An Open Letter by Ex-GMs of PTCL to President & PM of Pakistan

We got following letter from former GMs and SMs of PTCL, who were sacked, despite they were selected as best talent of PTCL, as claimed by them. This (open) letter is routed to top heights in the government and other concerned institutes, and the media.

We could not arrange PTCL’s viewpoint over this letter, despite we kept on contacting company’s spokesperson’s office for 4 days, emails were also not responded.

Following is the letter, as it is written by ex-employees of PTCL, without any modification.


  1. Honorable Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan.
  2. Honorable Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  3. Honorable Mr. Naguib ullah Malik , Secretary MOITT, & Chairman PTCL Board.
  4. Honorable Mr. Birjess Tahir, Chairman NA Standing Committee on IT&Telecom.
  5. Honorable Chief Justice- Iftikhar Choudary, Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Subject: Unlawful Termination of 2 GMs & 5 SMs by PTCL Management through a CHEAT & FRAUD.

Asslam-o- alaikum,

We had brought into your notice from April 09 to Sept 09 individually – the cruelty and inhuman act PTCL has done to us – 2 GMs and 5 SMs who were serving in PTCL for the last 15-24 years. However it is neither addressed  by  the responsible in Government nor highlighted in the media properly so far, and we are writing to all of you again to bring in to your notice the shameful act PTCL has done to us and looted our previous service of 15-24 years without any benefit given to us of our previous service. We request the media personals to highlight the hardships we are facing now a days due to jobless condition made by PTCL management being run by ETISALAT.

Let we brief you the fact history of the case and we are available to give our viewpoint whenever called.

Two years back a program named “KEY TALENT” was started in PTCL. 3% of the total Engineers were identified as key talent of the department. It was really a tough process. Committee was constituted for the identification of key talent. Everyone was trying to be identify as key talent but not all were lucky one .Those who were identified as key talent were very happy at that moment while those who were left were very disappointed and depressed.

We were also the lucky ones who were identified as key talent. I and some of other key talents went to the SEVP HR and requested him for the guidance because our entire previous job was supposed to be surrendered to convert into NTC employee (New Terms and Conditions). The worthy SEVP HR encouraged and congratulated us to be identified as key talent of the PTCL. He told us that you are the real talent of PTCL, you are the chosen one and because of you people PTCL is an earning department and you are essential for PTCL strategic business. As he said that you are the real assets of the department there for the management will not leave you and give you all the possible benefits to retain the key talents of PTCL.

But everything went completely opposite only after one year and the key talenters are weeping to the moment they accepted NTC.Many of the key talenters including us are now kicked out of the company from Feb09 & April09 in the name of REORGANIZATION even though we had the service of 15-24  years. The rest are also threatened to be kicked out in the name of future REORGANIZATION..

As everybody knows that in the private sector, the companies take good care of their employees who are identified as real asset of the company. Priority is given in promotions; their salaries are much higher than other employees. They are kept satisfied from every aspect by the company.

But what happened in PTCL? Our services have been terminated and we now no where.

We are jobless for the last 5-7 months. Our throats have been cut and we are on the road.
How we are running our day to-day expenditure? this we only know, facing financial hardships in this age when our children have grown up and studying in higher colleges/ universities.

The salary of the president of PTCL is 7.6 Million. Can anyone imagine this that in Pakistan someone will get 7,600,000/month? And still increasing every year. On the other hand ,  they are terminating the highly experienced staff who has given blood to this company for the last 15-24 years. We were selected through process of FPSC and inducted in T&T department and had served in this company from Engineer Level to GM Level. We did not request or apply for NTC to be given to us. PTCL management themselves identified us Key Talent and after trapping us in NTC by scrapping our previous service , they have terminated us in Feb09/April09 without assigning any reason. This is a clear “CHEAT” to us done by PTCL Management-ETISALAT.

We had taken our case to NA stg. Committee on IT & Telecom & gave presentations on 23July09 before the Honourable Chairman Mr. Birjees Tahir and NA Members  (NEWS report attached) ; in which Sectreary IT & Telecom Mr. Naguib ullah Malik was asked to submit a report after consulting PTCL within a week, but no response so far as 2-1/2 months have been lapsed since then.

We had taken our case to Islamabad High Court and filed a WRIT Petition in July09 and Mr. Akram Sheikh is our lawyer, but Islamabad High Court is now closed, and thousands of cases in bundles including our case have been transferred in Pindi Bench of Lahore High Court. Only God knows when our case will be heard. Justice delayed is Justice denied. We appeal Chief Justice Mr. Iftikhar Choudary to take SUO MOTO Notice of this case on TOP URGENT Basis.

