Mobilink Awards Inter-Departmental Teams for IDP Volunteers [Pic]


Mr. Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink along with Mobilink employees at the award distribution ceremony to commemorate the efforts of the inter-departmental teams for seamlessly setting up and running the Mobilink Camp for IDPs, the largest private sector initiative of its kind in Pakistan.

    • Agree, but why always we criticize? Why not the first word of yours i.e Nice, can fulfill your expressions…..

  • Its actually great, good to see the private sector contributing towards better society… Keep it up ppl…

  • I think whenever something good is being done by someone we must appreciate fully and it was such a great step by Mobilink to support IDP’s and set a precedent for others to follow.
    As far as Mobilink expensive nature is concerned, I am not why we make so much fuss about it, we pay in thousands for electricity bills, even after it is not available for most of the times.100 to 500 for phone bill per month is to much for us and though we talk for hours and coverage is also available for almost 24hrs.
    Telecom companies are not NGO’s, they are here to do business and earn money and in return, thousands of people are employed. The call rates available in the market are too low as compared to any other country and i mean it but still we need more. Sorry folks, this is nothing more than a loser approach.

  • Agreed with Asim, and remember folks, to buy good, you have to pay good. If Mobilink is charging more than others, which is hardly 5 paisas to 15 paisas which means nothing now a days, then in return it’s providing the services and quality which is the best in the market. I’m using Mobilink and I’m very much happy with it though I also face issues some times but there’s nothing like perfect service and it’s the best in the market.

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