Girls Mobile Numbers – Leading Keyword for Bloggers

We have written in past about a website that contains mobile numbers of girls in Pakistan, which was eventually discontinued (due to ProPakistani’s report). That was almost a year ago – and blogging, forums were not that common then; also webmaster didn’t know much about Search Engine Optimization, Keyword richness and other elements that bring plentiful traffic to your website.

However, now – if you search this keyword “Girls Mobile Number” you will notice that there are hundreds of websites competing for the keyword for getting higher rank on Google to ultimately attract the visitors.

We are just displaying a screen shot here to tell the complete story.


Besides this, we know that numbers that actually reach such websites are bothered by hundreds and thousands of people. We know well that these numbers are exposed to world by some ill-minded people and those who care nothing for the humanity.

Recently i was reading this article (What is Your Rate ? Sisters BEWARE :: A serious threat for Girls !) that tells multiple stories about such incidences where numbers of innocent girls hit internet.

This article also suggests not put family photographs publicly on Orkut, Facebook, Flicker or any other image hosting website, as they may get into bad hands.

FIA and PTA guys are requested to look into the matter. Searching for such websites and then banning them won’t take much of PTA’s efforts. FIA must locate and punish these webmasters so that no one dares to follow the practice again.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK