SIM Jagao Offer by Warid


Warid has stepped into customer retention package, at last. Now Warid brings  SIM Jagao offer to all those prepaid customers who have not used their SIM since 1st of Oct 2009. Recharge your Warid SIM with any amount and get free on-net minutes on the first three recharges.

What will I get?

If you have not used your SIM since 1st of Oct 2009, recharge any amount, you will get free on-net minutes worth of 50% of recharged amount for each of the first three recharges. SIM Jagao offer is valid till 31st Jan 2010. Moreover, this offer is valid only if you recharge your account through scratch card or ezeeLOAD. This offer is not available through balance share facility.


  • Free minutes will be valid for a period of 10 days from the date of each recharge.
  • If the next recharge is done before expiry of already gained free minutes they will be accumulated to the earlier minutes and will be valid for 10 days.
  • Free minutes can only be used for on-net calls only.
  • All charges are exclusive of government taxes and levies including FED at 19.5%
  • 10% withholding tax is deducted on each recharge amount by ezeeLOAD & scratch card
  • This is a limited offer

  • In addition, they are also offering Free SIM change and re-activation if your SIM has expired, damaged, lost or stolen.

    • You have to pay Rs. 50 at the time of replacement. but later these charges will be reimbursed in your account balance after deducting tax. :(

      • just confirmed from 321. you are right about Rs. 50 but there would be no tax deduction. Rs. 50 balance will be reimbursed.

        • I doubt that! Because they cut W.H.T on winnings also. Secondly i had a prior experience with ufone and they did reimbursed but cut the tax.

  • i think k free balance is better in free mints.. like jazz offer sim lagao and get 100% free balance on same recharge..

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