An Open Letter by Ex-GMs of PTCL to President & PM of Pakistan

We got following letter from former GMs and SMs of PTCL, who were sacked, despite they were selected as best talent of PTCL, as claimed by them. This (open) letter is routed to top heights in the government and other concerned institutes, and the media.

We could not arrange PTCL’s viewpoint over this letter, despite we kept on contacting company’s spokesperson’s office for 4 days, emails were also not responded.

Following is the letter, as it is written by ex-employees of PTCL, without any modification.


  1. Honorable Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan.
  2. Honorable Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  3. Honorable Mr. Naguib ullah Malik , Secretary MOITT, & Chairman PTCL Board.
  4. Honorable Mr. Birjess Tahir, Chairman NA Standing Committee on IT&Telecom.
  5. Honorable Chief Justice- Iftikhar Choudary, Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Subject: Unlawful Termination of 2 GMs & 5 SMs by PTCL Management through a CHEAT & FRAUD.

Asslam-o- alaikum,

We had brought into your notice from April 09 to Sept 09 individually – the cruelty and inhuman act PTCL has done to us – 2 GMs and 5 SMs who were serving in PTCL for the last 15-24 years. However it is neither addressed  by  the responsible in Government nor highlighted in the media properly so far, and we are writing to all of you again to bring in to your notice the shameful act PTCL has done to us and looted our previous service of 15-24 years without any benefit given to us of our previous service. We request the media personals to highlight the hardships we are facing now a days due to jobless condition made by PTCL management being run by ETISALAT.

Let we brief you the fact history of the case and we are available to give our viewpoint whenever called.

Two years back a program named “KEY TALENT” was started in PTCL. 3% of the total Engineers were identified as key talent of the department. It was really a tough process. Committee was constituted for the identification of key talent. Everyone was trying to be identify as key talent but not all were lucky one .Those who were identified as key talent were very happy at that moment while those who were left were very disappointed and depressed.

We were also the lucky ones who were identified as key talent. I and some of other key talents went to the SEVP HR and requested him for the guidance because our entire previous job was supposed to be surrendered to convert into NTC employee (New Terms and Conditions). The worthy SEVP HR encouraged and congratulated us to be identified as key talent of the PTCL. He told us that you are the real talent of PTCL, you are the chosen one and because of you people PTCL is an earning department and you are essential for PTCL strategic business. As he said that you are the real assets of the department there for the management will not leave you and give you all the possible benefits to retain the key talents of PTCL.

But everything went completely opposite only after one year and the key talenters are weeping to the moment they accepted NTC.Many of the key talenters including us are now kicked out of the company from Feb09 & April09 in the name of REORGANIZATION even though we had the service of 15-24  years. The rest are also threatened to be kicked out in the name of future REORGANIZATION..

As everybody knows that in the private sector, the companies take good care of their employees who are identified as real asset of the company. Priority is given in promotions; their salaries are much higher than other employees. They are kept satisfied from every aspect by the company.

But what happened in PTCL? Our services have been terminated and we now no where.

We are jobless for the last 5-7 months. Our throats have been cut and we are on the road.
How we are running our day to-day expenditure? this we only know, facing financial hardships in this age when our children have grown up and studying in higher colleges/ universities.

The salary of the president of PTCL is 7.6 Million. Can anyone imagine this that in Pakistan someone will get 7,600,000/month? And still increasing every year. On the other hand ,  they are terminating the highly experienced staff who has given blood to this company for the last 15-24 years. We were selected through process of FPSC and inducted in T&T department and had served in this company from Engineer Level to GM Level. We did not request or apply for NTC to be given to us. PTCL management themselves identified us Key Talent and after trapping us in NTC by scrapping our previous service , they have terminated us in Feb09/April09 without assigning any reason. This is a clear “CHEAT” to us done by PTCL Management-ETISALAT.

We had taken our case to NA stg. Committee on IT & Telecom & gave presentations on 23July09 before the Honourable Chairman Mr. Birjees Tahir and NA Members  (NEWS report attached) ; in which Sectreary IT & Telecom Mr. Naguib ullah Malik was asked to submit a report after consulting PTCL within a week, but no response so far as 2-1/2 months have been lapsed since then.

We had taken our case to Islamabad High Court and filed a WRIT Petition in July09 and Mr. Akram Sheikh is our lawyer, but Islamabad High Court is now closed, and thousands of cases in bundles including our case have been transferred in Pindi Bench of Lahore High Court. Only God knows when our case will be heard. Justice delayed is Justice denied. We appeal Chief Justice Mr. Iftikhar Choudary to take SUO MOTO Notice of this case on TOP URGENT Basis.

Where should we go and ask the justice. We can atleast ask Media people to bring this in-justice and in-human act done by PTCL to us and highlight this in the media.

If MANAGEMENT falls short of money and not in a position to give salary and terminated us  , then where from it becomes available for the ARAB OFFICERS on deputation from ETISALAT ? They are given salaries 10 to 20 times that of the PAKISTANI Officers ….WHY ? …..Because PAKISTANIS are inferior in your eyes …They are not human in your eyes.If you talk of performance then whats the performance of these highly paid ARAB OFFICERS? What change they have brought in PTCL ?

As per recent statistics, the profit earned in FY2008-09 is 9 Billion, whereas  it was 29 BILLION in 2005-06 – before handing over PTCL to ETISALAT. The main reason is the high salaries given to EVPs & SEVPs hired on contract. EVP draws salary in the range of Rs. 350,000 to 600,000 per month, whereas SEVP draws salary in the range of 700,000 to 1,000,000 Million. With this so called outstanding talent , the company is sinking day by day like Titanic ship.