Where should we go and ask the justice. We can atleast ask Media people to bring this in-justice and in-human act done by PTCL to us and highlight this in the media.

If MANAGEMENT falls short of money and not in a position to give salary and terminated us  , then where from it becomes available for the ARAB OFFICERS on deputation from ETISALAT ? They are given salaries 10 to 20 times that of the PAKISTANI Officers ….WHY ? …..Because PAKISTANIS are inferior in your eyes …They are not human in your eyes.If you talk of performance then whats the performance of these highly paid ARAB OFFICERS? What change they have brought in PTCL ?

As per recent statistics, the profit earned in FY2008-09 is 9 Billion, whereas  it was 29 BILLION in 2005-06 – before handing over PTCL to ETISALAT. The main reason is the high salaries given to EVPs & SEVPs hired on contract. EVP draws salary in the range of Rs. 350,000 to 600,000 per month, whereas SEVP draws salary in the range of 700,000 to 1,000,000 Million. With this so called outstanding talent , the company is sinking day by day like Titanic ship.

We request to my respectable Political Leaders especially the Prime Minister and President to help us out these neglected Pakistani Engineers who passed their Engineering Bachelors degree in high colours from top Pakistani Universities and got selected in PTCL on very high merit criteria and now terminated from PTCL without any blemish on our part.

There is a tussle going on in Engineering and Non- Engineering Professionals in PTCL. SEVP(HR) Mazhar Hussain is Non- Engineering staff belong to Account section. He ids biased with Engineers, and that is why he has the role in terminating our services as we all are ENGINEERS. There are at least 10GMs belong to Accounts group in PTCL HQs only, but they are surviving only due to Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR) and Namatullah CFO- both belongs to Account Group.

We also request media to support us and unveil the luxurious expenditures of the ARAB OFFICERS in PTCL.Do check their daily hotel bills and monthly salaries and thats all on just 25% shares.Please tell the the nation how these people expelled about half of PTCL employees via VSS by grabing money for this from our nation through PAKISTAN PACKAGE on PTCL Telephones.Some writers at that time pointed out this corrouption  but then ignored it.

If you people also consider us part of middle class then save this shivering middle class before it they get frustrated from this country like so many others in private sector.

Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO are the corrupt and culprits Pakistani officers who have played role in our termination from PTCL in the name of REORGANIZATION. What money they have saved for PTCL by terminating us by looting our services. Mr. Nasrullah who was made CTO after merger of Operations & Technical Department has put all his friends and batch fellows  in SM & GM levels in Operations & Technical department  ignoring our long outstanding services for PTCL.

Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO got out of turn rapid promotion by slaughtering our throats. They are average staff and not even deserved for these postions  but got promotion due to their evil activities in PTCL against PTCL Engineers. You can make survey in PTCL about these corrupt guys. In the name of re-organization in PTCL Operations & Technical department in March09, they ruined our services from PTCL. All these are juniors to us and were not any extra ordinary talent but now promoted due to our terminations showing to Arab Management that they have achieved their so called targets by staff cutting and showing it Walid Irshaid Presdient/CEO who does not know anything and even not capable to run PTCL affairs, but brought by ETISALAT to kill PTCL and its employees.

Landline connections which used to be 5.5 Millions in prvious year – now stands at 2.7 Million. Who is responsible for this? The answer is new PTCL non-competent management ETISALAT. Their agenda is to ruin PTCL and then go back , which was one of the best department revenue earning for the country and it was un-necessarily sold out by previous regime in peanuts specially by Mushraff & Shaukat Aziz. We request CJ Mr. Iftikhar Choudary to take SUO MOTO action for this loss.

If Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO and other culprits are kicked out from PTCL today; no one will give them even the  job of account clerk & technician. They are in-comeptent and sinking PTCL day by day. Mr. Nasrullah who is CTO now a days have served ETISALAT- Abu Dhabi UAE as Grade 4 -Technician in 90s.
If media did not play the role at this time, the future is dark; and these so called Arabs shall keep on looting us with the assistance of these local corrupt officers. Our servcies have already been looted by them and not giving a single penny to our previous services even of 15-24 years.

We have even written to Cheif Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Chaudary for Suo Moto action, but so far no action has been taken. We once again request CJ thorugh media to take Suo Moto Action against PTCL for our un-lawful service termination from PTCL since Feb09/April09. Our Childern have grown up, studying in higher colleges/ unversities, and at this time , we are made jobless despite the fact PTCL declared us Key Talents.

Keeping above in view, we all, request Prime Minister, President of Pakistan, Secretary IT & Telecom to look in to the following:

  • Why PTCL management declared us Key-Talent before launching VSS, depriving us benefits of even taking VSS?? A clear CHEAT to us.
  • Why PTCL management offered us NTC (New terms & Conditions) ??as we did not even apply for it- this was the way to trap us in NTC. A clear CHEAT to us again.
  • Why PTCL management terminated our services without assigning any reason/ any show cause, looted our previous service of 15-24 years without any compensation??  when we all were delivering our duties perfectly well and President/CEO was giving us appreciation mails on our outstanding work . Again a clear CHEAT to us.
  • How they have terminated our services in the range of 15-24 years as we are Transferred Govt. Employees from T&T to PTC to PTCL?? A CHEAT & clear FRAUD to us.
  • Why PTCL management in this NTC; as they were keeping in mind that our services will be terminated in 1-1/2 year time?? A CHEAT & FRAUD from this ARAB dis-honest PTCL management.

We all request Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Choudary :

  • To take SUO MOTO Notice of this important case which has resulted us in Jobless condition by cutting our throats and deprived us our Govt. Service of 15-24 years without a single penny as compensation.
  • Issue the order to PTCL to cancel our termination order and take us back on our Govt. Regular service.
  • To take strict action against PTCL president, SEVP(HR), CFO, GM(HR) against our unlawful termination from PTCL service.

For all future inquires and presentations, we all are available in person whenever invited by President, PM, Secreatray IT&Telecom & Media . We shall keep on writing to all of you untill we all get relief and untill it is highlighted strongly in the media.

We request to PTCL NTC- KEY TALENT officers to circulate this mail to maximum media people known to you so that the above facts be widely circulated all over Pakistan.

Best Regards,

PTCL Sacked Officers as below:


  • PTCL president should also be fired with them …..
    7,600,000/month his salary … how much he is______ Pakistan per month,

    [Comment Edited]

    • These sort of vulgar salaries create nothing but gulf between those who have, and those who have not In my honest opinion there should be limit to how high a compensation can go.

  • It is the bigest fraud in the history of any country that such a earning dept has been sold out to the ineligible people who have no sense of telecom buisiness. Shukat Aziz and Misharaf are the bigest culprits of our nation.

    Etislat people are the Bhudoos of Arbia .

    WEll it is contrary to thier action of laying off the techincal people and on the other hand paying a huge packgaees and showering the wealth over the beauty recuited in ptcl h/qs at the forth and fifth floor.

    Why the techinical people have been made to strive ???

    It is isvery deplorable and anti human act.

    Being a source of bread and butter for ptcl and engineer , i condemn and curse Mazhar Hussain, Tahir Mushtaq and other culprits who have helped robbing out national asset to the outsiders, The Baadhooos of Arabia.

    For comments
    [email protected]

    • Yes I agree, plus I think PTCL don’t came up with reasons to fire these people, which makes it worse.

    • As you have so eloquently put ‘Why the technical people have been made to strive ???’
      The only gift from these A-raaabs to the company is they have turned the PTCL headquarter in to whorehouse, they don’t let any opportunity go where they can put a pretty face rather then someone on merit, so the question is in the name of reorganization why not let few of those pretties go? Why not let bunch of clerics go? PTCL have got whole lot of clerics who all do nothing but twiddle there thumbs.

  • Last few years were really not good, Govt. just closed eyes and started privatization and sold companies to these Arabs who don’t care if company goes down.
    PTCL services quality also delined very much, they are coming with new service but quality is no concern for them and now these kind of frauds. This is really bad, at least govt must take notice.

    Same is condition of KESC which was also privatized with eyes closed.

    When an organization like PTCL was going into the profit than there was no point of privatization.

  • I do agree but not completely. What the company has done to these talented people is wrong, but all the new packages and great new offerings have come to surface only after privitization. Before privitization, there were fixed rates for calls and no friendly packages.

  • It is really very sorry state of affairs that how our national assets are ruined by the successive govt official for thier vested interest and how the people of pakistan are mishandled , instulted and financially being killed by these foriegners brutally and with great impunity and also with out any fear of being asked or accountabilty.

    PTCL is the asset and the future of out next generation which has been sols out at a very low price to the Arabs whose oil reserves are depleting very soon.

    If this buisiness is being accompanied in a just and honest way then every pakistani is ready to give his heart and soul to this buisiness of cooperation.
    But when there is no fair play and deceptively people are made to suffer then we , the people of pakistan condemn such brutal act of depriviation and causing the sufferings to out people.

  • Complaining about incompetence and nepotism to an incompetent and nepotist Government… That’s strange…!

  • It’s sad. I heard many stories like this after the new management of PTCL. let’s hope our govt / courts take some action that do justice with every one.

    Once the courts are free, then such things won’t happened. Alas our Cheif Justice is free, but our judiciary isn’t!

  • This is not only happening in ptcl but also else where are arabs. Like Warid, Wateen, BankAlfalah.

    The work force and technical hand is brutally trested and there is mention or regard of people working there as human beings.
    So where ever ther are arabs , ther is not very good situation of employees especially the main techinical people.
    If any body amongst our nationals working there is happy , it is only Hr and other non-technical people at the top management level closer to the Arabs masters.
    It is also another bigotory attitude of these Arabs that they do not allow any multination in thier country (UAE) to fire UAE National from the job without any convincing reason.
    Whereas in our part of the world , despite being foriegners here , htey are hiring the people on inhuman agaisnt the Labour laws as bonded labor and the job of pakistnies here is always on the threat in the home land , pakistan.
    WE need a competent govt which can safe gaurd the rights of people of pakistan al least in thier home land.

  • It is correct that the Arabs have no more good reputation of Hr after the death of Hiws Excellency S.ZAyed in UAE.

    The Arabs who the basically are badowan(Bhudoos) have no good reputation as employers.

    The ARabs are the worst employers.

  • They should actually file the case in Labor as well as high court on 2 reasons.

    1. They were all NOT allowed to participate in VSS as they were declared ‘Key Talent’ and hence debarred causing them a personal loss of 35 Lakhs each. I think with 25 years service it came to 25 -35 Lakhs. More than the present SEVP-HR the bastard who needs to be hanged is Ismael Taha who was playing games with people in PTCL as he was the “Advisor”.
    2. After not allowing them to participate in VSS and within 18 months driving them out of the job, should entitle them same benefits as VSS.
    See they have to ask for relief….In this letter I don’t find them asking for relief!

  • Actually it is a great disaster for us as a nation that our president is knee down before the Etisalat.

    Actually there is property of Lare banazeer Bhutto along S.Zayed Rd in UAE and also Dubai is the main transit point of every our politician.
    Even our army budget and much more funds are being aided from UAE so no one in this land want o get indulged with the arabs and kick away his livelihood.
    No pakistani is willing to loose his great fortunes associated with Dubai.

    So even if the correctly it is decided by the Supreme court . then who will obey its orders.

    Prices of Sugar is before you and Also prices of petroleum is before every body.

    So every body is looking towards is vested interest at the cost of national interest.

    How will president ZArdari confront these Bhudoos. He is already bent before them.

  • The fresh cheating example is termination of PHD Dr. Mahmmod Ashraf who was Principle ICT and in the rank of GM was fired early this week. He has 17 year of PTCL service , but trapped on NTC two years back before VSS launch and now terminated without giving any reason.

    Where is Preseident, PM? to establish Govt. Writ.
    Where is CJ-Supreme Court who has declared 2009 as Justice year. This is test case to make justice and give relief to common man, not the case of Sharif Brothers or NRO.

    Otherwise these ARAB Buddoos and their local Pakistani Corrupt officals in PTCL like Tahir Mushtaq type(the supplier of Beauties sittig on 4th & 5th Floor of PTCL HQs for ARAB Budoos to make them happy)shall continue this cruelty act.

    Atleast media people should take the lead and highlight this in-justice instead of publishing stories like of Meera & Atiqurrehman to sell their papers.

  • That is a great injustice which should be ended soon to rectify the matter. I would publish that open letter in Yahoo News,Karachi
    I need further information about their case which is pending in High Court so if any of you ex GMs or SMS are reading my post ,then kindly email me your email ids so that I can communicate with you directly contact me at +923332278904 or email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

  • AOA Touseef sahab,

    U may go ahead . and let every body know the plight and insulting of people of pakistan , the highly educated people by the unskilled lot at the top management level of ptcl.

    I m sori i cannot expose my name or id as i m also a ptcl employee and working on threats.
    threat means NTC i.e. there is no job security. More appropraite to say the job as bonded labour.

    As u can see how shame full is this that the Dr Arshad shb has been removed from the job without disclosing any reason.

    Actually the recruits of Tahir mushtraq , the beauty and youth , He has offered to the Arabs to please them.

    Sir , u should fully expose this grave situation.

    How cheap our ptcl has been sold out to these arabs.

    It is our national asset and right of the future generation of pakistan.

    It is not acceptable that a few people highly previleged class should be making thier sweets homes of thier dream at the cost of sovernity, economical slaughter of the people of pakistan.

    Also pl speak to these people in the list. thier contact numbers are given .

    For comments,
    [email protected]

  • Dear Brother Omar,
    I have spoken to them and would Inshallah publish that open letter. Dont worry.

  • The butchers in PTCL Mazhar Husssain, Tahir Mushtaq, and Narullah who were involved in this slaughters seems belong to some mean families who have settled their past scores with these terminated people, and Ajmal Kasab (WALID IRSHAID) is their leader. They all are providing beauties to him and he is slaughtering the highly expereinced technical people.

    If this state of affairs continues for some more time, PTCL ship shall sink soon.

  • Pakistani people know the arrogance and corruption of PTCL employees. They have made millions. PTCL employees used to sell connections at high rates.

    They say it PTCL is a national asset and Musharraf sold it to foreign.

    Did they ever take care of this national assets?

  • i am with Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO,they are hero and saving PTCL from sinking, sacked persons are real culprits, and they think PTCL as their property.

  • Dear Fellows,


    Refer to subject post, I would like to draw your attention towards the following points:-

    1- Why these Officers accpeted/signed NTC/Contract? No one forced them. They were greedy to take Higher Salaries so they sank. They r not Kids, they accepted and signed NTC/contract which make them bound and they are fired as per stated rules on their contract.

    2- These officers are one of those Who were taking higher salaries being NTC/contract employees but on the other hand they always keep blaming Regular staff. All those Officers who have taken/accepted NTC/contract with Higher salary always give remarks against lower Regular staff.

    I think they get what they Deserve for.

    One thing, I should mention that All facilities like Promotion, Recruitment against Vacant Posts, Incerements etc… to REGULAR staff is not given by Managament and for this, I am also against them.

    EVP (HR) & GM (HR) PTXL HQtrs are the main persons who don’t properly guide the Etisalat management.

    Cases of Regular staff are kept pending but Out-siders and fresh candidates are Recruited.

    is this the JUSTICE with Regular staff?


  • My only question from these aggrived fellows is: Why could not they get a job for last 5-6 months if they were so talented and hard working ? Why they are still looking on PTCL to hire them back ? It was during their tenure that the line man was called as SHO of that illaqa who could reveal underground available cables when Rs.500 were paid to them…. and the SDO of exchange had so hard neck that no one could meet him with an appointment ??

  • There is a known saying “what goes around come around”. Though company profit has raised from “some” to “some more”, there were tons of injustice they have done during there turn over. Complains, higher unjust bills are some to mention. Being an GM and SM, and on road after 7 months of job loss does not match at all.

    Arab are known for their bad work ethics in general. Selling PTCL to them was on its own a bad decision from Govt and shows Govt lack of future planning.

    Last, this a welcome sign of capitalism in Pakistan.

  • Hah. These are the same people who were once “government employees” so they treated their job as such in pakistan. They are the same people who ruined PTCL and Pakistan. They deserve it.

  • Dear Commentators,

    I will add the comments instead of putting blames to each other. The diference in the remarks is quite obvious among the comments of those who are at job in ptcl having a quite lawish time full of ease and on the other hand those who have been insulted , decieved and kicked out of company without disclosing any reason.

    What i will comment is that all the fingures of the hand are never equal. One comment came as above as Line Man As SHO ILaqa . It is very stupid response who so ever had mentioned to relate with the present scenario.

    The people which have been terminated were all those who despite being the engineers did the technical work with thier own hands , inslated and operated the exchanges like a labour person. Since i m engineer so i can understand how mentally they were hard and tough to face all that .
    I m also aware of that scenario of ptcl when Line Man was the King of the area . What it requires to be done is to correct this illness at its place rather than doing some thing insane .

    Are all the techincal people which re the engineers in ptcl are line man ?

    I really feel pity and strange why these young people have been tought that they are fresh people who have to go to the field to replace the old ones becuase the old ones are all corrupt and idle.

    Why this brainwashing is being done .

    Every young chap at headquarter level thinks the field person a negative person.

    through this letter i want to make the new ones to be with us. We are your seniors and shall guide u and be help full to u.

    Being a regualr or govt employee is not a descimination. Pl come and see , u will find plenty of such people different to what u have been taught in ur traning .

    u will find very helpfull caring and sincere old people as ur even best freind.

    Well Tahir Mushtaaaq !!!!!!!!!!

    To this person i know since he was just an ordinary AE and he had no good reputation for being dull and mentally monger to avoid doing work. He is techincally a nil person so he was insulted by every now and then just seven years ago.

    And now this person is doing his all miscreancy now. What is the criteran ??? Why not tahir mushtaaq is fired as he is a pile of rubish.
    How he jumped to EVP over nights ?> what are the secrets behind this leap.

    Every person ,every driver , every line man even the gaurds know all this the extra job activities of tahir mushtaaq and his link with the notorious ladies of the city.

    Another comment came why not these people get job some where else if they r key talents.
    Well the job will be found inshallah , livelihood is the responsiblity of Allah .
    But what will be reaction of a man if i being stronger give him a strong slap over the face and thrash him badly.
    What will be reaction expected then.

    So it is better not to create your own enemies within your organisation.

    Be freindly and brotherly. Inshallah , the engineers thru thier hard work can bring a u lot .

  • Doesn’t that happen ever few years in this country. Some bogus investers like “Samad Dada Bhai, or Stock Exchange Brokers” come up offering abnormal profits, and deprive needy or gready people of their assets.

    PTCL new management played a similar game by declaring key talents and offering them resignation and NTC on abnormally high salaries.

    After some times they fired them with out any reason, which was the actual hidden aim, and deprived them of their service benefits.

    OK, it’s life. Those who have still not gone on NTC, just learn a lesson. Those who are on NTC, try to get back your regular job by paying back to PTCL your extra amount which you have earned through NTC (involve court of law if necessary)

    Those who have suffered keep trying to get back your service. May God help you and all those in the field.

  • PTCL has made some mistakes but the taking over of Etisalat was good for them

    mistakes made like hiring a complete finance guy AS SEVP HR who is always doing the cost cutting instead of looking at the employees benefits

    EVP HR who i fail to understand how did he get hired for HR, i am sure he does not know the meaning of HR.

    we have people who are permanent and do their jobs at will i think they should be fired first.

    one person mentioned that line acted as sho of illaqa if u see now no more SHO in them.

    so many products introduced by PTCL, before it was only phone lines. why we people want to live in our past this is the new world and our old PTCL was not doing it right.

    PTCL has no policy for promotion just because the dumb ass SEVP HR thinks so.

    all PTCL needs is the right HR person then this hiring and firing can be proper.

  • AOA All,
    This letter just stried to my eyes by chance.I can imagine the plight of a talented person being jobless…..
    Well, being working in telco sector, i know PTCL top management very well.
    Selling of PTCL was definately a rubbish decission but unfortunatly we are deprived from sensible leadership sine this country came into existance.
    HR is the back bone of any organization and in PTCL there is no HR at all.Im totally agreed with the above comments about Tahir Mushtaq and his performance in related matters.He is the most stupid and non professional person I have ever met.
    PTCL is not the property of any one, its national asset but HR must have proper laws and regulations about hiring and firing of any one.
    As far as BEAUTY & YOUTH drama is concerned, Arabs cant live without it.Our daughters are responsible of it .I know a highly talented, europe returned girl who never compromised with Taha (SEVP HR) and left PTCL in seconds.She slept Taha in the presence of Tahir Mushtaq and now she is serving in a very good organization, on a very respectable post.Our daughters need to wake up.Money and RIZQ is in Almighty’s hand.They should not spoil their repo for small money.Erum is an open example of it.We can just prey for such ladies.

    • Tahir Mushtaq is a mischief monger person who before the privatization of PTCL had no good reputation as worker. No GM was ready to take him into his region at all. All the Regions wanted to get rid of him.
      Since there was no GM ready to take him into the region so he was pushed at the strength of the Head Quarter.
      He had no proper job at all in the Head quarter till the privatization occurred and the Arabs took over the PTCL in a fraudulent way.
      The arabs have a ill mentality and they are more inclined towards the indecent activities. Tahir Mushtaq was a person who was a good supplier of all the filthy extravaganza which the Arabs Baduins were looking for .

      Islamail Taha Yaseen, then SEVP HR, who had the scandals with the girls in the office, Tahir
      Mushtaq grew closer to him and became the friend.

      So from a manager (Look after) post Tahir Mushtaq went on to become the EVP. He had no serious job even at that time.
      Simply Tahir was the supplier and Islamial Taha YAseen was enjoying all that.

  • I dont know which news papers or blogs does the CJ read for taking SUO MOTO actions. I suggest to the effected engineers to write an application directly to the CJ for taking the SUO MOTO action as their application in the Islamabad High Court could take ages before it is heard.

  • If there is question of age of 50+ or 50- and Youth/fresh & experienced staff , then ETISALAT should dopt this policy in their own country in UAE. They should fire all their NATIONALS expereinced in ETISALAT who are aged like Essa, Amiri, Mutawa, Shamsi,Ismail Taha, and the present Ajmal Kasb (Walid Irshaid)and many many more….. as ETISALAT-UAE is full of such BUDDOOS weari ng rope on their head and think that they are above than Human beings. They are all aged people. Why they do’nt fire them. FIRE them and then see the result there. These Buddos are purchasing National assets of poor countries like Pakistan and then creating miseries for commnon man by giving penauts to Mushrauuf, Shaukat Aziz type WAKHRAY type idiots.

    Here they are using Pakistani idiots and selfish under 19 team in HR & Technical compries of Mazhar, Tahir Mustaq and Nusrullah and many more no.2 people who cares of their benefits and the rest of staff shall go to HELL.

    Why aged beurocrats are sitting in ministries of Pakistan, if they are aged,they ashould also be fired that they are no more required.

    The staff who are terimated in the list is nothing to do with providing phone connections to public. They were all high expereince technical people working in WLL, Optical Fiber, and on Switching International side. They were serving at the palces where no corrupt person was willing to work as these sections are famous as “KHUDDA LINE” posts and “HAZA MIN FAZAL-E-RABI” except the slary. The unfortunate thing is that corrupt people are still serving like MAZHAR, Tahir Mustaq, Nasrullah and his allies.

  • Cutting soone RIZQ is cutting his SHEHRAG.
    However there is “MAKAFAT-E-AMAL”. Those responsibles who have cut the SHEHRAGs of these affted SMs,GMs; these corrupt Responsibles in PTCL will also face their termination soon.

    I agree with the comment of Dogar above that ETISALAT should fire their NATIONALS as well in UAE if policy is to remove expereinced staff.
    Because the BUDDOOS in ETISALAT- UAE want to become “MADIR” only and Pakistani, Indian, Srilankan, Bangladeshi staff are actually running the show there. There is dual poicy. They are doing EMIRATIZATION there by recruiting BUDDOSS as Team Lead promoting their idiot NATIONALS who are not evn qualified, and here in PTCL they are doing contraray by trapping people in NTC and CHEATING them. These BUDDOOSS are famous for CHEATING as they use to loot ships, and they are looting PTCL ship here.

  • Yes- I agree with the comment of Tahir. If someone try to cut your SHERAG, you will try to kill him and in a “DO or Die” situation.

    I praise these terminated officaials who followed the path of court for Justice (if given). Otherwise there would be some TALIBAN minded people in them, they would have cut the throats specially of Mazhar, Tahir Mustaq, Nasrullah by now responsibles for their termination.

  • Yes I agree that PTCL management is not giving any importance to the engineers specially the new comers ……………………..

  • Praise for these SMs/GMs who have filed their case in Court to get their rights and previous service benefits. They have actually provided a “Shield” to those converted NTC offciers who are still working in PTCL and in the same category as of these terminated officers (i.e surrendre their previous Regular service of 15-24 years without any compensation/benefits and working on NTC)and the sword of Termination is at their Neck.

    Mazhar, Tahir Mushtaq, & Nasrullah & his allies have become wise now. They will not touch this category atleast for termination. If they do so, they will only increase the income of AKRAM SHEIKH who will club the fresh cases with the case of already terminated ones.

  • @Mr. Jhangir and Mr Sajjad (I think u 2 have been hired by Mazhar to give comments)

    @”Why could not they get a job for last 5-6 months if they were so talented and hard working ? ”

    I think u both should just give a try by sending ur CVs to some companies without trying any contacts and the very next day u’ll see ur CV at a SAMOSA SHOP being given out with samosas………..

    U are so dumb that u can’t understand that there is recession all around, at least this applies for a common man……

    These sacked PTCL officers were not from any Feudal Backgrounds that they can get job the next instance after they are fired…………..

    They belong to the common Middle class….If there had been merit in Pakistan they would have definetely been employed by now…..

    All PTCL Engineers out there can feel their pain…and we all pray that u win the case in court against PTCL………….

  • GOOD NEWS: CJ SC of Pakistan has ordered to restore Dr. Tathir Naz of PTCL wit previous salaries from the date she was terminated. Dr Naz was on contract and was terminated by giving one month notice. Today Jang main page may be seen for this News details.

    With above , it is hoped that the same precedent shall apply to these terminated officers and they will be part of PTCL again Inshallah. HR and other Responsibles in Technical should go home now themselves.

  • Dear Victamised Officers,

    Dye or dying for justified right in islam is absolutely right. So Be prepare to get right in current situation when rights can not be obatined but snatched.
    God will must help you.

    • But once again I will request please be sure, you are on right, you are tallented, if open competition is conducted you will be hired.
      If PTCL declared you NTC due to any mis-conduct by you. Then this is a great technic for those who are burden for government.

  • It is realy playing such game since last year in day and night freely .No any person in pakistan who can stoped the such type of practice .Also every one canseen that thousands of T/NO are closed permanently .It is the service of higher authorities .Thousands of worker of ptcl are unemployed .Is any one Mujahid is avail able in this Dhurty(Zamin) pakistan.Who will got Inqlab against such of practice

  • Aslaam o alkum,

    Does any one know these PTCL proffesionals personaly by chance? I need to know there work ethichs in general.


  • AOA.

    Praise to all Terminated GMs/SMs and praise to all who sympithize them. I am with you all. May Allah help all of us and do good to all of us in this world and another.

    I was hired in PTCL as MT two years back with no benefits, no good salary, no promotions no bonus……….. nothin yaar. Still getting only 35000 and i have to support my 5 members family.

    BUT yes salary increase, bonuses and promotions are for SEVPs and Etisalat as they are doing very very tough job like comming to office, one or two signs per day, compiling the info in one line in the end of meetings like “ok great do it as you want”. using their heads filled with filth etc.

    Mazhar got bonus of 1500,000 PKR just after one month of his SEVP as he had done very good work. what about the people working for years in PTCL and getting shit in return.

    so frustrated in this environment created by PTCL Management. if HR deptt become good than PTCL can get better.

    if this situation will last for another year…… i will be the first to become “PTCL taliban”.

    all the TOP management need to be changed otherwise forget about betterment.


  • Aslaam-o-alekum,

    I suppose we all should support & strenthen these respectable Pakistani Engineers. Who serve for their country and INSHALLAH they all will get justice soon.


  • Dear all AOA ,

    It is very sad reality that we should become salve in our own home land by the foreigners in a jiont effort of out own people like tahir mushtaq and other illicent creatures.

    It is a great injustice that people are treated here in a very worst way especially the engineers.

    Engineers are the back bone of this company and how worst they are being treated as if like Shuudaar cast.

    Arabs along with thier pakistani companions like Thir mushtaq are doing nothing woirthy. just to enjoy the youth and beauty of the land and tahir mushtaq is the _____________________

    A very poor state of human rights is happening.

    [Comment Edited]

  • BUDDOOS Management and their Pakistani allies should open their eyes to see the record maximum comments received on this website in favour of Terminated officers. Message is well conveyed to all over Pakistan & outside Pakistan.

    “Cheeta” in above comment is right in saying that all salry increases & bonuses are for these so called Top Pakistani allies in HR & Technical deptt who are doing nothing, and the result is Customers Churning day by day.

    Landline connections are closed everyday in thousands and ARAB BUDDOOS are giving to Bonuses to these Mazhar, Tahir Mushtaq, Nasrullah & his allies type “well done” to reduce the staff, and “DO MORE”.

    However their days are counted. Dr. Tathir Naz case is the first drop of rain, and Inshallah the remaining Terminated Officers shall get JUSTICE soon.

    • As long as Mazhar SEVP who is the real bostard, does not leave the PTCL, no employee no customer can get rid of the hardships which are inflicted ever now and then.

    • Ph.0483795665
      Mehboob Alam Khan
      my name is Aftab Alam Khan Mobile no.03447491407
      During the three month
      Cross talking
      DSL disconnecting again and again
      due to
      Hydarabad Town, Sargodha exchange underground cable is damage

  • Mr. Tahir Mushtaq is very hard working and innocent officer. the persons terminated are misusing his name due to professional jealousy.

  • Just ask Tahir Mushtaq: “Did he enjoy PPT (part 1). PPT(Part-2)comming soon, introducing new stars

  • I would draw your attention to pensioners of PTCL whose pension has not been increased/ this behavour of management is unlawful.

  • Musharaf ne emergency laga kar PTCL apny dostoon yahoodi back arabs ko de hay. Mojodah hakoomat our court bhi iss par khamosh hain. Yeh sulm kesy khatam ho ga? Maloom naheen? Allah hee zalmoon sey nijat delaye. Hamari duaaeen or hamdardian aap k sath hain.

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