Nokia 1280 – The Cheapest phone Till Date from Nokia

nokia-1280-1Nokia has announced Nokia 1280 for emerging markets. Model 1280 is the latest upgrade of its predecessor Nokia 1202 but with low price. Nokia has especially made up this phone for rural and far flung areas of the emerging countries.

As you would expect, this is a fairly basic phone – but it come with a surprising number of useful features. There is an FM radio, a built in flashlight, MP3 grade ringtones and a built-in speakerphone. It’s a Series 30 handset with a very simple user interface that should be familiar to most longtime Nokia customers.

Nokia 1280 is highly dust resistant and scratch resistant with a robust keyboard. Battery works up to 22 days of standby time and 8.5 hours of talk time.

It is said that this phone may cost around Rs. 2,200 when it will ship in 2010.

It also has five separate phone books, which should make it simpler for people to share the device. In rural areas, sharing a phone is common norm so Nokia has helped them with giving away 5 phone books so that people can have separate phone directory.

  • 5 phone books means 5 people can share it.. so, if the price is really 2200 per set.. then share the phone between 5 people and the cost per head will be mere Rs.440 …

  • Good move by Nokia ….

    Sony Ericsson phones are not in competition with Nokia regarding simplicity and long battery life. This is the reason that Nokia is leading the market.

  • If the phone is targeting illiterate people of rural areas, then the feature of 5 phonebooks is a mess. One phonebook is quite easy to deal with, compared to 5.

  • Assalam u alikum

    It has been a quite a time since nokia launched this mobile but I still cant find it in the market. Can u inform me that at which market on (Rawalpindi or Islamabad)is this cell phone nokia 1280 available?

  • i like nokia very much but i think where nokia lacks is their security options,samsung is giving privacy option even in thier phones which are even cheaper than nokia phones and after u activate privacy u can give ur cel to any of ur friend,but this is what nokia dont understand, i bet nokia budget cells can bussiness ten times more if they start giving only privacy or password option for contacts and messages as their budget cells are famous for messaging….

  • Dear
    its manufacturing price is 1300 & under cheaters Mobile zone warranty, its now 2300.
    no check on price control, looting going on in a reasonable way !

  • This mobile is very nice. cheapest rate, easy carry, loan battery time, beatiful shape etc.

  • I bought this set for Rs 1750 brand new. It is a perfect set. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the option to send message to a group. So you can only send message to one person at a time. Still for basics, messaging and calling, this is an ideal set. The awesome rubbery keys and long battery life are worth mentioning.Above all you don’t even have to worry about it getting stolen or snatched :P

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