Girls Mobile Numbers – Leading Keyword for Bloggers

We have written in past about a website that contains mobile numbers of girls in Pakistan, which was eventually discontinued (due to ProPakistani’s report). That was almost a year ago – and blogging, forums were not that common then; also webmaster didn’t know much about Search Engine Optimization, Keyword richness and other elements that bring plentiful traffic to your website.

However, now – if you search this keyword “Girls Mobile Number” you will notice that there are hundreds of websites competing for the keyword for getting higher rank on Google to ultimately attract the visitors.

We are just displaying a screen shot here to tell the complete story.


Besides this, we know that numbers that actually reach such websites are bothered by hundreds and thousands of people. We know well that these numbers are exposed to world by some ill-minded people and those who care nothing for the humanity.

Recently i was reading this article (What is Your Rate ? Sisters BEWARE :: A serious threat for Girls !) that tells multiple stories about such incidences where numbers of innocent girls hit internet.

This article also suggests not put family photographs publicly on Orkut, Facebook, Flicker or any other image hosting website, as they may get into bad hands.

FIA and PTA guys are requested to look into the matter. Searching for such websites and then banning them won’t take much of PTA’s efforts. FIA must locate and punish these webmasters so that no one dares to follow the practice again.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I decided to write a comment, but I scrapped it. And then again I decided to write one, and again I did the same. But here goes. It hurts not so much to say this, but it does in someway: almost all Pakistani boys/men are perverts, chat loving, use-less internet surfers.

    It would heart more if I where a Pakistani, my parents are, but I am not.

  • Amir bhai girls r also involved in it.Taali iak hath se nai bajti.Its a threat for all pakistanies nt only for girls.Girls also spread the numbers of their class fellows not only boys.In past days of mobile service the boys r involved but now a days the ratio is almost equal by both of them.Thank u

  • Most of the webmasters publish snaps of girls on thier so called blogs just for the sake of thier popularity in a specific group of people. They don’t mean to provide the data of females to the web visitors, but they want to disgrace such particular females by providing their details. So people should, who are facebook, orkut, twitter, netlog etc user, be more concious and more careful while uploading the family snaps and their contact details.

  • Searching and banning such sites would be quite difficult in my opinion.

    BTW, amir bhai plz tell me if this comment appear as spam to you!

  • nice info and suggestions to PTA and FIA, let see when a piratical action is taken in this regards.

  • I only say that the people (male) who do this are totally sick minded people. (Web Developer don’t mind am also web developer). Also females are some how involve in this whole process…..

  • well i’m also a webmaster but dear i don’t think so this is Independence to ban sites give freedom not on Porngapy but in other matters, this is keywords that site owner use to get traffic and i think most of number are fake, so There is lot of matters That FIA/PTA should conceder Like Baloch terrorist sites anti muslims site, ban and stop in pakistan

  • Dear Aamir,
    I remember that I posted that website on propakistani for the first time and everyone was surprised to see that such a website existed. I reached to that website when I was searching for free VOIP in numbers, owner of that website was using google adsense credit to advertise his/her website..

    So you should credit me for that :P

  • I am new here do not know how to use it or wht to do?can anyone explain it to me?

  • i love this post….!!!
    its is so awesum…….i ws lost in a trance while i ws readin it……
    gr8 wrk !!!!

    but let me tell you one thing, maine pehli 2,3 sites ko visit kiya jin mein se wahid aisi site hai jis mein user khud number post karta hai, (iska yeh matlab nai k main kisi site ki favor kar rahi hon) ab hamare pakistani bhaiyon ko chahiye k woh fake number post na karen, aur kisi ka fake number post hogaya hai to webmaster ko fake report kar k remove karwa dena chahiye.
    PTA walon ko chahiye k pehle Islamic be hurmati wali sites ko completely ban karen, jaise facebook k kuch links block kar diye, is se kya hoga ?
    kam az kam Pakistan mein facebook completely band ho jana chahiye, why don’t you write an article against facebook ?

    • u r truly right,,
      fb should be banned in Pakistan

      everyone, i mean everyone, is wasting so much time on that damn community,,
      even my 13 year couzins are using that 4 to 5 hours a day,,
      someone ask them when there was no facebook, when there were no mobiles, that time people were not living??
      yougsters were doing so much great things, without this stuff,,

      hope my brothers and sisters spread this message, and atleast stop thier family members ,little brothers and sisters to use fb and other communities,and plz make them to minimize the use of mobile,,

    • Noor khan, can u tell me, who r the true muslims? ALHAMDULILAH i m also a muslim,but i just asking?


  • Assalaamualaikum to all Muslims here on this website.

    Mobile Phones are both good and bad gadgets. They prove good if we use it in the right manner and they prove bad if we use it in a bad manner!
    That’s all I would like to say!

    To all Muslimahs:
    Please don’t give anyone your mobile numbers as this could prove fatal for you. Only give to people whom you trust! Because in today’s world we cannot say who is bad and who is good!

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