We request to my respectable Political Leaders especially the Prime Minister and President to help us out these neglected Pakistani Engineers who passed their Engineering Bachelors degree in high colours from top Pakistani Universities and got selected in PTCL on very high merit criteria and now terminated from PTCL without any blemish on our part.

There is a tussle going on in Engineering and Non- Engineering Professionals in PTCL. SEVP(HR) Mazhar Hussain is Non- Engineering staff belong to Account section. He ids biased with Engineers, and that is why he has the role in terminating our services as we all are ENGINEERS. There are at least 10GMs belong to Accounts group in PTCL HQs only, but they are surviving only due to Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR) and Namatullah CFO- both belongs to Account Group.

We also request media to support us and unveil the luxurious expenditures of the ARAB OFFICERS in PTCL.Do check their daily hotel bills and monthly salaries and thats all on just 25% shares.Please tell the the nation how these people expelled about half of PTCL employees via VSS by grabing money for this from our nation through PAKISTAN PACKAGE on PTCL Telephones.Some writers at that time pointed out this corrouption  but then ignored it.

If you people also consider us part of middle class then save this shivering middle class before it they get frustrated from this country like so many others in private sector.

Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO are the corrupt and culprits Pakistani officers who have played role in our termination from PTCL in the name of REORGANIZATION. What money they have saved for PTCL by terminating us by looting our services. Mr. Nasrullah who was made CTO after merger of Operations & Technical Department has put all his friends and batch fellows  in SM & GM levels in Operations & Technical department  ignoring our long outstanding services for PTCL.

Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO got out of turn rapid promotion by slaughtering our throats. They are average staff and not even deserved for these postions  but got promotion due to their evil activities in PTCL against PTCL Engineers. You can make survey in PTCL about these corrupt guys. In the name of re-organization in PTCL Operations & Technical department in March09, they ruined our services from PTCL. All these are juniors to us and were not any extra ordinary talent but now promoted due to our terminations showing to Arab Management that they have achieved their so called targets by staff cutting and showing it Walid Irshaid Presdient/CEO who does not know anything and even not capable to run PTCL affairs, but brought by ETISALAT to kill PTCL and its employees.

Landline connections which used to be 5.5 Millions in prvious year – now stands at 2.7 Million. Who is responsible for this? The answer is new PTCL non-competent management ETISALAT. Their agenda is to ruin PTCL and then go back , which was one of the best department revenue earning for the country and it was un-necessarily sold out by previous regime in peanuts specially by Mushraff & Shaukat Aziz. We request CJ Mr. Iftikhar Choudary to take SUO MOTO action for this loss.

If Mazhar Hussain SEVP(HR), Tahir Mushtaq EVP(HR) & Nasrullah CTO and other culprits are kicked out from PTCL today; no one will give them even the  job of account clerk & technician. They are in-comeptent and sinking PTCL day by day. Mr. Nasrullah who is CTO now a days have served ETISALAT- Abu Dhabi UAE as Grade 4 -Technician in 90s.
If media did not play the role at this time, the future is dark; and these so called Arabs shall keep on looting us with the assistance of these local corrupt officers. Our servcies have already been looted by them and not giving a single penny to our previous services even of 15-24 years.

We have even written to Cheif Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Chaudary for Suo Moto action, but so far no action has been taken. We once again request CJ thorugh media to take Suo Moto Action against PTCL for our un-lawful service termination from PTCL since Feb09/April09. Our Childern have grown up, studying in higher colleges/ unversities, and at this time , we are made jobless despite the fact PTCL declared us Key Talents.

Keeping above in view, we all, request Prime Minister, President of Pakistan, Secretary IT & Telecom to look in to the following:

  • Why PTCL management declared us Key-Talent before launching VSS, depriving us benefits of even taking VSS?? A clear CHEAT to us.
  • Why PTCL management offered us NTC (New terms & Conditions) ??as we did not even apply for it- this was the way to trap us in NTC. A clear CHEAT to us again.
  • Why PTCL management terminated our services without assigning any reason/ any show cause, looted our previous service of 15-24 years without any compensation??  when we all were delivering our duties perfectly well and President/CEO was giving us appreciation mails on our outstanding work . Again a clear CHEAT to us.
  • How they have terminated our services in the range of 15-24 years as we are Transferred Govt. Employees from T&T to PTC to PTCL?? A CHEAT & clear FRAUD to us.
  • Why PTCL management in this NTC; as they were keeping in mind that our services will be terminated in 1-1/2 year time?? A CHEAT & FRAUD from this ARAB dis-honest PTCL management.

We all request Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Choudary :

  • To take SUO MOTO Notice of this important case which has resulted us in Jobless condition by cutting our throats and deprived us our Govt. Service of 15-24 years without a single penny as compensation.
  • Issue the order to PTCL to cancel our termination order and take us back on our Govt. Regular service.
  • To take strict action against PTCL president, SEVP(HR), CFO, GM(HR) against our unlawful termination from PTCL service.

For all future inquires and presentations, we all are available in person whenever invited by President, PM, Secreatray IT&Telecom & Media . We shall keep on writing to all of you untill we all get relief and untill it is highlighted strongly in the media.

We request to PTCL NTC- KEY TALENT officers to circulate this mail to maximum media people known to you so that the above facts be widely circulated all over Pakistan.

Best Regards,

PTCL Sacked Officers as below: