the resolution we received from Concern Department against your complaint, only credit card accept on many hosting website. Since UBL Wiz card is not the proper replacement of credit card So, it has limitations and not liability to be used online on every site.

    For further details or any other query, feel free to contact us via any of the following channels:

    Fax : 92-21-99201632
    Email (Scanned Copy) : [email protected]
    Phone : (9221) 111 825 888 (UAN)
    Postal Address : Customer Services


  • Hi Aamir, Kindly tell me what credit card can i use successfully in Pakistan to buy blog domain… I am on blogspot and really want to come on my own customized domain…

    Operating in medical field..


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